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  1. May I ask if you ever looked at the AtariST version of Arachnophobia, CJ? I know it sounded like it might've interested you a while back when news was released of it being discovered / dumped, but unsure it ever crossed your mind after that point.
  2. I remember in magazines like GamePro, etc back in the day when Castlevania: Symphony of the Night came out, the outlook on 2D over 3D was that 2D was old and done and 3D was modern gaming. Symphony of the Night had rekindled people's interest (on consoles anyhow) and started that debate whether 2D could still be successful in modern gaming. Obviously we know now that both can exist fine, but in that Jaguar / 3DO / PS1 era, 2D wasn't giving people that same 'wow' factor that new 3D gaming was, even if early 3D gaming didn't age well at all. Having said that, I love seeing stuff like this show up for Jaguar, and will definitely support it as long as I have my black n' red kitty machine. I think it looks awesome!
  3. Hey guys! Been a little bit since I have posted, but had a scare with my Neo Geo AES last night. Was playing through Ghost Pilots and getting static feedback in the music / SFX, thought it may need recapping or a reflow on the cart connector. Put a bit more time into it tonight, played Magician Lord and beat Cyber-Lip, not a single issue. Must've had some kinda debris in the cart slot or somethin', thankfully the AES is still goin' strong for now though! Hopefully all's going well for everyone, and of course, thank you Anthony for keeping the Neo Geo thread alive for us all to check in on.
  4. This looks like Fatal Labyrinth / Dragon Crystal, nice. Glad to see games like these being considered for Jaguar.
  5. Flappy McFur, you're one year off the mark for being included, but I still love you.
  6. Thank you so much for a project like this, I however would like to be opted out from the list as I'm cutting back on collecting for my Jag. I hope things come together well for you in the coming year!
  7. Is there a link or info I can check out regarding the one released for DC? Would be cools to see, and apologies my assumption was incorrect.
  8. Assuming the same title as this one released on Commodore 64? That's pretty cools, best of luck bringin' it on over to the Jag. https://doublesidedgames.com/shop/commodore/commodore-64/abbaye-des-morts/
  9. I wanted to get a white Jaguar shell and commission an artist to church it up all fancy, I thought that'd be really neat, like character art on it or something.
  10. I'm still in on this go, awesome to have handmade gear still being pieced together for the Jaguar. = )
  11. That's true, I just felt bad with someone putting their time and effort into it, but the price sticker is a very good point. It's not freeware, it's askin' for your money.
  12. Sorry to dig into any creators, but, having spent the time and money to add and play this one in my Jag collection, and with no more copies being produced, I can vouch for looking just about anywhere else for other Jag homebrew games. There are plenty out there right now worth springing for.
  13. Heya Rainer, welcome to the forum. I'm betting this post is in regards to the eBay auction up right now for a pretty hefty price? lol I believe it will be coming out as part of a collection of games called 'Crescent Memories' before too long.
  14. Got mine today. = ) Unfortunately (not your fault, Gaz) the boxes took some proper damage in post. Hard to be bummed though with how pressed everyone is with everything going on, happy to be receiving stuff I order at all.
  15. I understand if postage is delayed for quite a while, everything is definitely slowed down right now. Thank you Gaz for keeping us updated.
  16. I'm a little late to the party, but this looks like a pretty awesome Jag project and something Total Carnage could definitely benefit from. If there's still room, throw me on that interested list.
  17. Thanks for this, Dragonfire is one of my favorites on 2600! Gonna have to fire up that Jaguar.
  18. My copy of Halloween is also jiggly so you're not alone!
  19. Alice is cools but I would definitely recommend Escape for the Jag, from what I've played it controls really well.
  20. I may have misread your response to Lost Dragon when he was speaking about opinions on ST games being ported to Jaguar in comments.
  21. In this instance though.. the guy porting ST to Jag is also making original content.. not that there would be anything wrong with someone wanting to spend their time and passion on just learning to port code between machines.
  22. Hey guys, the PS4 version of Mystik Belle is getting a release this friday through Limited Run Games, says it'll be available for pre-order until January 31st: https://limitedrungames.com/collections/neo-frontpage/products/limited-run-321-mystik-belle-ps4 If you're still lurkin' about, may I ask if you looked any further into one day bringing something over to the Jaguar darkfalzx?
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