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  1. So I wanted to share this for a long time. This is a bitter sweet picture of my son at Video Games Live in 2013(Colorado Springs, CO.). My son had an amazing time. He entered the costum contest as Luigi and won!! He got a really cool gift bag full of prizes which he flipped out for..... Unfortunately shortly after the show, the Colorado Black Forest Fire happened and took our house. Thankfully we all got out alive and I managed to rescue our two dogs. I was compelled to order the Founders Edition. Makes it a little more special. @Tommy Tallarico Thanks for the Amico and a late thanks for a great show!
  2. That looks like a typical shotglass from my old drinking days!
  3. Got a red shell from Albert and put this together. I figured out my generic dremel is a POS. I will be getting a good one, as my old one found a new home in the garbage.
  4. Very nice work. Looks clean! I am looking forward to buying one!
  5. I have one of your joysticks and love it! I do wish someone would make a decal for the top to dress it up. I total get not wanting to get sued, maybe "someone else" could do a run.....
  6. Sorry about the bump, but I was thinking that the Kabasher patch needs to be (re)-released. Anyone have a way to get me in touch with Dave Giarrusso? I am currently looking at making a few more patches to help complete the Activision set. This one would be a great addition.
  7. There is.....this does not make sense unless it is a totally different game.
  8. Oh, that makes sense. I read it the other way, but you may be right......Rick?
  9. This round is over, but check out round two..... Generally we post sceneshots of our scores.... Below is a lineup of games for this season and the rules. Stick around, it is a fun group!
  10. Keep an eye on AA. I tend to only have time to post it on AA. I will post a for sale thread here with all the patches I have left and the new ones.
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