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  1. I had to decrease them quite a bit. When I tried to move left or right, it would also make contact with up or down. So I had back them off a lot. They still are sensitive, and I really like them. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Got new joysticks installed a few days ago. At first, I hated them. Then, I remembered back when I had an old pacman machine, I had to adjust the leaf-springs. After spending some time adjusting, they are way better. I went with the shorter sticks. My wife was having a hard time cuz it was too tight so I ordered the longer stick(4" instead of 3.5") She really like it, I prefer the shorter stick. Aftering installing/adjusting, I crushed a few highscores. Way better!!! Thanks doubledown for all your help!
  3. That's a pretty cool idea. I would love to play on a real Vanguard machine.
  4. That is great! In case you did not know, this site sells some really great Homebrew games for the Jaguar.
  5. For $20, seems like a neat updgrade. I would like to know what it is set at, this seems like a great idea.
  6. Is this game better with the mouse or regular joypad?
  7. Yeah tilted like the Jaguar console, maybe with the yellow 64-bit dots under it. Not a big deal......just was wondering how it would look.
  8. Hey Carl- I am trying to order a few Jaguar lapel pins, but shipping says international for $20. Is that correct? Thanks Tom Never mind, once I fill out USA it changes it.....sorry about that
  9. Hey- I really like the artwork, but it is alittle busy. One minor suggestion if you don't mind.....Could you lose the artwork of the guy on the left and move down the Jaguar logo into it's place(maybe title it slightly to match console)? I just like the less cluttered look but either way it is great.
  10. Thanks doubledown! I just placed the order. I decided to go with the 3.5" version cuz we want the lower pacman feel plus my wife has severe arthritis and I am hoping the lower knob will help her hands. I'll let ya know when I get them installed. Hopefully we will be playing on them in a week or so.
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