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  1. Sorry about the bump, but I was thinking that the Kabasher patch needs to be (re)-released. Anyone have a way to get me in touch with Dave Giarrusso? I am currently looking at making a few more patches to help complete the Activision set. This one would be a great addition.
  2. There is.....this does not make sense unless it is a totally different game.
  3. Oh, that makes sense. I read it the other way, but you may be right......Rick?
  4. This round is over, but check out round two..... Generally we post sceneshots of our scores.... Below is a lineup of games for this season and the rules. Stick around, it is a fun group!
  5. Keep an eye on AA. I tend to only have time to post it on AA. I will post a for sale thread here with all the patches I have left and the new ones.
  6. Those look like the ones I had made up, probably are.... I still sell them for $5 each, so whoever needs one, I have some left. I would never sell them for that price, $5 is what I need to make sure I do not loose money. I usually take a small hit on shipping & ebay fees, but @$5 I don't loose money and EVERYONE who wants one can have one. I did it because Nathan was kind enough to make it and then allowed me to print them. Something that cool belongs in peoples collection. oh.....funny timing cuz a new patch will be available next month and it will be a knockout! And that will be only $5 also. Maybe one more.....check back!
  7. Have you checked this website? I know I have found several. Not sure if every single one is here, but AA has lots: https://atariage.com/software_search.php?SystemID=JAGUAR
  8. I must have flipped-flopped 30 times on which game to choose......so happy Super Fly ended up with that amazing controller.
  9. I missed out on this one, and even though a re-release is happening, I still would like to add Flappy McFur to my collection now. I have a CIB Jaguar collection(minus a few CD games) so this one would make my Jag cart collection complete. For trade: I ended up with a double of Xenon 2: Megablast. This game is currently out of stock and goes for a good amount. or ..... Atari Kart (box and cart) great shape. If you don't need those, send me a want list. Thanks for looking- Tom
  10. Well, I am beyond GIDDY!!!! This is the pride of my gaming collection for sure!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! @CyranoJ - @neo_rg and @Rick Dangerous
  11. Like an idiot, I kept mine and the only people who seem to need them live half way around the world.....
  12. I have a few NOS d-pad rubbers. If you need one, send me a PM.
  13. 193,578,080 I appreciate Pinball Fantasies even more(glitches and all).
  14. YES! I am in 5th and 6th place!!!! Whooa!
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