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  1. Moon Patrol -Redux- looks awesome! I frankly love to see new graphics on old classics, under a brand new, polished engine. Fancy to say a few words in Greek about the making of? @TIX you've got an open invitation ...and here is the link We'd love to hear more about it.
  2. Just received my board today...Installed on my 800XL...Total success! Thank You Simius! Here are some juicy pictures during installation / testing phase
  3. Thanks sometimes99er for this nice game! Really enjoyed it!
  4. geoanas

    2048 '4K' Version

    Well done Roland! In some way or another, it's certainly fun to make your own carts!
  5. Love this project! Email sent
  6. Cool project! I am in for 5 cases plus shipping to Greece, please.
  7. geoanas

    2048 '4K' Version

    Great game! Thanks for your nice treat!
  8. A huge *thank you* also from my part. Thomas already invested a considerable amount of time by developing and also completing bags of cool and high quality projects for Vectrex fans. ...and I'm also declaring a vivid interest in a 7800-TIARA as well!
  9. Gaetano Chiummo is going to be my first guest for the new series of 'SID Adventures'. His passion for perfection is easily perceived by his audience, right from the very first listening. If you want to find out more for Gaetano and his work, please pay a visit @ http://www.iamretro.gr/a-sid-adventure-introducing-gaetano-chiummo-hokuto-force-samar-productions/ Enjoy!
  10. Sebastian Hirsch is a prolific musician and music producer from Germany. Amiga and Commodore 64 (SID) are always in his music arsenal, so we thought it was time to get to know him better! Link : http://www.iamretro.gr/a-sid-adventure-introducing-sebastian-hirsch-naviara/ Enjoy !
  11. c0zmo / BliSS is a newcomer musician to C64 Demo Scene, a talented SID composer. His origins go back to Amiga Scene...Let's meet him ! > http://www.iamretro.gr/a-sid-adventure-introducing-c0zmo-bliss/ Enjoy !
  12. Sascha Zeidler, better known as Linus is one of the most active and well distinguished musicians in C64 demo scene. His work is remarkable ! Let's meet him ! > http://www.iamretro.gr/a-sid-adventure-introducing-linus-artstate-camelot-multistyle-labs-oxyron-resource-viruz/ Enjoy !
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