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  1. Actually, I am in Japan. They are not really as common here as some may suspect. Japanese people don't generally collect things the same way that some do in North America, mainly due to space concerns, especially boxed ones. I have made a history/FAQ of the Bandai Intellivision and I am trying to get it added to the Intellivision FAQ... I have one and it comes with two neat catalogs in Japanese for the games. One is the current games and one is for the upcoming ones. But, they made commercials in Japan for it starring the Japanese actor Beat Takeshi. There were 17 games released at the start, maybe up to 27 by the end. (still trying to verify the total!)
  2. Well, it made it to $125 in the end... Ebay Bandai Intellivision
  3. A Boxed Bandai Intellivision from Japan with all the documentation, just appeared on EBay... EBAY
  4. I've been living in Japan for a while now, and I've finally come across some Atari 2600 (not 2800!) stuff. I know that Epoch distributed the Atari 2600 here in Japan before the re-release in '83. But, I have heard rumours that other companies distributed them also. Can anyone clarify it for me? So, in the end, how rare are games like this? Yahoo Atari 2600 Auction Thanks for any info..
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