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  1. Not on console, but I owned Road Rash and Need for Speed on PC back then, those were the best versions. The EA launch 3DO titles were fine, but they don't age terribly well, on any system. I would agree the Playstation ports were not great, and haven't really bothered with Saturn ones.
  2. I inquired with Stone Age Gamer, who replied that they will be restocking the ColUSB's when the manufacturer's next batch is made. Apparently that one will be done in a much larger quantity, which makes sense to import. May be another month or two. PS: I did notice that Dragonbox finally has an affordable shipping worldwide service again.
  3. There were good games??? When I got the USB-ROM thing and sampled them, it was difficult to find any. Sorry, it's not a good system. I don't really care about potential, what we got is what we got.
  4. Aged? Probably not, the controller is not ideal, and the graphics are really tough on the eyes. Many of the key titles have been released as upscales on modern systems. Others were well liked for the multiplayer options, and how many ppl sit around with friends playing MarioKart64 or WCW Revenge?
  5. Greg2600

    HOKEY demo

    can't wait to get one!
  6. With a hex/text editor, but it's a huge pain. Don't think I even have ROMS for those, but I opted to skip the really buggy, incomplete, beta stuff as I'd never use them. I've been MIA for a month, have not had time to recheck the files I made. The spacing is an issue I brought up in this thread months ago. As I said with the download, you have to rename on your recognizance. May have time this week to check these file settings.
  7. Oh that's all? 2k eeprom and same dev/pub info on all of the ones you've done? I didn't set EEPROM's I know that, but the other info should be right though I have to go through and check each one. Like I said in some cases I don't think I found your MRQ file on the forum.
  8. I made it blue to match the old Atari ST logo. There was nothing wrong with your mrq's I just wished to tweak the artwork to have the ST stuff distinct from regular Jag and Jag CD. I think some of them I could not find your MRQ to download. So I went ahead and just made them all from scratch. Wasn't aware of any configuration as that wasn't documented previously (that I read at least). I was checking in a hex editor on them, but hadn't seen your additional config (including EEPROM) with it. I was looking at the beginning of the mrq file, so it the config was somewhere else i could have missed it. There's not much documentation on these files aside from the png2mrq instructions. I could redo these with the proper settings but they weren't publicly stated.
  9. So I redid most of the official carts and prototypes, as well as the Skunk/GD Atari ST conversions to fit the same box art format that AlejandroGMC_ used. Tested all on my GameDrive, although you will have to rename your roms to match the MRQ file names I used, or vice versa. Furthermore, I think all of these roms have been distributed freely on AA or other prominent sources (my archive contains no roms!). I didn't get to many of the betas because there's just no game art out there on them, as they were Jag only projects that never saw the light of day. Sorry took me so long to post. I do have templates I created for these if anyone was interested. G2600_MRQ_v1.0.zip
  10. Wasn't aware they were selling roms now. If that's something Champ wishes to continue, then he kinda needs to make them work on the carts most everyone has. BTW, the Encore won't run this game either, as is. Well those didn't run Champ's previous games to begin with.
  11. I'm interested in his future potential cpu upgrade either way, as that could likely used more often in homebrew in years to come. However, if batari can shoehorn it into his cart, that's terrific! Either way folks, Champ Turbo is not going to be released until 2022, so there's plenty of time.
  12. That's right. I myself would never play a single one of them, so I didn't care. None of the other ODE's will emulate the various MPEG cards either, they just don't use that slot so if you have one (they are not cheap) you can.
  13. HUGE pass for me, $350 is nonsensical. SuperGrafx not worth it at all, will stick with the SSD3.
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