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  1. Gotta say Saint that your menu for Jag SD is really nice.
  2. Just to be clear, this is only for the NeoSD PRO.
  3. Wait, they're not releasing the rom? I don't mean of the completed Ultracore game, just the unfinished Hardcore game.
  4. Correct. Saint is working on his web store as we speak; I believe all transactions will be done there.
  5. Well stoneage won't have it until fall the earliest. I did wait awhile for the turbo SSD3 and it works fine to me.
  6. https://shop.terraonion.com/en/products/16-megasd_megacd_segacd_fpga_cartridge.html Yeah, this will basically replace the Mega Everdrive (if you had one of those) as it runs Genesis, Master System and 32X (with the mushroom). Plus it does all the niceties like saving and whatnot. Stone Age Gamer announced they will eventually carry this and offer some type of prior Mega ED trade in. I will likely go with them once it's available.
  7. I'm assuming "Unread Content" has replaced "New Posts?"
  8. Looks very well done and in the spirit of the old cartoon. That being said, ehhhhh, I really wish it were based off TMNT 3, the superior game. Or at least off of Turtles in Time AND playable on the SNES.
  9. Another gem! Thank you for your work.
  10. Would be awesome if real and finished.
  11. https://kotaku.com/the-genesis-mini-will-include-a-fan-made-game-1835243583
  12. Great to get a Road Rash on there. Also nice to see a couple unreleased on there.
  13. Paddles = Awesome. Sadly like you, I can't test on real hardware.
  14. Depending on your model of 3DO the installation can be quite easy. I happened to go a bit extreme with dremeling out an opening for the USB extension, as well as the 240p mod. Neither is necessary. The top-loading FZ-10 requires soldering. It's pricey but many 3DO games have become rather pricey as well.
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