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  1. Look, the DEMAND for this product is sustained, and honestly I think Al will continually sell out of what you're shipping over for quite some time. Your product (from what I've seen online only so far) seems to be without flaw, and Jag game prices are just nonsensical. Anyone collecting the console beginning a few years ago and going forward (like me) really have no choice BUT to get this cart. I had a convo with a friend who sarcastically said "I'll wait for the one that plays Jag CD games." Well, obv yours will at some point, but I said, hey, there won't be another cart like this. Not in the next 5 years I can almost guarantee that. No one is going to spend the sheer time and effort like @SainT has on this and his other carts. As he has professed a number of times, the toll it takes is quite high. Doesn't it ship with firmware on it? There's a library of Atari ST converted to Jaguar games which JagGD will run. The only other way to play these was to install a skunkboard and whatnot. That plus gosh even run of the mill Jag games will cost you 1/4 of the price of JagGD. It makes all the sense in the world. You may have missed the Jag Studio announcement, which one would think will make extensive use of the JagGD.
  2. LOL! No, no, he replaced that craziness with this. Definitely need some kind of resistor here. He went overboard on the insulation and UL certification, blah blah blah, but really should have thought about the power loads. Also has yet to even bother to chime in on the subject.
  3. This is the adapter you get with the Mean Well, no idea what's inside. Honestly you'd think all this testing should have been done by the guy selling these?
  4. Thanks Ruggers! Well I guess the next question will be whether a US-supplier can ship them over here?
  5. Glad I'm not the only one. Well actually someone else reported this before me, but chalked it up to the AV mod (think Yurkie as well). I would concur that on games with an empty (black) background it's not as noticeable, but on something like River Raid it's pretty bad. I left it on for hours, never got any less noisy. Given that the kit you get has that adapter cable with ferites I have to wonder what might even be done to correct it? Initially I figured, well, if I replace the AV mod it will be gone, but then I tested it on unmodded systems, and though it's harder to notice on RF given it's own inherent interference, it's there. My stock RF CIB console actually has an amazingly strong/clean RF signal and it's totally obvious on that. I am not one of those guys who lavish praise over the pixels they can see on a paused screen upscaled by a Framemeister onto a PVM, not in the least. However, I cannot see well enough if there's wavy lines all over the place. PS: If you're not using the ColUSB, I'd buy it off you. LOL.
  6. Correct, and ironically some nut on Dreamcast-Talk forum declared he would never play them because of that! Said the DC shall never run anything but discs, ha ha.
  7. That's the way to go on all systems for me. I got rid of the older ODE's though and opted for the MODE. Expensive, but runs everything. I think the GDEMU (even clone) will run the latest Atomiswave arcade conversions. Bizarre Creations did both MSR and the PGR series. PGR is very similar to MSR, same engine, Kudos system. Graphics were smoothed and various gameplay areas were improved, and the car roster is much larger in PGR. It's also not limited to Japanese touring cars like MSR. I would say my biggest beef with MSR is that the game is WAY too difficult starting out. It's incredibly difficult to progress, and you can lose Kudos, whereas PGR gets progressively harder from an easy start, and you cannot lose your Kudos. That plus the Xbox S is lightyears better to race with than the DC's iron maiden.
  8. I hear ya, as I said, my thing has been I'd rather move away from OEM entirely as they tend to cause glitches. Play for 30 mins, seems perfectly fine, then arghhhh, garbling. I just don't want to rely on them. If Ruggers can refurbish one to modern standards, I might consider that. Maybe he can replace the Yurkie mod too. I believe these are all "new" and rather recent, as it would be difficult to source a large quantity of new old stock with any reliability. All the guy does is slap a CV label on it. All I could do from my end was to prove out that the adapter was adding interference on multiple consoles, TV's, etc. It may simply have been that one unit, but like I said, he didn't offer to swap it free of charge so what was I to do? Certainly wasn't interested in shipping them back and forth hoping for a "good one."
  9. Way too much video interference, waves upon waves. The composite modded system was the worst, which given it has the best signal was not a surprise. RF system too. Took it to game store, did the same thing on their consoles. Store owner had a ColUSB, and my system worked perfectly with that. So it was 100% an issue with either the Mean Well, the custom adapter cable, or both. I was offered little support here as you can read by Mr. HDTV who builds/sells them, only that his product was "tested thoroughly" which in the homebrew world means nothing. There's always many exceptions when dealing with vintage consoles. Other AA folks as usual gave me tips to work through. It's quite possible that a replacement unit might have worked perfectly, but I did not seem to have that option. All I could do was pay to ship it back to MN to receive a refund via eBay. I realize that most have no issues with it, and yes, I have the old Yurkie AV mod I wished to replace anyway. But the adapter malfunctioned on a stock CV as well. He could have stepped up, and said, send it back, I will send you another, didn't happen. Appreciate that, may look into it. I have a working OEM, and a 2nd that could be repaired (works but garbles graphics) though idk if shipping makes sense for it. I just simply wished to step away from the giant bricks! I truly was looking forward to the Mean Well thing but as I said above, not a good customer service experience.
  10. When you've played PGR as much as me, simply cannot go back to MSR, far far inferior.
  11. Well I guess I'm just SOL then, because I'm not paying a king's ransom for a ColUSB and the Mean Well adapter (as evidenced by my personal experience) did not work without issues in the video on multiple consoles. I was, by the way, not offered a replacement or anything of the sort, and had to pay myself for return shipping.
  12. I saw the German one recently, yes. $110 for one PSU though is just not reasonable.
  13. Well I suppose we could buy one for $185 from you after you've been gouging people for $85 for some time! What did you clean Dragonbox/Stone Age out just to flip them for 2X, now 4X?
  14. Console5 stopped carrying it awhile ago. Stone Age has given no indication they won't restock at some point. The issue for them is the same for any of us, the shipping cost from Germany is simply staggering right now.
  15. MSR is simply not playable. Besides the point that the hard plastic analog will numb your thumb after 10 minutes. The deadzone on the games is often way too large a range, and you cannot change it. I always assumed that was meant for a wheel, but then I tried it and it was just as bad. The system for racing was the Xbox, the only one with analog triggers for gas/brake, and a good stick. I might be spoiled I suppose. I wish there was a better racing controller for the console. I was hopeful the retro fighters pad would be, but I think the problems are simply in the game code.
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