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  1. Somehow I missed out on this guy and what he was doing, or just didn't notice it. However, after 10 minutes of Googling yesterday and finding those incidents, and hearing more today, just shocking. I can't say I've known someone to be THIS unhinged for such a long time before finally snapping. Obviously, banning him in real-life is what finally had tragic circumstances.
  2. Entire blog devoted to his anger with Patrick Scott Paterson 2013 http://rudyferretti.blogspot.com/ Restricted on the TG forum for various infractions 2015 https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/143677-Rudy-ferretti-forum-restriction Harassing this lady Cat DeSpira online 2016 https://retrobitch.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/radical-felines-when-harassment-becomes-a-game/ Banned from TG for FOUR years 2018 http://www.classicarcadegaming.com/forums/index.php?topic=7046.0
  3. his Twin Galaxies meltdown was far nastier than here. i dislike having his behavior blamed on mental illness, because it was more than that, he was plain nasty.
  4. New Playstation 1 ODE coming X Station.... https://castlemaniagames.com/products/xstation This only supports PS1 models up to the PU-18 (SCPH-550X). Also seems to totally replace the CD drive.
  5. Oh just a camera, really! I tended to avoid playing these old/old systems on my LCD because they always looked miserable. The HDMI upscaler I had (DVDO iScan) was terrible with them as well, geared more for newer consoles. I'm awaiting the OSSC Pro in the meantime before I attempt again but I'm more than happy with the CRT.
  6. I hear ya. When I first saw Crossbow's video comparison, I was like hmmmm, but he's using a capture device. You then just took pics of the CRT, which is all I can do either. I'm probably going to leave it in place for now, as it doesn't seem the discoloration is due to the mod. The 2600 LHE seems to have perfect coloring, so it's something with that particular 7800, as it's miscolored in 2600 mode as well though I never use it for VCS games. That said, I saw chatter on the Concerto thread about LHE taking a lot of amperage and perhaps causing issues, and should I ever get one of those or whatever SainT devises, I may need to pull this mod, or just mod another system.
  7. Great looking game, interested in the LTO rom when that becomes available.
  8. @Trebor those screens are a definite help in terms of making a comparison. I'm using a 27" Sony Trinitron, but let's say our CRT's and cellphones are equal. You're definitely getting what I'd say is a more accurate palette on the 7800 games. Donkey Kong is brighter/redder than on mine, which is a dark brown. I would say that the Harmony menu is legible on mine on further review. 2600 games on my 7800 seem fine, though I have to fiddle with the pot again to fix the color a bit. On the 2600, the LHE seems on par with your results. I don't know, what you do think? Atari 7800 LHE screens: Atari 2600 LHE screens:
  9. Okay, I'll consider it. I haven't had any problems with it as yet, seems to look okay. If I were to have it replaced, do I need anything more than the Mobius PCB? Console5 offers add-ons like 10 uF 25V capacitor that seems to be for audio?
  10. Guys this is completely Off Topic! BTW, this was the installation I did, and a better thread for the convo.
  11. Correctomundo. They opted to hold back on the binary because Willard wanted the physical release. If that's no longer possible, hopefully he can at least give the ROM the go ahead. I realize Buddy said his friend was busy but it takes a couple minutes to log on and at least say hi.
  12. Not a fan of the developer but it's a good device, I have one. http://3do-renovation.ru/How_to_buy.htm
  13. Look in hindsight Atari should have done the Nintendo deal and sold the NES as its system. If not, they should have done the Sega deal, and sold the Genesis as its system.
  14. Afraid not, this was done in March 2013. Should I replace it?
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