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  1. Well I'm not sure if they're entirely serious but on Twitter the NVGM and Palmer Luckey are going back and forth about bidding on it.
  2. Direct from AA? Wow, very excellent to hear!
  3. The reaction was rude, your offer was fair, and I would agree on desperation.
  4. Dear mods, gotta do something about the spamming on these RetroHQ UK threads!
  5. I highly doubt Nintendo wants anything to do with this and I believe Sony already owns a few of them. As for touching, I wouldn't let people freely handle this thing either! That said, the new owner could bring it to video game conventions the same as the previous one did.
  6. Well I am happy for them, the owner is a nice guy, I spoke with him at length once. As for the console, I truly hope it remains in the USA, and goes to a museum or something similar and not somebody's basement.
  7. http://new.retrohq.co.uk/ There's no ETA yet, but his Lynx cart outsourcing seems the farthest along.
  8. Saint just blogged about the Lynx GD.....
  9. I have no idea if this means he's stopping production of 3DO along with http://3do-renovation.ru/How_to_buy.htm Final sales In my stock left about 85 pcs of these connectors, they are discontinued long time ago and not produced anymore. That mean- I can make about 85 pcs of USB-GDROM.
  10. This will be quite the undertaking. The Amiga version was terrible, so I'm not sure how well this game can be represented on the 7800 without something like XM? The arcade is moderately fast scrolling, with a lot of objects.
  11. Can we see a video of it in action?
  12. Like someone said, if the SE is quite different I may go for that. In any case, I have one, but I'm getting another or two if I can not for myself. I have friends who have wanted one for awhile, but they don't read this forum. I'd likely get the new one and sell them my old one.
  13. First batch of the Saturn Fenrir from Ced is shipping. Next run will be 50 units. Cost is around 80 EUR, very cool. Uses SD card, supports both CCD/IMG and CUE/ISO disc images. Only 20 pin Saturn's are supported currently. https://www.retrorgb.com/fenrir-sega-saturn-ode-updates.html
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