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  1. Wow, what sad, sad news. Drac was always so cheerful and very engaging. One of those people that when you saw his avatar you were interested to see what was written, almost every time.
  2. Come on, I want arcade perfect graphics! Champ Games can do it, ha ha.
  3. He has cameras, the police have the footage, it's part of the investigation at this point.
  4. No no, faulty user! Had a stereo wire slightly unplugged, was missing R channel. Still would love to see a graphical upgrade!
  5. Nope, only tires skidding. All I'm saying is I'd love to see a racing game programmed with "today's tools."
  6. Saw this on the YouTube comments, and keep in mind, he started this over 5 years ago. 🙄
  7. Was flipping through roms on my Harmony, when it hit me, Pole Position by Atari is a decent port, but it's lack in so many ways. Graphics, and of course, there's no engine sound! To name a few. With so much work being done to spruce up other titles and/or port new ones from arcade, why not PP? For that matter, why not Pole Position II? You'd think Champ Games or similar programmers would already he on to that? It was hands down the most popular sit down arcade racer for years, prior to Cruis'n.
  8. stick to me is fine, the fire buttons are another story.
  9. He's definitely aware. For instance, TerraOnion announced they licensed the VDP FPGA code for Virtual Racing. Krikzz replied that his Mega Everdrive in development would do the same. The CD is another story. Again, T.O. licensed an FPGA core implementation of the Motorola X68000 chip. I'm not sure Krikzz will want to do so, but even if he does, it is not a trivial thing to incorporate it. He may get there, but it won't be around the bend.
  10. I hear you, but there are definitely collectors who simply do not show off anything. If they do, it's to immediate family/friends, they're not that social. Many predate social media. Ages ago, Digital Press had a VHS (yes VHS) exchange where they actually shared collections. I remember watching a few years ago, and founder Joe talking about how nobody even knew some of these people existed, and never heard from them again. Would any of those oldies be involved, I highly doubt it, but I am saying they exist.
  11. I wish there were, while the XEGS gun (IMO) stinks on the 7800, it works well for the 2600.
  12. I was hopeful on the 9, but I have to assume the skilled folks out there just don't care enough to try. If you have to crack it open and solder the thing or something, no thanks. I'm guessing dollars and cents.
  13. That would be the most depraved collector I've ever heard of. Then again, with how insane some of these people are with hoarding prototypes and never telling the world.....
  14. Obviously be careful with outsourcing, i.e. piracy!
  15. Har har har. I haven't seen one in years, and assumed if it was some kind of add-on to the MB rather than simply a flashable cartridge.
  16. If they can't show it off, I imagine they wouldn't even want to collect in the first place. I'm not an FBI agent, but most robberies are for highly liquid items. Valuables like money, jewelry, phones/i-Pads, power tools, guns, silverware, maybe a TV. Stuff that you can move/sell very quickly. A safe full of 35-40 year old video games? That might take months, and good luck doing so anonymously. It's quite possible the thieves happened to be there, in the office, saw the safe, and decided to steal it. It's also quite possible if they did, that they opened it and likely were quite peeved to find none of the valuables I mentioned! If so, they may well have (sadly) already disposed of his collection (evidence).
  17. Yes, that's the video I remember, gosh, 9 years ago. Lot of rare boxed mint Atari in there.
  18. Probably dumb question, but these work on the JagSD without needing the Skunkboard?
  19. If you have Google Chrome (and you should), just right click on the page and do Translate to English. Apparently these were dumped 7 years ago, and even I somehow missed them. There's even threads here that mention it. Oddly, Smoke Monster I guess missed them too, as they were never in his "Everdrive Pack." Not sure if Rom Hunter has them in his? I still have the FB 2, because At Games has yet to release a superior model (IMO). Last night I confirmed they all work on a Harmony.
  20. Jason has done video tours of his store and personal collection in the past, which including some pretty high priced stuff in the back. I'm actually stunned he had even pricier stuff, given what I remember seeing. I could have sworn he showed off stuff in a safe, but maybe this was an additional one? In any event, that was several years ago. I'm quite baffled how they got in, and removed a safe like that, before the alarms got the police there.
  21. Twas me in both regards, and yes, I will absolutely contact this guy. Whether he's willing to pass it along is the unknown (spent enough money with him!). I feel like this game would go viral very quickly, at which point, most of the principles would see it. I have no qualms tweeting these people either.
  22. Yes they do have all which were not available prior to the FB 2, most all are usually not in of the rom compilations I've found. The only one I was unsure of was Return to Haunted House, which I think they list as Haunted House (old graphics hack of Adventure). Adventure II (homebrew) Arcade Asteroids (hack) Arcade Pong (paddle version) Asteroids Deluxe (exclusive) Caverns of Mars (exclusive) Lunar Lander (exclusive) Return to Haunted House (homebrew) Space Duel (exclusive) Yars' Return (exclusive)
  23. I was on the email list (I think), never got one. Haven't been on AA all day, only knew because I saw someone post to the AA FB page. If Saint can actually fulfill these orders in a few months time, bravo! I have no idea what pre-order I'm in, because when I check the position, it says "Next!" I didn't look when I completed the order, and haven't received the confirmation email.
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