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  1. All I ever hear from any programmer was " The Sega Saturn was too hard to program " why not conclude that your not a good programmer instead blaming the system. Just line up the titles and you will see what I mean. On any major system you take all the titles produced in the west and compared them to the titles in the east and no matter how you look at it the east titles allways wins some how. The west has no creativity. Our society has so much commercialsim and stereotypes out there that is faslely based I get so uninspired. Videogames is no longer the same ones I grewed up to admire. Now they are mearly just pillars of the west saying " We admit our art is not respected anymore so we are going to do everything in 3d where we use a magical eraser that cost next to nothing. We have no room for pencil and paper artist's no more" The only purpose of 3d was to add dimension. That is all 3d should be used for. Then again that is the creative side of me speaking and that is the side I love the most. I admire eastern games and hope one day I can create a game apreciated by eastern part of the world. Atari was about representation as with all games in there pre-stage. I look my atari games and still play them today. Half the action takes place in my head just the way I like it.
  2. Who really cares the game was made in Japan and nobody really used the rating systems to begin with. Only this Final Fantasy game was the first one really made in the USA. I know how you feel I have tons of Games but I see some insignifigant diffrence between them. All I look out for is changes in the original game itself. Maybe some copies of Final Fantasy VII was missing the the two extra scenes that was in the game and thus they are labeled diffrent in ratings. Like how some GTA: Vice City games was edited with the original script.
  3. I would get a SNES and stick to that but if I had to choose I would get a PS3 First thing I would such for documents telling about 1. Upgrading PS3 2. Region free PS3. 3. Taking apart and reconstructing my PS3. and so on. Then I would get the parts of a PS3 and then put them together to make my own PS3, get a Blu-ray/HD-DVD drive make it and th ePS3 region free, and then rapaint the case in something neo. The 360 and Wii was made to attack the PS3 while the Wii conceal itself as a super toy the games on it could probably work on GCN with a upgrade attachment and faster drive modem andupgraded lid top. The PS3 is the only thing that you will see that is diffrent this time around. Also remember the SNES was sappose to have the PSX add-on and it costed more then it really was to built. Honestly I would not get any of them and save my money. There is nothing not even a release of any series that would push me to get them.
  4. Nah Apple never had a game system begin with. The Apple II was just a regular computer that ran various programs. However you could compare the Apple machines to game systems at the time. In fact I remember the Apple models with the animated insert program when booted up. Apple is continiuesly used in the editing department in most major coperations and businesses. Every college I have been to I have seen Apples every step of the way. From the Sound recording rooms to the Scanner rooms. The department head has a old model Imac in his office and we are using the newest Imac models ( the ones with the really big screen and camera on top). Only Windows computers I have seen is used with Desktop management. Apple is not going back into Videogames anytime soon. If your into upgrading Apples computers by adding your own Display cards and Memory it can be done and to run emulators it can be done. PC games are kinda weak now. All I ever see on PC is Tatic, Network RPG, that are of great feats but has no real point and of course the SIMS which is practically taking the place of Doom. Maybe if built something that would run Apple Software inside a game machine maybe Apple would take notice* *Remember I said it first
  5. You can't really compare a Jaguar to a Saturn in terms of programming. Westerns have no real ability to promote there creations or the ability of drama. All our games was ever about is kill kill kill where nobody respected or cared about the story line to begin with. The Jaguar is more of a comparision to the Sega CD and the Jaguar wins since nobody cared about it the most. The only game I want to play on Jagaur was that Ninja game where you was a ninja in a dorm house tha tmde the news of violent games and a father was like ewh videogame my son play was evil god this and god that.
  6. I like the gist of this game and I have been inspired by it. Maybe if the red thingy was in the shape of a Sniper sight and was shooting something at you while you was trying to clear away whatever If we was to make animated characters like some sorta critter trying to eat out Old mans garden and then he was shooting at you would be nice. It could also be a couple of inmates trying to brake out while digging underground while trying to aviod the radar.....maybe the radar is a guided radiation beam and zap niose appear. Or you are running away from the big bad monster who is going to eat you..chomp chomp chomp. Then agian you could be a hacker in Shadowrun and this is how the hacking sequence could like in when you jack in. Or maybe it is a crazy military guy bombing civilians and the target is trying to take you out. Then agian your fighting the enemy and setting bombs at there tanks and run away while something is trying to take you out. It could even work the other way around where you are the sniper and your shooting people trying to escape to there cars from a helicopter. Or your a sniper in a helicopter and your shooting the enemy who is trying to get to there tanks, or steal your stuff or even blow up your tanks. Your some sorta insect like a roach or ant and you are trying to eat all the mini sandwiches to aviod the spray or swat. then a dirty fly is passing germs on to the food and you have to aniliate all the sandwiches before people start eating them. If you don't they will turn Zombie and attack you. Or maybe your a pervert trying impregnt all the dorm women but they have some sorta nanny camera and your trying to aviod it. Or you could be the semen warrior while pregnating women before they get fat, steal the cake, call the nanny patrol, turn lesbo, or go to college. then agian you could be Spy vs. Spy and your trying to prevent the other spy from getting the documents or Spy is trying to gun for you while you get the documents. It would probably play out like a puzzle game or adventure puzzle game like bomberman. I could see you original game lined up in the arcades right now with a whole bunch of clones of the same game When I think about it on higher level this reminds me of the Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kongs Quest factory stage and there is a target shooting Light spark balls at you while you are attempting to get the end of the level but off course your a spider.
  7. Go on AOL and tell all the people there that you are girl ( with discription ) and you are ( some kinda sex thing). Watch all the IM bubbles just pop-up at random It will be so funny to watch these losers pop-up and say hi. I wish I had the heart to con them out of money and Airline tickets. I miss AOL
  8. What is so special about this game???
  9. The concept is all that matters to me. I would come into a room promote my creation. Draw a design then the person who builds chipsets and boards would do all the technical stuff. Then we would start using whatever the device is going to be used for. About programming and computers I am not an idiot. I am the person who rather dump all these tech guys in a pit and replace them with a automated instruction system or a pop up flash that guides you threw the process. I walk into a store I laugh at the stuff they offer me. I recover my own data, I edit my own settings from If somebody gave me enough funding, correct tools, and reference materials I could program and build machienery from scratch. With a couple of Computer Archtechs on baord and programmers I could do it even faster. Wow wonderful I discovered the area of study I am in uses Apples oh wow now I have to learn how to navigate Apples to aviod having the so called tech guy come in and jutter the mouse port. I am a self proclaimed Artist and my job title is "Graphic Design major" . I make a carrer out of representation into animation and identifiying various subjects to make my owrk easier. I purpose we can create devices or a device that will allow play of other programs for the X system that would shock the world of 2d and maybe even help cripple the Oiga world of 3d.
  10. Ebay should not be a place where you spend mountians of pennys for fun. If your going to list something on ebay it should sell and not leave with you with a feeling of wow I put my item up and only got 75% of what I original wanted.
  11. The 5200 barely has any titles on it and they started out with sloppy seconds and was not even a competitor for the previous 2600. I am not highly familiar with the qaulity of the 5200 games but the idea was the carts was bigger and better and you sapposively had the arcade in home this time around. Thinking about it reminds me of the SNES. The NES was the power house at the time that turned games upside down and took them out the arcade and on the big screen. The NES from games like Ninja Gaiden had movie like atmospheres while lacking sound support. Of course games like Castlevania Three in Japan took advantage of the fact the NES cart slot was not just a regular data port but you could build carts with chipsets for enchanced 16-bit graphics and High qaulity sound. You might even been able to generate 3d if you wanted to on the NES thanks to this. However the NES in America had that support removed from it's release. Then was the Aladdin enchancer deck that allowed 16-bit colored games on it but that was a failure from the start featuring small wind up games that led nowhere. PC98 was the power house computer for gamers in Japan and sported many titles that is not known to the west. Then lets not forget about the Master system. It was a ticking time bomb of 16-bit beauty and produced FM qaulity ( I am not a radio specialist ) that was beautiful in sound. However the FM sound support was removed from the US release. The master system was then ported to Gamegear which was practically a pocket Master system. Then there was the Turbo-Graphix 16/ PC-Engine/ Super CD-Rom system. This system in Japan was a juggernaut of systems in japan and could be compared to the SNES. You could run FMV videos with movie like atrmosphere and sound. Then Genesis/Mega Drive rolled into town to blast the NES away but sega decided to drop the Cd-rom support and make it an add-on. They even drop support for 3d figures. Lastly the SNES which never changed no matter how many times sega upgraded there system.. The SNES lacked CD-rom support unlike the Turbo-Graphics 16 but made up with what the original NES had to offer with expansive cart support. Then the Saturn, Playstation, and eventaully the N64 that pretty much used 3d to wipe out everything ( make it seem that way). Then emulation kicked in with the internet providing a loop hole for transport of data. Of course during this time PC games was allways more beautiful and better sounding but was meaningless in a home with a balanced income.
  12. The thing is I do not consider it to be classic gaming at all. I am 2....years old, I know the truth behind 3d games, I grewed up with a highly artistic influence, what the hell do I need to see another conversion of Bomberman ( like the one in dominatrix ), or even another Mario gimmick. I consider games to be like the VHS, Cassette tapes, Video Discs, and even DVD's of my generation ( the one going to where Skywalker was born to "lower numbers" on both sides and is practically figthing for something the usa stands against "Chruch and Religion being one" ). I remember when games and anime was so popular but was at a level of intrest that we could buy and not care. Thanks to the internet and 2001 that world might be lost like tear drops in the rain. Still I wish I could buy arcades like my uncles did when they were in there youths. No really My Uncle had two arcades One was Mrs. Pacman and the other was a space game. I finally figured out how to turn them on. I miss playing Ms. Pacman on the arcade machine. Today you might see a Ms. Pacman but it is going to be discolored or white. The word I use is standard/regular gaming . Anything before me is retro. The only system that is new that anybody should be looking at is the PS3. The Wii is a safety net for when they bann Violent games and the 360 is just taking up space. When I go to the store I look at the titles and feel so displeased. I feel even more displeased knowing that somebody made water cars back in the 70's and now they want to dumb it down and charge you for the Hydrogen itself. The way I see the world just keeps getting dumber and dumber as I age like unwanted wine.
  13. It is not about ideas it is about creativity and team work but most important the want to create. If I was in a game design feild I would be the guy who draws, scans, and the convert the sprites with the converter and insert them into the game. The programmer would be the person who creates the program that converts, scan, and the game egine itself. The musician would compose the music the This is why there is no good looking games in the west. It is just a room filled with a bunch of non inspritational dilberts who could not draw for there lives saying ME programmer me most important man can make pac-man do waka waka. Everything Pixel art computer tech guy person is best. Me big boner uga buga. If I want anybody to work my game then I will have to make my comic strip and politely ask for help to create my game in exchange for some sorta ransom like the next game will be your game to write the story but I draw for it. In the east alot of the games that is creative and really up there is a team effort and the person who the game was created by ( on pen and paper ) was not a programmer. Some might be Musicians, Graphics designers, fashions designers, and even famous actors. I mean hurray in the begining everything is bits and byte but that does not mean you need to be a scholor in programming to make a game possible. It is about a team effort to get games off the ground.
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