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  1. Or with glasses, if you’re getting up there.
  2. Finished the main storyline of Shenmue III a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed it as prior fan of Shenmue, but do not see it catching a lot of new fans.
  3. That's why I like it. During the early days, video games were sports games, card games, or shoot-something games. That someone would come along in the early 1980s and want to make a videogame about truck driving, combine that with the limitations of the technology, I find the backstory very interesting.
  4. I saw this posted on the Facebook group. What a great find.
  5. I never knew about this game "back in the day," but I can say seeing it around 1995, what an interesting game. I believe there was a map or some document to help you navigate the roads, which I did not have. I believe I had a manual and an overlay. People who have spent more time with it can correct me, but I recall it was a complex game.
  6. You'd also want the overlays for Cloudy Mountain.
  7. *rubs eyes* I can't believe in Shenmue III until I have it in my hands.
  8. Finally sat down with these two for a little bit. There were some technical difficulties with the system, as I had not played it in a long time, which may have affected things. I also hasn't played Tennis in years, but I was surprised how dominant Ted was. However, I found the easiest level unplayable due to the slow speed, and was getting clobbered on the next level of difficulty. By the end of the session, I had tied Ted over our last 4 games, so it was good to see some progress. I liked the manual. I am very curious how I would have fared if I had this during my heyday of playing Intellivision Tennis. Unfortunately, I decided to take a break for some dinner before starting Super Burgertime. As a result, there was no sound when I turned it back on. I believe I pressed the disc to start the game because it skipped levels. At the end of the day, it's Burgertime, I like Burgertime, so more Burgertime is good.
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