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  1. Or with glasses, if you’re getting up there.
  2. Finished the main storyline of Shenmue III a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed it as prior fan of Shenmue, but do not see it catching a lot of new fans.
  3. That's why I like it. During the early days, video games were sports games, card games, or shoot-something games. That someone would come along in the early 1980s and want to make a videogame about truck driving, combine that with the limitations of the technology, I find the backstory very interesting.
  4. I saw this posted on the Facebook group. What a great find.
  5. I never knew about this game "back in the day," but I can say seeing it around 1995, what an interesting game. I believe there was a map or some document to help you navigate the roads, which I did not have. I believe I had a manual and an overlay. People who have spent more time with it can correct me, but I recall it was a complex game.
  6. You'd also want the overlays for Cloudy Mountain.
  7. *rubs eyes* I can't believe in Shenmue III until I have it in my hands.
  8. Finally sat down with these two for a little bit. There were some technical difficulties with the system, as I had not played it in a long time, which may have affected things. I also hasn't played Tennis in years, but I was surprised how dominant Ted was. However, I found the easiest level unplayable due to the slow speed, and was getting clobbered on the next level of difficulty. By the end of the session, I had tied Ted over our last 4 games, so it was good to see some progress. I liked the manual. I am very curious how I would have fared if I had this during my heyday of playing Intellivision Tennis. Unfortunately, I decided to take a break for some dinner before starting Super Burgertime. As a result, there was no sound when I turned it back on. I believe I pressed the disc to start the game because it skipped levels. At the end of the day, it's Burgertime, I like Burgertime, so more Burgertime is good.
  9. http://www.gamotek.fr/Gamotek/David_Harley.html that is the link in the OP
  10. The link as posted is dead and ticked my malware detector off. I found the interview on the revolution site. It is a good read and hope we can never say never.
  11. Oh, I can post some pics! I may even scan the sides of the box. I've seen keypads up for sale with their boxes, but just the keypad alone. I had not before seen a combo box for the keypad and the controller, all in one. Please post the pics
  12. Having spent several hours on this games, I can heartily recommend it to fans of the original. This is a loving homage to Tarmin, and I would hope the original creators would enjoy this version. The good bits were the intermission, the changing wall colors, having all the weapons and armor back, seeing the armor on display, the little bit of story, and the manual. The bad bits would be the lack of food and the multiple spelling errors. I also would have had your stats and food refreshed at the intermission. Luck is a huge part of the game, the reusable weapons break and break often. Many a game was quit because of a lack of weapons and food. Food only restores 2 war points and 1 spiritual point, and there are only six to one pickup. You can go several levels without food. How I won on medium was picking up a couple potions that jack up your stats, hitting a number of gates to get the spiritual HP's up, and picking and choosing my battles. Despite that, I was in the teens in the levels low on food and out of reusable weapons; I had platinum armor though. I ended up grabbing two platinum crossbows and stomped my way to the end. Good times. I cannot stress enough how every owner of the original should check this game out. I would suggest this game's creator make a game called Happy Land and include one and two player modes.
  13. I do not have the box, just checked.
  14. I might have the box, it looks familiar, but I cannot say if I saw it from my collection or somewhere online. I'm pretty sure I have a box that has a picture of the KC on the back.
  15. France surrendered to Venezuela. *golf claps*
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