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  1. I've got a little game store down here in Florida and someone is wanting to trade a CIB copy of Thunderfox in. With hardly no sell history on Ebay was just wondering what it's value would be. I see recently a loose one sold for $70.00. Thanks
  2. HOLY SMOKE!! that's awesome. Sounds like a lot of playtime.
  3. Also I was wondering on average, how many hours does it take to complete the main story? Been playing it a little today and have really enjoyed it so far.
  4. Awesome, Glad to see this made it to release. Definitely will pick up the digital edition as I don't have the hardware to run it.
  5. Thanks guys for letting me know.
  6. I've been a collector since the early 90's and have about 330 Atari 2600 games in my collection but this one confuses me. Most of the time you can find sold listings on Ebay to help figure out values but i haven't seen one sale for a while. I'm talking about the Telegames version of 3D Tic-Tac-Toe. Right now on Pricecharting the loose price is $111 which sounds crazy to me. There's two up for sale on Ebay one for $26 and the other $28. Any ideas on the actual value? I've also had my own game store in central Florida for over 5 years. We've had one in the store for years priced at $1.99 hehe.
  7. Yeah i don't know why but it''s always hard to get a photo showing the backside of the disc. At least it is for me but good idea.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback. We now have over 1000 items up so hopefully some of the empty categories now have items in them
  9. Thanks, appreciate the feedback. Also just put up three pretty big hitters from my personal collection.
  10. So the wife and I decided to go ahead and start an online store for games a few days ago. We've got the brick and mortar store for over 2 years now but thought it was time to get everything online as well. Currently we've got about 300 items up and hope in the upcoming months to get about 90% of our store inventory up. Please take a look and give me some feedback. Unfortunately Shipping is a little wonky with Weebly (the store we decided to go with) but we went with it since we were using Square for the Point of Sale and could immediately import our inventory right in with not much though. If by chance you see items you might be interested in and it's a little expensive for shipping, let me know and we could always do a Paypal invoice. https://www.classiccontagiousgames.com
  12. Just put this up as I no longer need it. Got it in a lot of 8-bit carts I purchased a while ago. Holds 10 games. eBay Auction -- Item Number: /391799620640
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