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  1. I must be in the minority but I always loved U.S. Games. Towering Inferno, Gopher, Name This Game, Entombed, Squeeze Box, Commando Raid, and M.A.D. are all great games in my opinion that I come back to all the time. The rest of the games are all decent enough with the exception of Sneak n' Peek. Anybody else love the U.S. Games releases?
  2. Double sided tape always worked great for me.
  3. Got mine in the mail today. I think the white cord fits nicely with the gold wiimote since it has white on it also.
  4. Got it, thanks! I have been wanting a gold nunchuck since I got Skyward Sword.
  5. I purchased the original GBA SP when it first came out and still have it to this day. I never had a problem being able to see the screen on it. I use it all the time to play all of my GBA, GBC, and GB games.
  6. I don't buy sealed games unless they are the same price as an opened copy. Hell I don't even buy boxed games unless they are the same price as a loose copy since I don't collect boxes. The few sealed games that I had, I opened. I don't see how it being sealed is going to make the game any more valuable. I buy games to play just as much as to collect. If anything I would want to pay less for it since you can't verify if the thing even works. I have opened about 10 sealed Intellivision games and a few Atari 2600 and NES games so far.
  7. I voted for the 3200 style console and controllers. It looks damn sexy and different. I have never been much of a fan of the Jr.
  8. I picked up Psychonauts, Dark Cloud 2, Okami, and Silent Hill Origins. All with cases, instructions, and manuals.
  9. Calling Diablo an MMORPG is like calling Call of Duty Black Ops an MMORPG. Black Ops has massive ammounts of players online and it does have a system where you level up but it's still nowhere near an MMORPG. Diablo is and has always been a dungeon crawler or an action RPG. Just because you can play online and there are massive ammounts of players that play the game, doesn't make it an MMO. You can play the game completely solo and never ever ever ever see another player controlled character if you choose not to. To stay on topic, I think it's cool that there will be an auction house with real money. But I will choose to not use it and stick to the seperate auction house for in game gold currency.
  10. I bought it on release day for the PS3 and love it. I have already beaten American McGee's Alice on the PC many times and haven't tried the downloadable copy yet but it does have trophies.
  11. I think it's a great game. I've played DN3D from a kid all the way up to now. DNF is just what I expected. I think that the graphics are amazing, the game play is fun, and I have yet to come across one glitch. The only complaint that I have is only being able to carry 2 guns. If I had to make the choice again then I would gladly fork over $60 for it. For those of you that had it pre-ordered then that means that you had access to the demo and could have easily cancelled your pre-order once you got to play the game.
  12. I just finished the single player mode and it was AWESOME! Now my brother needs to get the game so we can play co-op.
  13. Last year I pulled a really nice Gemini with both controllers and a bunch of games out of the trash at the warehouse at my work. It was in the child center and then I guess it got put in the warehouse cause they thought it was broken. Turns out the power cord on the inside just needed to get soldered back to the board. Works like new now. The controllers work good except the paddles are a little jittery. I'm planning on selling it as soon as I get done moving.
  14. Those would be a great deal if you don't mind getting your hands dirty. Not sure how much of a profit you could make off of them but if it's all cheap fixes then you could probably sell them for a profit. I'm not a fan of Street Fighter so I would personally pass on that one.
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