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  2. Maybe I'll see you there early Sunday afternoon Dan. My older son and I might go check it out. Tom
  3. RoadBlasters the arcade machine from Atari was AWESOME! I played that game almost every day in college as I would stop by the union for a break inbetween classes. The version ported to the Atari Lynx is also very well done, although more difficult to control. I don't know if we are talking about the same game.
  4. My son loves Kirby games and we have every Kirby game (US releases) and every system to play those games. He's 15 now and still follows the new release of any Kirby game very closely.
  5. Has found that AA works great on the iPad

  6. Has found that AA works great on the iPad

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  8. happy birthday!

  9. It is a small show, but I've been there in the past and I thought it went well. The crowd was small but very enthusiastic. The Star World party afterward was a lot of fun. I haven't been to that arcade before, but I'll definitely go back. Lot's a classic machines and I had fun playing games I haven't played in over 20 years.
  10. I had high hopes for this game a long time ago, and between myself and my two kids, nobody could figure it out. I read the manual in detail many times. Now it collects dust. If someone would tell me how this game works, I would deeply appreciate it.
  11. I joined the HD crowd about 2 years ago with a 55" Sony Bravia LCD TV, and the difference between DVDs and Blu-Rays is VERY noticeable. If you play it on a smaller screen, however, the difference is not noticeable. Much depends on the size of the TV screen you have. BTW, I have about 500 movies in my Windows Media PC collection now, hooked up behind the main living room TV (the 55" Sony) and about 60 of those are Blu-Ray. When it comes to movies like Star Trek, Transformers, GI Joe, and even Avatar, the extra crispness of the picture when using Blu-Ray is very much appreciated. It is so crisp that I think the whole fad towards 3D technology is a waste of time. When the 2D images are that perfect, they almost seem to pop out of the screen already. I hate the 3D glasses. I tried them at home with the movie Coraline and will never do it again. When a game or movie has both 2D and 3D versions, I go for the 2D. I'm really hoping the 3D thing is a temporary fad, but it probably won't be.
  12. We recently got The Conduit and have been enjoying it. I wish the multiplayer was available offline as well though and it looks like it won't be a feature offline in the new version either.
  13. Damn....I just sold three of them and must have gotten really ripped off. Damn.
  14. Dan, I don't know what their prices are, but the place out here in Crystal Lake called Think Ink has a great reputation and I have many of their t-shirts and hats from various organizations I belong to and they have all been top notch quality.
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