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  1. It's in CVS. Only one screen can be shown at once. It does support software switching and manual switching (you can use alt-shift-x to switch.) The font rom is loaded from software so it could be modified. What is described in the manual seems to work. I do not have much to test it with. The bit3.com dos xl program worked.
  2. On December 22, 2011 the site emulator-zone.com removed all Atari emulators due to a legal threat: http://forums.emulat...ead.php?t=18880
  3. Atari legal actions against emulators continue On August 31, 2011, seanbajuice.com received a cease and desist letter from Atari claiming copyright infringement by various Atari emulators for the Sega Dreamcast. This was mentioned in the long thread started by pps. On December 21, 2011, the site admin of dcemulation.org posted that he recently received a similar letter from Atari: http://www.dcemulation.org/phpBB/viewtopic.php?p=1029848 Atari is also continuing their legal attack on remakes of classic games: http://www.joystiq.c...on-hundreds-of/ http://venturebeat.c...-zone-heats-up/
  4. Now Atari is threatening a game called "PongVaders", probably for their "Pong" trademark. But the author made a game mocking Atari's lawyers: http://www.auntiepixelante.com/simlaw/ There's a video of the PongVaders game here: http://tinyurl.com/4xlnszp
  5. Here is some historical information about Atari emulators and OS ROMs from ST-Log Magazine: http://www.atarimagazines.com/st-log/issue25/32_1_DATABASE_DELPHI.php I assume that the OS ROM code was published along with the emulator on the magazine disk. That would not have been possible without permission from Atari. The meaning of "public domain" in the above sentence is unclear to me.
  6. Atari is now targeting Dreamcast emulators: http://www.dcemulation.org/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=101370 This one is interesting: 1. It specifically targets Dreamcast, not Android, so it's not a platform Atari itself is developing for. 2. All targets are emulators. 3. Copyright, not trademark violation is claimed for Emulators. This includes the 2600 which has no BIOS. 4. The date is August 30, so any intercessions on the part of forum members have clearly been ineffective.
  7. The site is a .uk domain and is subject to UK law. If Atari wants to pursue him they can use Nominet UK's DRS: http://www.nominet.org.uk/disputes/drs/?contentId=5239 Quoting US laws not applicable in the UK, such as the Lanham Act, seems to me to be quite arrogant on the part of Atari.
  8. Some further investigation has shown that he changed the site at some point, perhaps after receiving the legal threat: http://www.domaintools.com/research/screenshot-history/asteroids.co.uk/
  9. A UK astronomy site showing the location of near-Earth asteroids was threatened by Atari: http://asteroids.co.uk/ http://asteroids.co.uk/atari (However, it now appears that this is a fake site and the original site did have an Asteroids clone game.)
  10. Have you see this page? They listed Atari 400/800 on their wish list and have completed the TIA and made a 2600 simulation: http://visual6502.org/ I guess things have come a long way since that Hungarian work on the 6502.
  11. I recovered the data files. Attached is 32kfix.cas which is the 32k data file with dictionary and random words list. The 16k tape has the same dictionary but doesn't use the words file. Also included is voicebox_d.atr which contains a disk version of the program. The modified basic program is vb32km.bas I just changed OPEN #1,4/8,0,"C" to use D:DICT and D:WORDS after copying them over to disk. The text in the Basic program that refers to the cassette is unchanged and should be ignored. The Voice Box I driver code uses a 6502 bit-banging routine to access the device, but the Voice Box II code uses the POKEY SIO shift register. Seems that they may not have been compatible. The Voice Box II appears to use the SIO clock line to set the voice's frequency. The Voice Box I doesn't seem to be capable of this. Both of them can set the Votrax sc-01 intonation bits, which is more than the Atari 1400XL can do. voicebox_fixed.zip
  12. If you can upload the .wav files you made for use with wav2cas to Megaupload or some such place I will try to use Audacity or Altirra to improve the recovery of data. I have figured out how the Voice Box II works and I think it can be emulated in Atari800. The Voice Box II program will freeze when run in Atari800 unless the Voice Box II device is responding correctly. If it fails to work with the Voice Box I then it may be that the protocol is different. The Voice Box II is not an intelligent device that obeys the Atari SIO protocol. Data is simply sent over the serial line and decoded by a shift register. I believe the cassette motor line is used to signal that the Voice Box II should respond to serial data. The SIO /COMMAND line is not used. The Votrax SC-01 busy status is read using the SKSTAT bit that reads data directly from the SIO bus. Both the Voice Box I and II use a simple BASIC program as the interface. The Voice Box I cassette should be loaded from BASIC with CLOAD. Here are some strings from the Voice Box I images: (The word "data" occurs as part of the .cas file format and should be ignored) 16k 32k
  13. It seems most of the tape did not convert well with wav2cas. Most blocks were bad. I read that Phaeron, author of Altirra, suggested using a bandpass filter from 1KHz to 7KHz in Audacity to clean up a recording before using wav2cas. Also Altirra has its own algorithm for reading wav files, so you could try loading it with Altirra. Just possibly there is some issue with the recording beyond the tape being bad. Perhaps clipping or low volume. Maybe check in Audacity if the waveform looks good. It is a Basic program. There are some additional segments after the main program. I think this is for a Dictionary. Possibly we could recover the essential logic for accessing the device despite the corruption of the Basic file but this is difficult because of the large amount of damage.
  14. Maybe try Translator, since it is so old. Can you run wav2cas on it? wav2cas is here: http://home.planet.nl/~ernest/atarixle.html If it isn't corrupt then we can examine the cas image for ideas. If corrupt maybe it can be repaired, as there are 2 copies, probably similar. I would like to add emulation of the Voice Box to Atari800 at some point but I need the software for this so it would be useful to have.
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