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  1. I'd be up for one. Any news on the jaguar sd ?
  2. Minter is a legend !!!
  3. Recieved mine Thankyou Saint
  4. 1. Msx one chip 2. Sharp X68000 setup with cf card 3. Treamcast 4. Einstein computer with Einsdein flash cart 5. Dr PC Junior
  5. Just a PC running hyperspin with fancy joysticks. Should be ok performance wise. Didn't check the price !!!!
  6. Any pre order list ? Pls put me on it. Thankyou
  7. Please add me to the pre order list. Thankyou
  8. I would like to order one if they are still available pls
  9. owen2471

    Lynx Multi Cart

    I'm interested. Are you starting a pre order list ???
  10. im looking to buy sharp x68000 games. also a system if its what im looking for.
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