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  1. Looks good ! Please finish it We need more rpgs on atari.
  2. Yeah, makes much more sense imho. Everybody wins Overal nice entries, lots of good will and effort. Lets make next year compo even better ! Congratulations to everyone !
  3. Have you seen Payoneer ? Virtual cards, even sending real cards for free by post so you can use them in "traditional places". ps. Putting money into them can only be done by creating a payment request from Payoneer if I'm not mistaken. It's used mostly for remote work payments.
  4. Hi guys ! I've just now read all messages from last couple days and must say you guys are awesome Jose sent me this email couple hours ago: "No internet here on the public institute acess. Please post on the topic that all money received, things payed and a big ok to all. Thanks." So once more, you guys rock. Gonna push the latest game project that we've been doing with Jose as main gfx artist, and try to repay you all at least a small part of huge help you provided to him by creating a new game for our dear Atari ... Thank you all ! Vladimir
  5. Talked with Jose over email, so I'll just qoute him, not to butcher his words "Thanks. I already have to more than half a month so is missing one and some for this current one then buyin the gas bottle and transportation card. PayPal says that when I transfer money to my account it should be ready in 3 or 5days so isn't bad. Thank you all and please post there at AA that we talked by mail, how things are going on and my thanks because as you know this damned old phone can't. I'll also post the papers of payments and a photo of me with face, mouth and teeth so that people see I'm not lying." Thank you good people, from me to. There's lots of suffering in this world, every little bit of help is needed.
  6. Money sent... All the best José ! Stay in touch and hang in there !
  7. Awesome pm overlay example ! ps. What is that "dmsc's SAPR music player" ? Never heard of it.
  8. Why don't you enlighten us one more time, how would you code it ? What sort of mode, sprites would you use. Please be detailed if you can.
  9. Man.... I don't know what is that "nothing" you mention... I'm just commenting on rensoup's comment about possible jitter in bottom and pointing dmsc what it could be. You yourself said "Jitter imagination could result from the same color "white" in the lower part and the moving objects." Well it's not imagination. It's real. I've had errors like that happen to me when coding and checking in debugger cycle by cycle. Something you maybe haven't done in a while Imho it's most probably as I said - raster beam going over parts of screen that are drawn over at that moment. If it's not, no harm, just move on.
  10. Looks like there is some bug in scrolling or just raster catching up to on-screen changes. Take a look at yellow arrows pointing towards pixel columns.
  11. Is 356 bytes for sub with 4 different left-right shifts ? How many lines vertically is a sub sprite ? If it's similar to 3 wide x16 high x4 shifts = 192 bytes (~1:2 ratio compared to unrolled code), then it's not that bad if speed is of importance.
  12. 2014 !??!! Like it was yesterday My daughter was born in 2015 and all plans went out the window Code is still in my dev folder, I did publish Monk that year in abbuc compo. It is basically this older version world generator + rpg-item-fight-zombies engine under the hood of simple gtia screen. There are no technical obstacles to make this pal blending version. Only problem is lack of time as always... Plan is to add underground, crafting like original minicraft, etc. We'll see. Think first will be improved beatemup based on my small entry for abbuc this year. Stay tuned
  13. Nice example ! How much memory does this precompiled sprite take ?
  14. When you say "shift charset in software" do you mean actual LSR character definition bytes or similar tech each frame, or maybe 4 different character sets changed using chbase register ?
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