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  1. If someone missed my separate topic, here is Blokz.
  2. Time to publish some details about my entry in this year "Abbuc Software contest 2021." Logic/arcade game inspired by an old arcade game called "Block Hole" ("Quarth" in Japan). Game was later ported to some consoles like Nes, Gameboy and unofficial releases exist for MSX and Colorcomputer. Since the first time I've played this in local arcade back in 90s I was puzzled by "find the largest rectangle algorithm". So when I got back into coding on Atari in early 2000s I thought A8 deserves a version of its own Years passed as I've coded initial block drawing routine, procedural generated levels, and tested couple approaches to make this recognition routine working. Let's just say they all failed So this year when time came to choose something to code for Abbuc compo, I knew there wasn't going to be lot of time during summer, so said to myself - it's now or never I'm proud to present this labour of love and many sleepless nights as I tried to make this work... Algorithm started working only maybe a week before deadline, so rest of time was spent making it look pretty, adding proper game maps and adding sound fx and adjusting it all to make it have that arcade feel, make player want more, and make dying fair, so you always get back for more. I've also tried adding music couple hours before deadline, but that didn't work as I planned so expect proper title tune to be added after compo is over and I can release updated version. Hope you like it. ps .I'll release source code after compo is done of course pps. If you find any bugs while playing the game, please let me know so it can be fixed in updated versions. Big thanks to the entire Atari community ! Cheers! Vladimir
  3. So... Managed to finish my entry and send it It's a logic/arcade game called "Blokz". Inspired by Arcade (and console) game called "Quarth" or "Block Hole" outside Japan. Goal is to fill rectangular shapes, clear falling tetris like shapes from screen and progress as much as you can. Hope you'll like it Cheers!
  4. Imho you're right about a8 maybe not being best for those detailed 2d map types of strategy games. On the other hand I can imagine something like Supremacy working extremely well. M.U.L.E. is such type of game if I'm not mistaken, and even something with gameplay like Megalomania could work.
  5. Well it's been worked on, afaik it's almost playable, "just" needs some finishing touches. Go on and pester @Wrathchild about it
  6. Well, due to problems in real world (family health), I'm only able to work couple hours a week on retro stuff. So now I'm trying to code simple puzzle game I've started years ago, for this year abbuc compo, so no dev on they are many at the moment. That game sure has potential. While coding I've realized cpu is not the limit, there's nothing about gameplay that needs precise timing and all possible gameplay elements you could imagine in such a quasi realtime strategy game are doable on simple A8. So anything from simple tower defense, turn based rpg or even realtime strategy game like Dune could be possible imho. It'll all depend on time I'll have. If I find time, I would make zombies move pixel by pixel, and workout bugs in resource earning, spending so it would be balanced struggle to make human colony larger. Gfx also needs improvement. I have nicer lakes, forest and mountains drawn, plenty of space in charset, just need to implement routines for drawing it. We'll see
  7. Those are some great suggestions. To be honest I've checked each and everyone of them and voted Atari really needs all of those. No wonder you've put them in the list as those are really missing from A8 library. Question is just how hard it is to make one of those, and based on that you'll probably see shooter first and flight sim later. I'll try to contribute at least in some parts next couple decades I hope. Let's see what we can make
  8. Ufff, for a second I freaked out as I thought deadline was end of this month I'm working on small arcade-puzzle game, should be done in time. Not much to share right now, solving puzzle part algorithm at the moment.
  9. Interrupts just run piece of code that can do many different things. Nothing is stopping you from changing any of color registers. You can change colpf0-3, colbk, pm 0-3 colors, player xpositions, character set chbase etc...
  10. Sad day today... I can only say thanks for everything he did for retro nerds all these years !
  11. Same here, as you say luckily that makes life at least little better. Getting at least couple hours free per day is all we can hope for, and this way we get it. As my brother is also nerd from 80s, I'm trying to convince him every day to get back into retro coding, but he's too smart for that
  12. Thanks @Gury Yeah, it's one of those things that all of us have to pass, parents get older and fragile. Will let you know when to chill the beer Cheers! Vladimir
  13. Real life intervened I'm sorry to say. Some things are much much much more important than coding a retro game. We've got to a point where lot of gfx is done, couple levels layout prepared, and now it's my turn to code efficient multi-directional scrolling routine. Because of some serious health issues in my family, I can't focus enough right now, so it will have to wait at least a month or two... Wonderboy will come ... Maybe not this autumn but it will be done one of these days. Cheers! Vladimir
  14. @ilmenitIt's in that quote of his about list of line spans. - You only need to sort once all walls in grid based on distance from "zero" grid cell. Finer position of player inside grid cell isn't important. - Once you have that you parse all walls from closest to farthest and calculate it's two edges screen projection. - Let's say first wall is projected from 40-70 x coordinate. - You calculate next wall projection and it's 20-60 x coordinates. Now you know it's behind first wall (because list of walls is sorted on distance). - So your resulting list of visible wall spans is now something like: (20-39),(40-70) - For each edge of segment you have to take care of correct perspective height of course. Only complexity there is finding new screenY coord where two wall spans overlap, but it's again simple proportion formula. - Once you parse all walls in your precalculated list of walls you have sorted left to right all wall spans to draw with their x,y screen coords. - You can clip them also based on current camera angle (taking only x coords in -45,+45 degree angle cone). - That precalculated list of walls can be limited to contain walls up to certain distance, so it can be tweaked easily to make it run fast and still look good. Sorry if this sounds too complex, it's rather elegant once you draw it on paper ps. I've just found old drawing I did when experimenting with gfx like this, shows walls of grid in different color and thickness based on distance from camera Main trick here is that no matter where camera moves inside that central grid cell, order of walls doesn't change.
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