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  1. If you want to have lot's of moving objects then you need sprites. If it's mostly in-place animations, then imho better simple bitmap. Drawing different frames on static places (probably even character resolution aligned) is much easier than soft sprites.
  2. Always wanted to ask you how do you produce those videos of yours with those changed pokey sounds ? I only see youtube videos, think I've never seen code (xex file) ? Do you edit rmt songs somehow or change something inside altirra debugger or what ? And guess if we have custom built pc tools ? Edit gfx using photoshop or whatever, one click and you see results running in emu... Music, levels, sprites... You'll see
  3. Sounds like an awesome little SCADA system you have there It looks like you wouldn't need lot of speed on this one (lot's of objects moving around). In that case better go with simple bitmap if 4 colors are enough. Or go for 4+1 color text mode and build screen with that simulate bitmap method (one charset for 3 charlines for example. 8 charsets total for 40 wide screen). You get that nice 5th color bit 7 switch that you can use to highlight pieces of your interface (leds, switches etc...). Please let me know if you ever build that hw and need help with sw ! I work a lot with PLC's and all kinds of industrial and home automation. I did plan to use c64 for that purpose though
  4. Calm down, breathe, it's not so serious Tldr of Emkay's post is that: - Miker doesn't know how to make a good tune. Imho 99% of atari users think he knows his stuff, 1% that he doesn't. My guess is that the difference is in music preferences of that 1%. Recommendation - go here and download New wonderboy music and decide for yourself if it's melodic or not. - José lives in his own world. Yeah, world in which he did gfx for bunch of games and invented a brand new gfx mode with best soft sprites ever. - Wonderboy is a hoax on all 8bits - so what ? We're making a8 wonderboy based on arcade game exactly because of that. - "Engine that cost more CPU than any game could benefit from" - I would say engine that hasn't been used in any game so far. Doesn't this look usable in a game ? Imho mode 5 + multiplexed pms would produce something like uglier and maybe faster (larger screen) version of crownland. Good enough for some games probably.
  5. That would be what coders usually call "bitmap emulation" method. You arrange characters from single charset in some grid like arrangement like this: 01234567 89ABCDEF .... .. or: 048C.... 159D... 26AE.. 37BF. That's not bad at all if you're making something with vector graphics like Elite or mercenary. But drawing 3x3 chars sprite that takes 4x4 chars counting in the shifted positions to get fine movement takes 16 unique characters. Out of only 128 that atari has... Trick with interleaved charsets with that "one charset per charline" order is that you get to use exactly the same char codes for certain soft sprite anywhere on screen. So let's say your charset has maximum 4 chars. That gives you 1 sprite with 4 occupied characters in each out of 4 charsets. Let them be char codes 4,5,6,7. You still have 4 characters free (0,1,2,3) to make background. Let's say you want to draw some bullet like object or fruit to collect. You reserve chars 0,1,2,3 for that object. Anywhere on screen you just bang those 4 chars and you're done. When you want to draw sprite for example you just take chars 4,5,6,7 and write them in 4 consecutive rows like this: 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000004567000000000 000000000004567000000000 000000000004567000000000 000000000004567000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000 Basically best advantage of this layout is that you use less precious character codes per single charset. Erasing is easy, just write empty char code over area you wanna clear. Drawing sprites or objects on new position is easy. Drawing background is easy.
  6. Man, that is awesome !!! I don't see any problem with it Wish you luck in handling expanding formation !
  7. Don't know about not working.. Me only have 800xl pal over here + crt. Works perfect. And test in newest atari800 (windows sdl port) in ntsc mode shows this: Still looking cool to me Chosen colors are nto perfect, it's just first combo of luma+chroma that looked kinda ok with that one screen. About the size, yeah main character does look big... But I can imagine that guy going left-right, up down, always hanging back in screen where he's coming from, so most of screen width and height is in front of him. Again, maybe not this game but some other with similar gfx. Best would be custom drawn for Atari, not a conversion. Cheers and good night !
  8. Yeah, it could be a problem if original game was designed with that screen space in mind. So what, game would only be little harder Glad you like it Watch this Msx screen, converted to pal-blending mode with lowest luma level == zero: Same screen with lowest luma == 2 (makes darkest colors little more visible. Best to test on real crt than it's obvious which one is best. Could even be an option in the game itself): Both examples as XEX files for you to test: sword_luma_0.xex sword_luma_2.xex Don't know if this game is the best to test this mode, but imho it shows lots of promise. ps. Warning, this mode takes a lot of free cycles during displayed scanlines (3 color registers changed each scanline), but imho game with slower pace without crazy ammount of soft sprites can be made for sure. Even PMs can be added on top for more colors (for main player etc).
  9. Ok, still not perfect (there are more than 4 colors in those images and I didn't count pixels for exact size, but this is what is like atari 100% easy gfx to make (160x114 in 4 colors in bitmap double scanline mode): Both examples done using g2f so here is xex to see in emu or even better real atari sword01.xex sword09.xex Gonna try something with msx version next. As I look at videos and screenshots, I like that game more and more
  10. Ok. So you're talking about having that Player or missiles "background" Going left and right over border so it appears like bacground layers is full screen width. And moving Playfield gfx using hscroll to get that moving also some pixels left-right.. Yeah, doesn't sound like complication at all I get the idea, but think I would go for something like gtia mode with 9 colors everytime. It's so simple compared to everything else out there. But it's just me...
  11. Thanks for an honest assessment of something you haven't even seen 1% of work already done
  12. Scratch that Found perfect msx images. Request for cpc version good png still stands.
  13. Agreed on that topic 1000% and more Can you find good image of cpc and msx version ? All I found is scaled up with lot's of artifacts added... Wanna show you something, but need good source png or bmp in 320x200 or similar. So you've met Emkay I see ... He's known to be criptic sometimes and critical most of times, but he does make a good point from time to time. And me to, have no idea what he's thinking with 32 byte covering whole screen.... Maybe if you cover edges of screen with black tape
  14. I like that idea. And pixels can be 2x1 ratio or 2x2. Good example of backgrounds done in this 2x2 mode is Bruce lee (ignore sprites, they are Players and missiles in 1 scanline resolution). You wouldn't have to go for 48 wide mode imho although it would be cool to see. Problem is that on most CRT screens you only see maybe couple characters on the sides of normal 40 column screen. And when you switch on 48 char wide mode, DMA memory stealing cycles go higher than you want to. Vertically you can safely go to something like 27-28 chars. That gives you window of let's say 160x112. Best reason to go for mode like this is - it would really look like an atari game If you go with 256x192 hires black and white with some colors, people will see from 100Km that "it is another spectrum conversion" Not that it is a bad thing, only that it's been done before. It wouldn't be easy to make that window scroll around or to choose between bitmap mode or char based mode (you get 5th color in char mode). But booooooy, would it be fun !
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