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  1. Sad day today... I can only say thanks for everything he did for retro nerds all these years !
  2. Same here, as you say luckily that makes life at least little better. Getting at least couple hours free per day is all we can hope for, and this way we get it. As my brother is also nerd from 80s, I'm trying to convince him every day to get back into retro coding, but he's too smart for that
  3. Thanks @Gury Yeah, it's one of those things that all of us have to pass, parents get older and fragile. Will let you know when to chill the beer Cheers! Vladimir
  4. Real life intervened I'm sorry to say. Some things are much much much more important than coding a retro game. We've got to a point where lot of gfx is done, couple levels layout prepared, and now it's my turn to code efficient multi-directional scrolling routine. Because of some serious health issues in my family, I can't focus enough right now, so it will have to wait at least a month or two... Wonderboy will come ... Maybe not this autumn but it will be done one of these days. Cheers! Vladimir
  5. @ilmenitIt's in that quote of his about list of line spans. - You only need to sort once all walls in grid based on distance from "zero" grid cell. Finer position of player inside grid cell isn't important. - Once you have that you parse all walls from closest to farthest and calculate it's two edges screen projection. - Let's say first wall is projected from 40-70 x coordinate. - You calculate next wall projection and it's 20-60 x coordinates. Now you know it's behind first wall (because list of walls is sorted on distance). - So your resulting list of visible wall spans is now something like: (20-39),(40-70) - For each edge of segment you have to take care of correct perspective height of course. Only complexity there is finding new screenY coord where two wall spans overlap, but it's again simple proportion formula. - Once you parse all walls in your precalculated list of walls you have sorted left to right all wall spans to draw with their x,y screen coords. - You can clip them also based on current camera angle (taking only x coords in -45,+45 degree angle cone). - That precalculated list of walls can be limited to contain walls up to certain distance, so it can be tweaked easily to make it run fast and still look good. Sorry if this sounds too complex, it's rather elegant once you draw it on paper ps. I've just found old drawing I did when experimenting with gfx like this, shows walls of grid in different color and thickness based on distance from camera Main trick here is that no matter where camera moves inside that central grid cell, order of walls doesn't change.
  6. Makes sense in 2021. Best example I can think of is 8bit workshop: https://8bitworkshop.com/ I was skeptic at first, but now I like it. Edit, compile, run anywhere, sync with github, work with local files too...
  7. That is a good question. So far I've used python scripts to process png files with sprite frames, maps etc. Sometimes even have information encoded in images like direction, height map etc... Did plan to use scripts to read output from "Tiled" editor. Think it can output xml, json or similar with all tilemap data with objects that are freely placed around with custom tags. I know some people here already used it for some cool games years ago. Think it was Xuel & Jose combo, shooter game that was on Abbuc... Other people used php, js, c++ etc... Possibility are endless
  8. @tebe thanks for great example ! It sure is simpler than messing with char mode dli's. Imho if you don't care about sound that much, have a scrolling screen and you mostly have some distance between sprites, irq is an option. ps. Me still like soft sprites more
  9. Didn't even think about using timer irqs. Imho it's good for playing sound samples or some ultra special case in intros and demo like effects that have stable patterns. In bitmap mode where you can set DLI flag in any scanline it's "easy" to move splits vertically, even if you use vscroll. Only problem that was mentioned in this forum a thousand times is that you loose 5th color and fast char-effects become harder. It's like a long lasting game, trying to figure out the best way to do stuff on atari I hate it and love it at the same time
  10. Ah, yeah, famous Atari dli's once per mode line I do miss c64 style irqs on any raster line... One more advantage of bitmap mode on A8, irq can be in any scanline. Still, good enough for horizontal shooter
  11. Nice example. What do you mean by no back. vertical scroll ?
  12. That cfg file you shared looks similar to ours... Looking at it, I can see where part of the problem was. My own bias towards pure asm born out of 35 years of coding in it 90% of coding I do at workplace is python or plc logic... None of our a8 tools resembles that. For someone like me .byte, bunch of lda, sta, zp etc looks like perfectly clear code... Someone else looks at cc65 cfg file and it makes sense, has words, brackets, everything you would need. But for me that looks alien for some reason Yaron will have what to say about that, he knows more about that kind of stuff than me. I'm the guy who needs to write pure asm self modifying code to squeeze every possible cpu cycle...
  13. Yes we used linker configs, segments, all that jazz... Working with cartridge woul dbe impossible without it. We got to point where We needed all available bytes in middle of ram (bellow antic regs and cart bank window, and above compiled code). We got some glitches, compiler+linker wouldn't complain that segments were overlapping, but code crashed because of some overwrites (altirra helped with detecting that immensely). After a while we realized that even the way cc65 handles calling functions, variables, stack etc is not totally optimal. It could be that if project was only 10% smaller it would fit without problem, guess we hit that redline. I would say probability of arcade game with such complexity fitting in 8bit is greater with asm than in cc65. I can't be a judge and tell you exactly on how many screens, sprites, fps etc it happens but it's there ps. If you know a good way to figure out where things are in cc65 compiled binary I would be glad to hear
  14. I would just add - better memory control. To be honest I was against even trying to do a game like wb in c on 8bit, but Yaron persuaded me that we should at least try A year later I appreciate cc65 much more, it's really gotten better over the years. I would recommend it to anyone coding a smaller utility, turn based, rpg game or similar with smaller memory footprint (or something that can get away with loading stuff from disk etc). Once we got to level size of 1024x50 chars, diagonal scrolling, interleaved charsets and soft sprites, need to know where every byte in memory was got most important. We were getting crashes from overwrites and couldn't figure out exactly how cc65 was allocating memory. In the end switch from cc65 to asm isn't so bad as one might think. In the end it's the same code just written differently Hang in there, it'll come this year Cheers! Vladimir
  15. Message from Jose who isn't currently close to pc where he could send messages himself: @Mario130XE: Wow! that looks really great. Is it G2F or Rasta Converter? Just want to ask is is possible that for skins you 'invert' so that girl has browns while boy has red/pink? This is because of Arcade that we follow on A8 for the sprites. The flower I don't mind, though don't know what others of our Team Hoaxers think, but just asking is if it's possible it'll be using similar violet/pink colours? @Yaron Nir: What about this? If he could invert boy & girl colours? The flower, if these colours are ok for you then they can also be replaced on the Bonus screen. If we use it then I can add Mario onto the Credits screens. We'll talk there later and what others think..." ....... "That's the picture from the Master System version. I knew it from somewhere. Strange or maybe not that boy's skin while in game is pink like on original and all versions (all less the Spectrum ). Seems to be because of axe and flowers contours be brown? You can still keep it. @Mario130XE: Little notes if you can, using first the original (never used Photosop or Gimp but, probably, is simple and automatic): -> 'Paint' the girl skin with same light brown while boy with her pink; -> Move up WONDERBOY logo and the keypress text that between flower and text doesn't have a so large gap. I would propose a gap same high as the one that's between logo and text. This way it'll be more centered on screen;
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