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  1. Here is information from Altirra manual: So it depends on where on screen that write to wsync happens. Depending on display mode of that scanline and hscroll, different things can happen. If you're in upper border and there's nothing wonky going on, then sure you can have stable code with single wsync write
  2. Awesome work R0ger ! Great idea with pm and 5th color added lumas ! @VladR Here is cpu dma info for you: Antic_Timings.txt Kernels can be made 100% stable and predictable. Yes it takes couple of scanlines to stabilize wsync, but after that with known PM positions and hscrol values you can be sure in each cycle execution.
  3. Think I might know a thing or two about that Send me pm. Cheers! Vladimir
  4. popmilo


  5. Guys you are doing a great job on this topic ! Thanks for all this info ! Noob question 2 - what would you recommend for compression of sound samples ?
  6. Nice Yaron ! This will make life easier for many.
  7. Fixed doubled pixel columns. Fixed extra commas in exported c file. Added "#define" related stuff at begining and end of file. convert_sprites.zip
  8. Ok. Guess I need to do this to get that knight title It's a python script bundled as exe... Don't ask me why it's 28Mb Run exe with "--help" to get description. Parameters are filename of image to convert, bunch of integer values as number of sprites in x,y dir on spritesheet, sizes etc. Also included bitpair convert feature. Input bitpair order as string "2031" and it will convert shades of gray from 0123 to 2031 as atari bitpairs. In archive you'll find png image of Double dragon frames and convert.bat script for testing. Guess I'll leave Yaron to write a nicer description convert_sprites.zip
  9. Nice explanation Yaron ! Please carry on developing this tech. I like that you're trying to do it in pure cc65.
  10. Wrathchild is behind one of the best attempts to port this to Atari imho. Think problem turned out to be "simple" stuff like keyboard reading etc.Will ask him for details and why it isn't done yet
  11. Ehmmm... Which one is "mode 16" ? If you meant mode 15 (4 color bitmap), it uses COLBK and PF0,PF1,PF2 color registers. Mode 0 uses PF1 and PF2. (Note - PF2 provides color, and only luminance of PF1 is used for bits '1'. Bits '0' have color and luminance of PF2. Crazy I know ) So.... Even if you can live with PF1 in top having same luma as PF1 in bottom part (it can have different hue) you would still need to change PF2 at exact time when raster hits that division line. Imho - if you can - Use same color for PF2, make good combo for PF1 and choose freely COLBK and PF0. Only thing left then is to put those mode codes into display list. If you want dli (or loop till vcount reaches certain value), it can be done in CC65 like Irgendwer said. Don't know about basic....
  12. Thanks Not bad at all... Wouldn't keep it on non-stop, but cool to compare to crt I have next to pc monitor.
  13. Ehhm... Those effects look interesting, but I can't seem to be able to find them Gfx card drivers are dx11 on win7 (card is dx12), I've turned on hardware acceleration in system configuration... Where can I find those bloom and other effects ?
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