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  1. Thanks for the backup on the condition of the game. I honestly haven't been pushing that hard to sell and there were a few financing/trade offers that were a bit complicated for the time so I sort of let this thread die as I tended to other things. Finally done with my move and working on picking up some new pins so figured it'd be time to see if anyone in the community would be interested before the bay. Won't refuse a reasonable offer to keep it 'in the family', so to speak.
  2. Resurrecting an old thread. Any other offers? May put this up on the bay to see what it goes for.
  3. Ha! Appreciate the bump. Fortunately this is a 'like to sell' not a 'must sell' thread, so if nobody is interested then back on the shelf it goes.
  4. Hello everyone, Well, it's time that I sell one of the crown jewels of my collection, a mint CommaVid Atari Video Life cart and manual. As many of you know, I acquired this at the CGE 2007 Auction inside a mystery box and it came from the collection of Joe Santulli. As you can see by the pictures, it's in unbelievable condition. I've pretty much babied it ever since I got it and I have it stored inside a UV protected acrylic case (which I'll include). The manual has been stored in a mylar bag with an acid free back to make sure it stays in amazing condition. So, why am I selling? I've never been a huge Atari collector as I've mostly focused on systems NES and above and would like to divert more funds into my arcade and pinball collection. I'd like to see this in the hands of another 2600 collector that will really appreciate what they have. Price: SOLD. I'm not really looking for trades, but here are a few things that are still on my list: Nintendo Spaceworld Pre-Release DS system Nintendo World Championships Cart (Gold or Grey) Undumped NES / SNES prototypes Other unreleased / pre-release hardware All important pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/arcade/AtariVideoLife PM me if you have any questions. I can do PayPal, MO, or possibly a payment plan. References available here, on eBay (SystemFreak), and NintendoAGE. If anything, hope that you enjoy the pics of a rare piece of 2600 history. Thanks for your interest everyone! -Steve
  5. It took me a few years to find a minty box and I definitely paid a premium for it. Given the economy, the price is going to vary heavily on eBay, but here are my guesses: Hu Only: $200 Hu + Manual: $250-$300 Boxed: $450+ Sealed: $700+ There are a surprising number of Turbo collectors out there (lots of good Shmups as someone mentioned) and with only 94 HuCards, a lot of people are 'only a few' from completing the set. Given my own personal hunt and the folks I know who still need it, I'd say there's plenty of demand. Unlike a lot of really rare games, the game itself is a lot of fun and has significant differences from the PCE version. I'd disagree that TG16 has 'peaked', it's always been a bit niche, but as shooters are getting a lot of exposure from Virtual Console you'll see folks looking up old Turbo titles. Good luck with the sale if you choose to go that route!
  6. I think I have Sean's. It's the cart and manual. Picked it up at CGE this year in the mystery box. Actually, I may have been John's...
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