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  1. For sale is a second revision Jaguar Skunkboard purchased from this forum years ago and then promptly never used as collectors are known to do. Its in perfect working order and includes be Skunkboard PCB, USB cable, cartridge shell, and PCB from whatever common game I took the shell from (I honestly have no idea which it is but enjoy the surprise free game!). Also includes original box. Asking $200 shipped paid via PayPal from Tampa, FL.
  2. Hmm, both the NTSC and PAL 60 roms are still doing the screen roll for me. Regular PAL one still fine. Thanks again for your efforts.
  3. Got an email from Atari saying my order was fulfilled along with a tracking number! Was starting to get worried there
  4. That's interesting. The site now says the code isn't valid for FB2+. My order is still listed as pending. Curious to see if they'll honor it.
  5. FYI the promotional code ATARI50 still works for 50% off. Just ordered 2 FB2+ for $55 shipped. Price for one shipped is $35.
  6. Thanks for taking a look at this! All roms now worked for me in Stella without issue. On the Harmony, the NTSC and PAL 60 roms still roll but the other PAL one seems to play just fine on my NTSC set-up, albeit seemingly a fraction slower than the NTSC. Thanks again for messing with a game you probably haven't looked at in 4 years
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