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  1. Got mine today after about 2 years of constant promises and a lot of email requests. Ordered sometime in or before 2012 (first saved email is summer 2012 and that was after order placed) - so close to, or dead on, 10 years :(
  2. Yeah I am definitely in for at least a couple - maybe more. Probably 1 backlit but the others non (closer to original).
  3. Hope I am not too late to place a pre-order? I will take 3 screens please
  4. retroshaun


    Count me in for one also!
  5. Please add me for one card. Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, My first foray into Odyssey 2 / VP coding isn't going well! I am simply trying to assemble hello.a48 using AS 1.41r8. I think I have it set up correctly, following the readme docs, but all I get is assembling HELLO.A48 PASS 1←[K > > >HELLO.A48(38) : error : error in opening file←[K fatal error, assembly terminated Everything is set up in the system path and I am running AS from the project folder containing the .a48 file. What am I missing? There doesn't appear to be a good solid beginners guide floating around that I can see. Thanks! S
  7. I would take one for the 5200 if you get more in stock. Thanks!
  8. No fix, I just wasnt understanding how to point the editor at the correct files. My own silly mistake. File->Select Title Source Directory and point it to the titlescreen kernel folder you extracted.
  9. This isn't how you use dim. The item on the right of the equal sign should be a predefined bB variable, and the purpose of the command is to give that variable another name. (to make your code readable.) For the code you wrote here, I'd expect bB to set the label "ey" to memory location 10, which is a TIA hardware register... screwy results will naturally follow. Check out the dim section of the bB guide at Random Terrain's site for more info. [edit] also worth mentioning that there's no reason you can't directly manipulated player0y; "player0y=player0y+1" works just fine. Ahhh OK I got it - I was reading some stuff on DIM in another post and I guess what was written there was incorrect. That would explain it Yes I realized I could increment player0y directly but I need to track the value for another use. Thanks! EDIT: All is working just fine now, thanks!
  10. No I was at work (long story on the internet thing!). At home now so all is well. I think theres a fundamental thing I am simply not "getting" about DPC+. I am playing around now with this code, simply setting the default Y position in a var and assigning that to player0y with... "unexpected" results. I can cycle through 0, 10, 20 etc but when I hit, for example, 60... the sprite disappears completely. Most odd. How is the screen space addressed? I have screen res and init set up as follows, and I admit to not really understanding the bank code at present, which may well be the problem! set kernel DPC+ set smartbranching on set optimization inlinerand set kernel_options collision(playfield,player1) set tv ntsc goto StartInBank2 bank2 bank 2 temp1 = temp1 StartInBank2 DF0FRACINC = 32 DF1FRACINC = 32 DF2FRACINC = 32 DF3FRACINC = 32 DF4FRACINC = 64 And the main sprite update code is: dim ey = 10 player0x = 30 main gosub moveSprites player0y = ey drawscreen goto main moveSprites ey = ey + 1 return Like I said - its **very** basic at this point as I am only experimenting. But as its set, this doesnt display the sprite. If I initially set player0x to, for example, 200... it works as expected.
  11. OK... another probably stupid question. I have a playfield set up in DPC+ with the screen res set with DF(0-3)FRACINC. All looks good. I have now added 3 sprites (player 0-2) and all I am doing is displaying them in a line across the screen and then I have a subroutine to increment their Y position so they effectively move down the screen, top to bottom. The weird part is, if I start them anywhere on the visible screen, they don't move at all!! However if I start them off screen (for example at Y=200) then they move just as expected, starting right at the screen top and moving off the bottom then cycling to the top again. What the hell?
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