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  1. Thanks for all the friendly comments regarding our new ColecoVision video game Gamester81:The Video Game. Several of the questions asked within the forum have already been answered correctly, but I'll just reiterate so there is no confusion. All information about the game is presented in one place, our Indiegogo.com crowd funding website page located here: Gamester81: The Video Game The silver cased cartridges will include your name in text on the title screen of the game. They do not include a box or game instruction manual. The decision to not include a box was based on production cost and conflict with the other boxed products: the boxed game for $60, and the Gold edition for $500. We chose to not include a funding tier for a game ROM for largly the same reason. Gamester81 is a tangible collectible, something you can hold in your hand. A ROM file doesn't convey the nature of the project and would also diminish sales of the game cartridges or other items. We have included delivery of the ROM file for free to all purchasers of one the video games if we reach our stretch goal of $20,000. Details on this stretch goal, and others are on the indiegogo website link provided above. Joe Cody Atari2600.com
  2. I am seeking the assistance of an experienced ColecoVision programmer for a coding hack project. The general project outline is to utilize decompiled source code from a ColecoVision platformer (Smurfs, Cabbage Patch etc) to produce an audio/graphics hack. The original game code would be retained as much as possible. Graphics revisions would include the player graphic, som play field objects and some backgrounds. We'd like to consider adding a bitmapped title screen. Audio modifications are a secondary concern, however, use of a few voice samples would be ideal, if feasible. This is a paid position. Please PM if interested in receiving additional project details/schedule etc. JC Atari2600.com
  3. The following list of Atari 2600 game cartridges are urgently needed to replace sold down or sold out inventory. Our current needs run from the most common (Pac Man, Missile Command, ET) up to mid-rarity titles. This is a great time to unload some of those duplicates you've acquired and turn them into quick cash. Please contact us by PM, or e-mail prior to sending your cartridges. Terms: Seller pays shipping. Payment upon receipt. Game cartridges must be clean and in working condition. The following Buy Price list is also provided in .pdf format as an attachment. JC Atari2600.com 1996-2013 Our Second Decade of Service Buy Price Atari 2600 Game Cartridge Name $1.50 Adventure $4.00 Alien $11.00 Artillery Duel $0.75 Atlantis $4.00 Bank Heist $1.50 Basic Math $1.50 Battlezone $10.00 Beamrider $20.00 Cannon Man $2.00 Centipede $1.00 Chopper Command $17.00 Chuck Norris Superkicks $8.00 Cosmic Commuter $15.00 Cosmic Corridor $12.00 Cosmic Swarm $5.00 Crash Dive $1.50 Crystal Castles $2.00 Dark Chambers $21.00 Death Trap $1.00 Defender $4.00 Defender II $19.00 Demolition Herby $1.00 Demon Attack $2.00 Dig Dug $11.00 Dishaster $1.50 Donkey Kong $2.00 Donkey Kong Jr $10.00 Double Dragon $3.00 Double Dunk $9.00 Earth Dies Screaming $0.75 ET The Extra Terrestrial $2.00 Fast Food $4.50 Fathom $1.50 Fishing Derby $2.00 Flash Gordon $12.00 Frankenstein’s Monster $2.50 Frogger $13.00 Frogger II: Threeedeep! $4.00 Frostbite $1.50 Galaxian $13.00 Ghost Manor $4.00 Ghostbusters $1.50 Gorf $2.00 Gravitar $14.00 Gremlins $3.50 Gyruss $1.00 Haunted House $12.00 HERO $12.00 I Want My Mommy $11.00 James Bond 007 $11.00 Jawbreaker $2.00 Joust $3.50 Jr Pac Man $1.50 Jungle Hunt $2.00 Kaboom! $1.50 Keystone Kapers $10.00 King Kong $2.00 Krull $5.00 Kung Fu Master $6.00 Laser Gates $17.00 Marauder $6.00 Marine Wars $4.50 Mario Bros. $4.00 Masters of the Universe: Power of He-Man $2.00 Millipede $16.00 Mines of Minos $0.50 Missile Command $17.00 Montezuma’s Revenge $1.50 Moon Patrol $22.00 Motocross Racer $3.00 Mountain King $1.50 Mouse Trap $6.00 Mr. Do! $2.00 Ms Pac Man $0.75 Pac Man $11.00 Pengo $6.00 Pete Rose Baseball $1.00 Phoenix $9.00 Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns $2.50 Pitfall! $3.00 Plaque Attack $16.00 Polaris $1.50 Pole Position $3.00 Pong Sports $4.50 Pressure Cooker $4.50 Private Eye $1.50 Q*Bert $6.00 Radar Lock $16.00 Ram It $1.00 RealSports Boxing $2.00 River Raid $13.00 River Raid II $11.00 Road Runner $26.00 Robin Hood $12.00 Room of Doom $1.00 Seaquest $3.50 Secret Quest $12.00 Sentinel $5.00 Shootin’ Gallery $23.00 Shuttle Orbiter $21.00 Sir Lancelot $5.00 Smurf Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle $7.00 Snoopy and The Red Barron $1.50 Solar Fox $1.00 Solaris $0.75 Space Invaders $1.00 Spider Fighter $2.00 Spiderman $2.00 Sprintmaster $16.00 Spy Hunter $4.00 Star Wars: Death Star Battle $1.50 Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back $15.00 Star Wars: The Arcade Game $16.00 Stargunner $3.00 Steeplechase $5.00 Strategy X $20.00 Subterranea $0.75 Super Breakout $1.50 Super Football $0.50 Swordquest EarthWorld $0.50 Swordquest FireWorld $13.00 Tanks But No Tanks $11.00 Tapper $21.00 Tomarc the Barbarian $14.00 Track & Field $1.50 Tron Deadly Discs $5.50 Tunnel Runner $19.00 Up ’n Down $1.00 Venture $18.00 Wall Ball $0.75 Warlords $15.00 Xenophobe $0.75 Yars Revenge $2.50 Zaxxon Atari2600_Cart_BuyList2013.pdf
  4. Thank you for checking our Buy List of Atari 2600 game cartridges. This list of wanted games contains many common to semi-common titles and a few rarer ones too. We are seeking multiple copies of these games with quantities up to 20 each or more acceptible. Condition is important so the games must be relatively clean and in working condition with attached labels. Basically the cartridges must be in saleable condition without the types of defects that would make the game a discount item. Please write for payment/shipping info if you have games to sell. Shipping expense is the responsibility of the seller. Special: Add 50% to the following game prices if payment in Atari2600.com store credit is acceptible. For example, Adventure $1.50 cash/ $2.25 Atari2600.com store credit. Games with '*' net price only, no 50% premium for store credit. Atari2600.com Wanted to Buy price list for Nov 6, 2012 $1.50 Adventure $1.00 Boxing $4.00 Burgertime $2.00 Centipede $1.00 Chopper Command $1.50 Crystal Castles $2.00 Dig Dug $1.50 Donkey Kong $1.50 Donkey Kong Jr $1.00 Dragster $1.00 Fishing Derby $1.00 Freeway $3.00 Frostbite $1.50 Galaxian $1.00 Grand Prix $2.00 Gravitar $12.00 HERO* $2.00 Joust $2.50 Jr Pac Man $1.00 Jungle Hunt $1.00 Keystone Kapers $1.50 Krull $0.50 Laser Blast $4.50 Mario Bros. $3.00 Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man $2.00 Millipede $0.50 Missile Command $1.00 Moon Patrol $1.50 Mouse Trap $0.50 Pac Man $1.00 Phoenix $9.00 Pitfall II: The Lost Caverns* $2.50 Pitfall! $1.50 Pole Position $1.50 Pong Sports $4.00 Pressure Cooker $1.50 Q*Bert $2.00 River Raid $5.00 Shootin’ Gallery $5.00 Smurf Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle $7.00 Snoopy and The Red Barron* $1.50 Solar Fox $0.50 Space Invaders $1.00 Spider Fighter $2.00 Spiderman $1.50 Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back $0.50 Super Breakout $0.50 Surround $0.50 Swordquest EarthWorld $0.50 Swordquest FireWorld $1.00 Venture $2.50 Zaxxon end of list JC Atari2600.com
  5. Three PAL exclusive Suntek Atari 2600 games are now available in NTSC format cartridges from Atari2600.com Firebug Farmyard Fun UFO Patrol All three games are PAL exclusives, meaning the games were never released into the North American market in NTSC format under these or other names. CPUWIZ produced 20ea high quality cartridges with stylistically correct labels from three recently rediscovered NTSC cartridges provided by Atari2600.com. Now available from the Atari2600.com online store for $19.95ea plus shipping. Additional info and ordering HERE. Atari2600.com
  6. Could your system's modification be the cause of the problem? I know the A/V mod disables the use of the ColecoVision's expansion port. The only common feature with both Driving Controller and Roller Controller is the optical encoders used to signal controller movement. Theoretical at this point but perhaps the mod causes the ColecoVision to not fully recognize the L/R directional signals sent from the controllers. Please return both controllers under warranty. I'll send you return instructions offline to your personal e-mail account. JC Atari2600.com
  7. Good discussion, however, both controllers were fully operational 1 week ago. It would seem exceptionally unlikely both would fail during shipping. The problem most likely lies with your ColecoVision game system. From your description both controllers are non-operational in the left-right directional control. The Driving Controller will not turn left and right and the Roller Controller will not operate in the left-right direction. The similar nature of the failure points again to the system not to the controllers. Curious if the same left-right problem exists with Slither in 2-player mode. Testing would help troubleshoot whether there is a problem with your #1 joystick port.
  8. David, Sorry to hear about the controllers issues. Both were cleaned, tested and serviced onour test unit prior to shipment so I would highly doubt either controller is defective. It could be an installation issue, the use of the perma-power, or a defective ColecoVision system. Roller Controller: Have you inserted the Roller Controller plugs into the correct joystick ports #1, and #2? The plugs are numbered. Are you testing the controller with the Slither cartridge we provided in the Roller switch position? Driving Controller: Is the Driving Controller plugged into controller port #2? The Perma-Power may not have adequate mA output for the Driving Controller. Test with batteries instead. Are you testing the controller with the Turbo cartridge we provided? JC Atari2600.com
  9. The Atari2600.com priced buying list of selected Atari 2600, 5200, and 7800 game cartridges has been recently updated. This list provides our current cash buying price for approximately 150 video games. The previous buying price list was over two years old. There's been a lot of changes in market values since 2010 and these are reflected in the new update. Here are a few examples that jump out. game title, 2010 buy price, change +/-, 2012 buy price Atari 2600 BMX Airmaster(Atari) $120 + $140 Crazy Climber $49 + $54 Espial $42 + $55 Halloween $120 - $100 Obelix(NTSC) $54 - $45 Rescue Terra I $90 - $80 River Patrol $380 + $410 Stronghold $88 + $120 X-Man(NTSC) $170 - $130 Atari 5200 Beamrider $10 + $14 Bounty Bob Strikes Back $240 + $320 Meteorites $60 - $48 Montezuma's Revenge $19 + $21 Atari 7800 Commando $11 + $22 Impossible Mission $9 - $6 Mario Bros $5 + $12 Midnight Mutants $12 + $18 Pete Rose Baseball $13 - $6 The complete buy price list of Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800 game cartridges can be viewed on the Atari2600.com website here: www.atari2600.com/wanted JC Atari2600.com L.L.C.
  10. I picked up this labeless Vectrex cartridge as part of a larger vectrex collection. The seller represented the cartridge as an authentic Vectrex Dark Tower prototype. I've mostly convinced myself that it is a reproduction but could use a second (or more) opinion. The PCB is a Rev B production board. The EPROM is a 28-pin which might be date coded 8717, too late for a Vectrex prototype. Vectrex EPROM/ROMS are 24-pin. Two small holes have been hand drilled through the PCB to allow two EPROM pins to pass through the PCB (see picture showing back of PCB). The EPROM is soldered not socketed to the PCB. Available online info indicates only one authentic Dark Tower proto has been discovered to date. The picture I've seen of that prototype looks nothing like this cartridge. So what do we have here?
  11. Fabrication House. As in a place that has big ass machines that produce PCB's. This PCB was made in a factory not a garage. There is no doubt about it. EDIT: Here is your hint to help you find out where these board was made. See the circle? Well there are 2 other letters that go next to it which are missing do to the cut line of the PCB. Back when it was still a sheet of pcbs you would have been able to read the 3 letters clearly as the letters are in the sheet before it gets etched and milled. Here is a pict showing the complete letter in the area you circled. This letter is repeated and often often incomplete. I did not find two additional letters on these PCBs. I'd guess it's a sylized capital letter J? So what's the board house that made these? JC Atari2600.com
  12. I recenlty acquired a collection of Atari 2600 games on Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). I could use some help identifying what these are, and or where they possibly came from. There is a story attached. I purchased them from the orignal owner. He told me a relative of his had access to Atari 2600 games before they were released. These are the actual games he received in advance of the game's official release. The collection includes games from several companies including Activision, Apollo, Atari, Coleco, Imagic, Parker Bros., Spectravision and Telesys. All games are released titles. Here are two pictures showing the front and back of the River Raid PCB with two socket EPROM chips. There is no identifying information on the PCB. Here are some thoughts. The owner I purchased them from was legitimate and very unlikely to fabricate a story. The 16K games, like River Raid, are coded onto two 8K EPROMS not a single 16K chip. Whoever made these must have access to the development environment as a dumped producton River Raid cartridge would produce a single 16K binary file which would then require a single 16K EPROM chip. The components appear to have been hand soldered to the PCB. I've not dumped the games and no way to do so. All games seem to be final versions through my limited game play/testing. JC Atari2600.com
  13. >So far there are 22 on the list: Crikes! Now that is interesting. I guess I'll rephrase that I need the two Atari Corp carts to complete my major label variation Space Invaders collection. Or perhaps I'll go for all 22... JC
  14. Looking to complete a collection of all NTSC released Space Invaders cartridge label variations. I need two Atari Corp label variations to complete the set. Paying $5.00 for Atari 2600 Space Invaders cartridge with grey 1986 Atari Corporation label and blue text end label. Paying $5.00 for Atari 2600 Space Invaders cartridge with grey 1988 Atari Corporation label and red text end label. I believe the total quantity of Space Invaders cartridge label variations is eleven. Sears (3) text, text, illustrated Atari Inc. (3) text, illustrated, silver Atari Corp (5) 1986 blue end label, 1986 red end label, 1987, 1988, 1988 all red JC Atari2600.com
  15. Latitude N 33.29 Longitude W 111.86 JC Atari2600.com
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