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  1. Can't believe I never posted in here! Quick payment, great transaction. Stand-up guy (or girl)!
  2. Oh, no. A surprise guest arrived. It was a tyrannosaurus with scary... teeth. Eyes. Teeth. It was a tyrannosaurus with scary teeth.
  3. Dragonfire is awesome, good pick. I second Atlantis, Montezuma's Revenge, Phoenix, Wizard of Wor, and Demon Attack. If you pick up any homebrews, I highly HIGHLY recommend Medieval Mayhem. It's really pretty fantastic. Fall Down is awesome as well, though you should really have people to play with for both games. Medieval Mayhem is 4 player with paddles, Fall Down is 2 player. You can play them both by yourself and have plenty of fun, though. - Tom
  4. I did no such thing! How dare you accuse me!
  5. Yeah I just found out the 18 dollar one doesn't work at all. After I bid on it. Thanks, dude. Ah well, hopefully I get outbid.
  6. Just curious. Also, is it worth paying 18 dollars for a supercharger that apparently has a mod to play bin files that doesn't work? (The mod, not the supercharger, I think.) That's it! - Tom
  7. Another great transaction. Great guy. Thanks! - Tom
  8. I like the tac-2, myself. As for where I get my joysticks, mostly from people on this site. Most folks here are pretty reliable.
  9. I dunno, 150 or something. I asked this question when I first signed on here, people have craploads. CRAPLOADS.
  10. I thought it was mildly amusing, actually.
  11. Also, I fixed the console! The contacts in the power switch were not working. I switched them out, and it is now fully functional! HOORAY! - Tom
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