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  2. I swear I made this work with control-R before, but I can't seem to reproduce it. I'll keep poking at it.
  3. If you haven't seen it before: https://6502bench.com/ Currently only includes a disassembler called SourceGen, but it would appear that other tools are on their way.
  4. I didn't think the full thing was done with the Atari, but some of the really simple stuff looks like Gr.9-11 pixels to me. Like the pixels going on behind the hands clapping at the very beginning, for example. Maybe it's wishful thinking or I'm imagining things.
  5. Do the computer graphics in this video look sort of familiar?
  6. I seem to remember Trak's default double density sector skew was awful.
  7. I started playing again just for giggles, and seems like the general trick is to save early and often, and save your wand for when you're in deep trouble.
  8. His name shows up on some relatively recent patents for Fluke Networks. Not sure if it's the same guy or not, but if you're interested in tracking him down, that might not be a bad place to start. (BTW it's "Paul S. Swanson", at least according to the BBS documentation that was posted.)
  9. That's your right, but putting a display list at $1000, well...
  10. The memory map of the PLATO cartridge doesn't allow space for DOS to load.
  11. A lot seems to happen between 34618:55 and 34651:152...
  12. It checks out okay for me. But you need RAR 5.0 to extract the files from it.
  13. Is there a comprehensive PLATO protocol or terminal definition somewhere?
  14. From what's been disassembled so far: LB925: RString "Microbit 300 baud"
  15. I started disassembling here: https://github.com/jduerstock/tlp You're welcome to add/use/steal and/or tell me you hate ca65.
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