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  1. How do you all unpanelize/depanelize the PCB's for programmable game cards? Is there a way to do this safely (without SMD damage) without a specialized tool? I've separated mouse-bite arrays before using regular cutters, but that doesn't seem as promising for these V-groove arrays
  2. Received today (hat and case), assembled, and now put to work reading my small Lynx cart collection after which I intend to leave the original carts packed away and play from the RetroHQ flash cart. This is a great little device with quite usable software and the stylish case is a nice touch too I'm hoping whitelynx.fi will again sell the PCB's at some point to make dedicated patched/homebrew game carts too, for those situations where the RetroHQ flash cart is overkill but rewriting is needed occasionally
  3. For the specific case of SG-1000 on Game Gear a new adapter with palette set-up and BIOS-appeasement would be ideal. Until that's a real thing, there are a few patches I threw together over here which would require flashing a new copy and (in some cases for BIOS-ful Game Gear models) defanging/removing the Game Gear BIOS: http://www.smspower.org/forums/16912-SG1000SC3000MarkIIIJPSMSRArrExportSMSRArrGameGearConverter#102434— so far it only covers Zaxxon, Penguin Land, Bomb Jack, Q*Bert, Chack'n Pop, Wonder Boy & Championship LodeRunner, though the same ideas should work with other games provided a z80 machine code cheat sheet and minor changes
  4. This is far from perfect, but I have made a first attempt at a terminfo for ATASCII terminals. I built this from descriptions on Wikipedia, documentation for BobTerm, and using the Atari Terminal Simulator (ATS) running inside Wine. It has never been tested with a real Atari, so your mileage will likely vary. Please feel free to use it, comment on it, criticize it, and modify it — my hope is to eventually have a description good enough for inclusion in the master terminfo database. Here's the URL where I'll put any updates: http://xent.com/~bsittler/atascii.ti I've also attached an automatic termcap conversion, in case the system you're connecting to does not use terminfo. edit: i forgot to mention that this has also been tested using the ATASCII mode of SyncTERM, where it works somewhat atascii.ti.txt atascii.tc.txt
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