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  1. Yep, this is how I have been looking at the new VCS; I don't care about any "modern console" side of it, if it succeeds with new innovative games, fine, but when I buy one it will be used as a set-top box in the family room for playing their classic vault games and emulation, and family room internet surfing and streaming video. Of course I'll be waiting until either it's out for a year or two and the price drops a couple hundred dollars, or more likely, it's a complete failure and six months later I can get this new PC/smartbox for an incredible bargain-bin price and since it's a PC, doesn't need support from Atari. I wasn't interested in the new VCS in the slightest until they announced it would also be a PC with a sandbox mode, that changed everything for me. The same feature that all the nay-Sayers pooh-poohed and laughed at.
  2. I was begging for a 400 in '80/81, even a VIC-20 when they came out, finally got a T/S 1000 in '83 on clearance, after they were discontinued*, and bought my own 130XE with paper route money I saved up in 1985. Though these days I own an Incognito 800 and maxed-out 1200XL with PBI now, my 130XE long sold, and I would never go back due to the cheap build quality and mushy keyboard (compared to 800 and XL line), but if it weren't for the under $200.00 price point of it in 1985, I wouldn't have gotten an Atari. Even a reduced 800XL. I wanted a 128K computer since that was the new Apple IIe/c standard I used at school by '85, and wouldn't have settled for less. So I would have saved up for a Commodore 128 or an Apple IIc. That was the plan until I read an article about the "new" Atari and Jack Tramiel taking over, and their new 128K 6502 machine (the same as the Apple Ie/c and Microsoft BASIC available as well). I could afford it right away! And so I thank God that Jack released a cheap, 128K version of the Atari 8-bit line, otherwise I would have settled for less in the more expensive machines, IMHO now, and never known, probably, just how great Atari 8-bits are and I've always felt I made a wise choice, I think it;'s the best 8-bit ever. Even if it didn't take over the market like I thought it was going to do, with Jack destroying his old computer and company in sweet revenge...that part I didn't get right... *It was my birthday and my parents gave me $100. We went out shopping for me, and I came across the T/S 1000, the 16k ram pack, and about a half dozen programs for less than I had on me, in a clearance bin. Already having dreamed of my own computer for years, in '83 even a Timex/Sinclair 1000 was a dream come true, since my parents refused to buy me a computer. I had never heard of it before, but there it was, a genuine computer in my current price-range! I couldn't pass it up and I loved that computer more than it deserved, until the 130XE came into my life.
  3. I am playing The Rescue Expedition on my ntsc Incognito 800, though you have to force the cartridge in for it to work so I'm using @Dropcheck 's 1200 XL cartridge extender which I put in an early Atari cartridge case luckily I bypass the door power switch.
  4. I wanted to thank everyone for the files again, I finally have had time to set all my Incognito settings the way I want, though I did notice that while stereo pokey is detected by Incognito, Covox doesn't register with Incognito even though it's supposed to be a default plug-in too. But I just use APE & SIO2PC to try out the Digital XL demo. set at the appropriate address and my Covox is indeed working on my Pokey Max Quad+Covox! Anybody have some Pokey Quad players or demos? I still need to test it out.
  5. Well, originally I payed full retail price for a 130XE in 1985, so compared to those who got Atari 800's and XL's it was still cheap, after Tramiel took over and decided to compete against his own C64 in the low-end market and give up trying to compete with Apple in education and business. And most peripherals were a bit cheaper by then, especially if you went with XL line that was discounted (and no XF551 to buy yet anyway). But by 2000, just before I joined here, I was still using my 130XE, I only had a few years in the late 90's when it was in storage otherwise I've been an avid user and enthusiast since 85'. I got a 1200XL for $25 sometime in the early 2000's (I bought a second for $50 a few years later) and once I upgraded it with Rambo, and fell in love with the keyboard and styling (and controller and cartridge placement), I sold of the 130XE and said good-riddance to it's mushy keyboard (even after upgrading it with Best's ST Megatouch(?) spring upgrade). around 2005 I got my first 800, which I had for a year or two, but ended up selling it because I rarely used it as 48K just held me back from using it more. Then, soon after, Incognito shows up and I'd been longing to get an 800 back, but due to a chaotic life for a few years with multiple moves, I didn't even have the time or space to use my 1200XL for about 4 years. Then in 2015 I was able to set it all up again, started visiting this forum again and joined another where I met and became good on-line friends with Timothy Kline, and was talking to @Timothy Kline about the 800 a year or so later, and mentioned that I had been wanting one for a while, but now was waiting to see if I could get my hands on an Incognito first, otherwise I wouldn't bother. Well, he surprised me with a gift of an 800 and 810 that arrived in a large box I was told had some extra Atari books of his he was sending me (which he already had given me about a dozen)! Now I have an Incognito 800 with Pokeymax Quad+Covox, and other mods, and will soon have a Turbo Freezer 2011 (I have it now) installed internally, behind the Incognito and the extra XE adapter w/pass-thru PBI I got with it will be modified and used as a PBI port on the back of the 800, connected to the Turbo Freezer's pass-thru internally. So now I have fully upgraded 800 and 1200XL and a stock 1200XL (except for mods like S-video fix, etc.) all for cheap or free that I've fully restored and upgraded for far less than the cost of any of these machines, stock, for sale today.
  6. If you intend to have several upgrade boards in your Atari, I recommend something with more than 1 amp. That's why I prefer the Atari "universal" PSU's rated for 31VA (3.4A), as there's still plenty of amperage left for upgraded machines. One day soon I'll be adding more upgrades to my 1200XL, including a 3.5" internal floppy, and I'll be forced to lose the 1200XL's power circuitry and heat-sink. For example: https://www.amazon.com/ALITOVE-100V-240V-Converter-5-5x2-1mm-Security/dp/B078RXZM4C/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=5vdc+3a+power+supply&qid=1603715564&sr=8-6
  7. This past August I was looking for another brand of vintage computer to sit along side my 1200XL and 800 as a birthday gift to myself. At the top of my list was a C64, but I'd also like a Coco 2/3, BBC micro or TI-99/4A. After seeing current eBay pricing on vintage micros I ended up buying more upgrades and software for my Atari's instead as I could get much more for my money. I won't be owning any other vintage computers unless I can find them in the $50-100 range, which is unlikely these days, but I can be patient. In my case I can buy the "untested" or "for parts and repair" machines since I can fix them, but they at least need to have decent cases and keyboards. I don't even attempt to look for working machines in good order anymore as I'd never pay what asking prices are for them these days even if I had the money to burn. I'm just glad I got my Atari's years ago for cheap or as gifts. If I was just starting out, I wouldn't be getting into the hobby at all anymore.
  8. XEGS carts were pretty easy to find in the Chicago suburbs back in the late 80's. I purchased them from Toys R Us, a small-chain computer dealer and a mom&pop computer dealer named Mars Merchandising that focused on Commodore and Atari computers. Though I didn't buy any of the games that had been previously released on cartridge or disk formats, as I already had most of them on original commercial carts and disks, so my eyes would have passed over those titles when searching for the rare new production. Though if I had known that some of the classic arcade games had been redone, and not just re-released as I thought, I might have bought a couple of them. I lost all my Atari software in a move from the Midwest to California (all in one lost box except for a handful of titles), but I do remember I had: Into the Eagles Nest, Airball, Thunderfox and Battlezone, I guess that is it. I didn't get any of the light gun games because I didn't have a light gun. Other titles new to the 8-bit, like Desert Falcon and Dark Chambers I purchased the 7800 versions, along with Commando, Xenophobe, Tower Toppler and Ikari Warriors that never officially made it to the 8-bits. Now the only XEGS games I own "in the flesh" are the proto-types Tower Toppler, Commando and Xenophobe.
  9. I actually met Lemmy and the rest of the band back around '97-98. I was living in Huntington Beach SoCal, and had a friend who was lead guitarist and singer in a band named Sidedog. Anyway, after a show at one of the Hollywood venues, either Coconut Teaser's or the Rainbow Room or Whiskey Go-go, whichever one it was that had a Pizza joint in it. And the band and I were having piizza in a booth when we noticed the entire Motorhead band across the room in another booth. I was the only one that had the guts to go introduce myself and tell them I was a fan. We chatted for about 5 minutes about them and my friend's band. Lovely blokes, down to earth and appreciative of their fans. The only other famous person I met while out there was Slash from Guns and Roses. Again, I was with my friend's band after the show at one of these same clubs, though I'm pretty sure it was the Rainbow Room this time, which has an upstairs bar above the stage(s). Slash was down at the other end of the bar from me, dressed as you would expect, hat and all. I waved, he waved back, I bought him another of what he was drinking and he got up and came and shook my hand, we talked for a minute or two. I was drunk and don't remember what about, but I'm sure just some small talk.
  10. I love them both @drpeter ! Excellent conversions. @amarok 's butterfly is amazing too!
  11. Yeah, so true, I've never even been on twitter until I went to look at this thread. And I still can't find the images or comments posted for either Atari 8-bit image. I tried to make sure I didn't miss any responses or sub threads, but obviously I did.
  12. And the programmer used DLI's on the title screens, strange he didn't do too on the game screens.
  13. I went back to the twitter thread but could not find this posting.
  14. Well, here is my "official" version I did. I think it should still be posted as an alternative 8-bit Atari image. OUTATIME. 47 colors. OUTATIME-FullControlImage.xex
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