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  1. By the way, I didn't forget the cycles are Light cycles, I just chose not to use the full name. I did recall enough to guess right on the Recognizers though, I just wasn't sure. But it took me a while to dope-out just what @ClausB was talking about at all...I didn't "recognize" recognizers as a proper noun since he didn't have it capitalized, so I thought, at first it was some sort of Tron fanboy slang or something...
  2. I don't recall what a recognizer is...is that what the things are called like in your avatar? I'm a Tron fan, but not a fanboy, I don't recall what stuff in Tron is called... Anyway, I'm done with Tron for now, maybe I'll do more later, but I've already moved on to other subject matter atm.
  3. Since I brought up the topic of Rasta-redo's, I thought I should mention that @kiwilove (page 39, #954), first did a conversion of the same subject material here. Mine is a cropped and zoomed in version for better detail on the main subjects.
  4. The A8 line is being touted more and more these days as the "Amiga jr." with just how flexible and "Amiga like" it's graphics and color palette can be, with clever programming. Fitting since Jay Miner was behind the creation of both machines. I do think @MrFish 's latest is the best of the best. I guess it should be with the apparent amount of time invested.
  5. There are quite a few people who did a conversion of that one, myself to start, back about 2-3 years ago. Just go a search for "green acres." the name I first gave it. Starting on page 47, post #1160.
  6. The tape runs at the same speed as always. In layman's terms there is more data crammed into the same length of space on a tape, so the software loads faster without the tape moving faster.
  7. Here is a picture of my home-brew DIY. I didn't have needed resistors at the time, so I used three in series as an equivalent. Here is the schematic from Nir Dary that I used at the time. Although, IIRC, there was one error to it, and I have to take a look at the bottom of the board to remember, but I think pins 4 and 5 have to be connected, which it didn't show on Nir's schematics. This was discussed with Nir himself at the time, and Baktra and others. Also a PDF of the Rambit manual. rambit_manual_AtariAge.pdf
  8. I have just over a dozen English Atari tapes, all with standard jewel cases except these two. One is an oversized jewel case and the other clam shell case.
  9. I appreciate your enthusiasm about my conversions, but that's all they are is conversions, and not my art or photos, which is why I don't use my name or AA handle when I name them; it's NOT my work and as an artist I appreciate that and so don't claim it as mine with my name. I understand the reason why @Philsan started the thread asking for people to include names/handles, but I have to stick to my principles. But thank you again for appreciating my conversions of others' art. You are absolutely right about if we had this quality of art back then though. One of these days I'll post some of my real art from various graphic art programs and see about converting images of my real art too.
  10. I rarely buy off eBay anymore, prices and fees have become outrageous. I find deals for Atari stuff elsewhere. Though I did manage to get my hands on an "as-is" 410 for a mere $20 all-in a couple of months back, and it cost me $5 for new belts elsewhere to get it working and it's in fantastic condition. It even came with a Blue Max tape.
  11. I was just going back over the last 10 or so pages making sure I didn't miss anything. I just had to quote this one because it has been downloaded 9 times...WTF? People are actually saving this to view later?!? Wow Stephen, you hit a cord with some people...not sure what to say but "WTF?!?" Still a great joke to see among the images...but...WTF?!? I'd love to hear the reason...not enough clutter on the 'ol HDD yet?
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