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  1. Ditto for me and my life experience on everything (except exchange baseball for motorcycles) you said there. Here is my CA-2001 GT clone. Originally all gray matching the XE line, but all parts were originally painted gray and it was all scratched up, I even had to fill in some gouges in the metal case before re-painting to closely match my XL peripherals. Though I've found a brown paint that better matches the dark XL brown now, so I may repaint the face plate.
  2. I see, I hadn't thought about some of the binaries coming from source formats that were only on tape, something that, like you said, mostly only Europeans are familiar with since in the states anything that did originally come on tape had disk versions released, except for unique stuff like Atari's conversational language series that needs the audio track. I am familiar with the Turbo tapes though, I did a DIY upgrade from schematics to my 1010 for both Turbo 2000 and the English Rambit variant.
  3. This is why I never got into offering repairs or upgrades as a service regularly. Over the years I'd done a few here or there for certain people, but almost every time there was some issue, it worked perfectly in hours of testing for me, but when they received it back, there was always something wrong. Sometimes upon the items return, it wouldn't work for me either, so something happened through between leaving and returning to my care. Sometimes it still worked fine for me when it was returned and then what could I do? So I only do stuff for myself. I can't imagine the headaches that some service vendors experience, my hat off to those that do, like @flashjazzcat, and hardware sellers like @Simius and @tf_hh. As a matter of fact, I've just gone through this looking at it from your perspective with my Sophia 2 upgrade. I couldn't get it to work, I sent it back toe @Simius, he gets it yesterday and it works fine for him. So now he's sending me a replacement and we'll see what happens. I'll get it working, but everything works fine when I re-installed the original GTIA, and still does, so I have to figure out whats going wrong when I swap in the Sophia 2. But this is just an upgrade I bought to install myself, not even one done by other's, but still, I caused @Simius time and trouble and extra cost for both of us. But being in his shoes before, I know his perspective on it as well. And I think most of us have seen @tf_hh 's thread on shipping troubles he been experiencing, which I was also included, awaiting my Indus GT sram upgrades from him for over two months and us corresponding due to it. Respect for what you go through guys. But I know it sucks for the customer too. Just remember that everyone's intention on both sides is usually honest and good in this community.
  4. I can see why; when I first clicked on this topic I was thinking "what is this about then" with my mind going straight to money from the thread title. But for me it's because I'm not used to seeing $700 as a I use MyIDE II Fat32 a lot and I usually have it set at $600. I didn't even remember that $700 was a starting address for loaders. If the title was 'XEX starting at $600' I'd have caught on to the subject matter instantly.
  5. Good idea @_The Doctor__, I never thought of that for my CA-2001! And I'm surprised I didn't as I usually think of that type of stuff. I've been collecting Infocom games from other computers and just removing the stickers for the other brands at the bottom and writing Atari .ATX's on their floppies, because those versions sell for a fraction of what the Atari ones are going for...
  6. I love the Indus GT's too. I have 2 of them and a CA-2001 clone, though the CA-2001 isn't nearly as elegant as the GT's and came with a different face-plate that doesn't use a plexiglass cover unfortunately. I was looking for a GT front cover to swap on it for a while. But it was in rough shape so I just ended up painting it to match my XL system. The GT's are good cosmetically and will stay their elegant original selves. I just got 3 sram upgrades for all of them I'm about to install. I can't wait until I have them all running in Super Synchromesh mode at speeds faster than my Warp Speed 1050's. Here is a picture of my GT's for you @777ismyname . I guess I need to re-clean their covers, I see streaking from wiping them the last time in the photo...I almost want to paint my 800 black to match them, but I'd never do that to an 800 unless it was one with a smashed case that needed rebuilding and body work done so it would have to be painted.
  7. Ditto on what @DrVenkman and @skr said. I've got 3 1200XL's all of which have needed help out of their comas at one point or another. And the older these machines get, the more maintenance they need to keep them going. My every day 1200XL I've had to strip back down to stock, trouble-shoot, get working and re-install a dozen upgrades (or change them out with new ones) 3 times in the past 15 years. It's all part of the hobby to me and I enjoy doing it as much as using them.
  8. Too true, I also have a Turbo-Freezer, but since I already have either the Syscheck 2 or Incognito on both my machines I can't activate Turbo Freezer's 512K since they use the same memory addresses from what I understand, Am I wrong about this? I still have a lot to learn about all these upgrades. Can I use both Incognito extended ram and Turbo Freezer extended ram at the same time somehow? That's the nice thing about having the sram on MyIDE II cart since it can be used along with Port B upgrades. I also have The!Cart which has the 512K sram option too, IIRC. But if we are talking total ram, even that which clashes, then my 800 has 1598K!
  9. LOL! I voted 1MB due to my Incognito, but since you put it that way, my 1200XL also has 1088K total, including 512K sram from Syscheck 2 and 512K sram that's also accessible to use as extended ram on the MyIDE II I also use with it. Different memory locations are used, so it is all accessible at the same time.
  10. I guess not, since there is now Sophia 2 with new GTIA graphic modes as well. But I guess it depends what you think you've learned from VBXE. I still intend to have both myself, VBXE for my XL and Sophia 2 for my 800 (which I alread got and installed, but it had to be returned and I'm waiting on a replacement still). I'll get plenty of use out of the new graphic modes on both, myself, regardless of lack of support for them from others.
  11. Exactly! I only use a PC at all because for somethings I have too, like Internet browsing (I hate using my phone for Internet-only used when I don't have another way) and when I need to use the PC for flashing Atari stuff that won't flash with Uflash on my Atari. I own a Fujinet but it's PDF to PC and then to printer isn't the reason I bought one and as you say, isn't as convenient as printer directly from my Atari, so I still don't care about it. I bought the Fujinet for wi-fi for using the R: handler for Platoterm and other terminals for BBS browsing, and for multi-player online gaming like 8-bit Slicks. I make use of the SD card and virtual drives to download from TNFS servers (which replaces my need for SIO2PC and downloading from archival software sites on my PC web browser) and eventually either transferred to real floppy disks or my CF cards for Incognito Side loader or MyIDE II. I'll make use of Bluetooth eventually since it's there, but none of it's virtual facilities for disk drives(except to transfer to real drives), printers, cassettes, etc. are of any use to me, because I already have the all those for real. I might use them if I didn't have the real devices, but I do, and I like to use the real Atari hardware whenever I can. I too am working on getting back to totally PC free Atari use, and Fujinet was one way to lose the tether of SIO2PC and virtual software on the PC. unfortunately, even Fujinet requires the PC for your Fujinet device page so you can adjust settings of devices and SIO speed, etc., and to flash new firmware. I wish I could do this stuff too on my Atari, but I can pretty much set and forget for the most part with the Fujinet web page. Hell, I've been using an SIO2PC and APE on my PC for 25 years and never once have I used it's printer facilities, even though I could get deskjet quality prints that way, I just never have wanted to use a PC as a middle man for my printouts either, and have always had the dot-matrix for that. As soon as I build a Fujinet into my 1030 modem, I can totally get rid of SIO2PC and PC software for both my Atari's and be about 98% PC free for my Atari's. And move that damn PC out of my Atari work space into another room and still have access to it, if need be, through Bluetooth. In fact, I've decided to buy one of the Samsung laser printers with Centronics port for my Atari now, so I can have better than dot-matirix printout, which is still exactly what you get with Fujinet anyway ; you pick from a choice of ancient dot-matrix virtual printers to make the PDF so when it comes out of your PC deskjet is still looks like a dot-matrix printout. Why bother when I can get a dot-matrix print out directly from my Atari and it's dot-matrix printer? I like using my dot-matrix because I like using vintage hardware, I have fun with that noisy old thing! But sometimes I would like a better quality printout, directly from my Atari, with no PC involved. I'll keep the dot-matrix hooked up to my 1200XL and get the laser printer for my 800. To me, the boring old PC is a tool I use when I have too, but I hate using it. Just like I have tools for working my vehicles even though I hate working on vehicles and only do so when I have too (I can fix them myself for a fraction of the cost of a mechanic so I do). The Atari is fun for me to use, and makes non-fun things like bills, record keeping and word processing less of a chore because I get to use my Atari. So I do that stuff on it instead of a PC too. Also for security purposes.
  12. If you are talking about my LWP files, I have been using SIO2PC with APE and just save the file to the APE virtual drive that is mirror mounted, no need to go through all the trouble of .ATR and Altirra run around. Then I access the file from the folder I saved it to with mirror mount on APE. But now, I use Fujinet and save the file to a virtual drive on it which is saved on the micro SD card, which I then pull from Fujinet and insert in my PC. Of course with Fujinet I could also transfer it to the PC via bluetooth too, or, with my 800 with Incognito I can use PClink too, I think, I haven't really bothered with BT or Incognito PC-link yet, as it's simple enough for me to just use the SD card with Fujinet or on my 1200XL use SIO2PC with APE. It just depends which Atari I choose to use with TLW processor on a given day.
  13. There is a link in post #22 on the first page of this thread that @Fred_M made with a link to another P.A.M thread where he posted photos of the entire manual/reference guide and more for all three games so you can know the moves and game play, etc.
  14. It's a tough game, but not impossible. I've played it for an hour hear or there over the last couple of years, adding up to probably a full day worth of play, and I have advanced through about half the levels in the two platform games PAM and The Dream. Barroom brawl is a combination of boxing and WWF wrestling, throwing punches and wrestling moves and also throwing bottles and chairs, etc., the bar is like a fighting ring fill with obstacles. You just have to take the time to learn all the controls and once you do it is a blast. But as hard as it is, and taking me probably a dozen attempts at least to pass each new level I reach (the previous ones get easier to get through again the next game session) , the great animation and uniqueness of the games always keeps me coming back for more, and "just one more try" to get past that next level. Keep in mind that you do not have several different starting levels to choose from, you have 3 different games to choose from and you start on level one of each game. PAM and The Dream can be thought of as the original and the sequel, they were just released at the same time, and Barroom Brawl is a totally different game, you just happen to be the same lead character in all three.
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