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  1. I guess it fits if your finances are the equivalent of ashes and crumbs! I too use a spreadsheet, and other Synapse Syn-series programs. But my favorite I use is pictured below, I highly doubt Silent Butler is more sophisticated. Doing my finances on my Atari makes them a bit less a hassle and more fun, because it's another opportunity to use my Atari! And no worries about hackers breaking in! But it's not in 80-columns, the only downside for me, but I'm willing to put up with it.
  2. Is anyone sure that there is more than a title screen? Maybe that's as far as Atari got...will it load into the program in 40-column mode? I never did understand the title of this program. How many rich people with butlers would actually have their butler's do their accounting and finances instead of a professional accountant? It should have been called 'Silent Accountant.'
  3. Is the rope to hang ourselves if we get too frustrated with the game and decide to end it all?
  4. Some one needs to point out to this guy that it is the original music of the cartridge version and the sound was screwed up when it was converted to an .xex file, or something like that (was it and 800 to XL/XE OS issue? NTSC vs. PAL issue? I once knew for sure, but I forget off-hand now). Maybe he'll do an update with the latest single-wide pixel version of the enemies and make the correction about the music in it... Not to mention that he has his monitor set for 16:9 ratio instead of 4:3, so everything looks stretched and squashed! (I hate that!) He says he always like the original Atari version, but then how come he doesn't know the tanks were always there?!? And those tri-ball enemies ALWAYS leave a crater with their bombs, if you don't shoot them and they hit the ground, not sometimes! He really doesn't do a good job with this video, he's made errors throughout of what this game always had and what is new!
  5. I It's all relative anyway; games on my modern consoles and PC take as long or longer to load than games on my vintage computers, even some on tape! For example, on the Xbox 360, from powering it up, through boot-strapping, connecting to XBOX live, then going to the games menu and loading a game until it starts, all takes about 5 minutes. I can have most stuff on my 8-bit Atari up and running in about 1 min. or less, even from 1`x speed floppy. If people can wait for modern systems to load up games then why all the fuss about older systems? It's not about how much K or G the game uses, it's about waiting to play the game, whether it is 64K or 64G, and it's all the same. My Atari can be boot-strapped and SDX and my HDD partitions all loaded and then load a program from SDX, and ready to use while my Winows PC is still loading windows. People who complain about load times are not living in reality, IMHO; I never see/hear people complain about load times on PC's, Playstation 3/4's or Xbox 360/One's. They just accept it there, but not with vintage equipment! It's all relative...
  6. I'm sure this thread topic intends rare cartridges to be production carts? I guess the rarest I have is the Super-Sketch Graphics Master cartridge that came with my Super-Sketch tablet. Other than that, I have some very limited edition home-brew's of Commando, Xenophobe and Tower Toppler. Commando and Xenophobe cartridges were purchased from Video61, but new labels were made for them along with box and manual. Tower Toppler is not from Video61, my version works flawlessly and without bugs; it was made from scratch by the person who made the boxes/labels/manuals for the other two.
  7. You will get a reply the same day, maybe within minutes even, if you e-mail him. He isn't able to be there to answer phones on any regular basis, or have someone to do it for him, so they aren't used at all anymore until further notice. It's been that way for a few years now. But the he is open for business if you e-mail him.
  8. I have the manual for 'Super 3D Graphics Plotter 2' by Elvin Magic, and it covers the 3D techniques and equations it uses, and put in as simple a manner as possible without being educated in higher math. This is for the 8-bit Atari with 48K, so the "world" is limited. I believe I found this manual as a PDF online, I'll look for the link. There is also the manuals for Chroma CAD 3D I posted a zip file of the PDF's in a thread recently, a search of the title should bring that up. It of course uses math, but it uses a different "sculpting" approach, maybe not unlike 3D printer technology (guessing here, no experience) using layers to build a 3D image. I don't know how much of it might be translatable to 3D programming though, if that is what you have in mind, but maybe at least see a couple of different ways other's used it for their 3D CAD programs. http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-super-3d-plotter-ii_30972.html
  9. Does that mean the 1718 in your name is your birth year?😁 Yes, we have to remember those who were already 20 or 30 something (maybe 40- 200+) when they got their first Atari 400/800. If I had gotten an 800 when it came out, I would have been 11. I got a 130XE at 17 instead.
  10. I don't know the size of the one I am getting, as my nephew didn't measure or whatever. I know it's 19" or larger, that is it.
  11. Is tape 11 the final issue of this magazine? I'd never heard* of or seen* this one, or come across it on Atarimania, before this thread, *but since I'm American that's probably why. And I thought I already had all (that have been archived) paper(or PDF)/disk/tape magazines in my personal archives already!
  12. You are over-thinking it, the Atari 8-bit is just the computer I have on the ship, no opportunity for a newer faster computer, just like the ship I'm on, so I work with what I have, upgrade what I can and enjoy the journey, not worrying about other ships or computers until I reach my destination. Have you ever seen the show 'Mystery Science Theater 3000?' The theme song says "...if you are wondering how he eats and breathes and other science facts, just repeat to yourself it's just a show and I should really just relax..." And the analogy isn't meant to think of fleets of ships constantly being made better and faster and constantly launching (like computers), just one every few decades as new propulsion technologies are discovered and improved. Constantly advancing computer tech is just a microcosm over decades and brands and CPU's don't matter, just generations and macro-leaps, not micro-advances (pun intended) compared to a macrocosm over centuries in regards to space ships and propulsion technology.
  13. Funny you should mention the Trinitron. My nephew was cleaning out his "new" home and found an old CRT TV in the basement, left by previous occupants. He called and asked me if the old TV was worth saving, would I be interested. I told him if it was a Trinitron, save it for me, anything else, forget it. He called backed a few days later, half in shock, and said "I went to look and see what type of TV it was and you blew my mind! It IS a Trinitron!" So I'm getting myself a Trinitron for Christmas!
  14. It's been fun reading all of these. I've had a similar experience to many here, but as said, different too, I can take a few of the statements above and combine them to get my own history. My interest only waned for a few years after college, back in the mid 90's when I did my first real upgrade from my 8-bit Atari, which was the Atari Jaguar and Panasonic 3DO and Dreamcast. After their newness wore off around the turn of the century my love for my Atari 8-bits returned (I'd never not had one, but it was in storage and unused from about '95 to '00). My interest in all aspects of 8-bit hardware has only grown since then, and instead of just mostly playing games and writing term papers from the 80's and 90's, my interest first grew in the hardware area and now over the last year I've gotten the programming bug too. Of course all the fantastic new hardware and software from the home-brew community has only kept me excited about it all, without this community though, I don't know if it would have been more than just nostalgia for old games, so I'm glad the community is here to give me more to interest me more. For me, except for the few short years of the new "next-gen" 3D age, my interest never waned. In fact, I always felt technology moved too fast for me; the world kept moving on to new platforms and I still had a ton of stuff I hadn't gotten around to on the old platforms! I wasn't done exploring what could be done with the 8-bits! I wasn't finished with them yet! And I hope I never am and currently plan to keep using them until I am dead or physically unable. There is so much more I can and want to do, even on my old 8-bits, because they are computers and not just consoles which are so much more limited (games only) that in some ways my interest can never wane like it has for my consoles. I'm the type that wants to keep it all, from my first to my last, consoles and computers alike, though I have been forced to sell stuff over the years for different reasons, I never sold off my Atari 8-bit (unless I got a different model, but that's all) and the other stuff I did sell, I eventually buy it back. There are still far to many projects, hardware and software that I still want to do and explore, and too much software I never had time for before, that I want to complete, for my interest to ever wane. I just hope I live long enough to start, finish and enjoy them all. Don't take away my Atari's and tell me there is something newer and better, I'm not finished yet!!! In a way, I liken my computer life to that of a space explorer: I'm given a new ship meant for deep-space voyages, and a mission to reach Alpha-Centauri on a journey that takes a hundred years, but by the time I reach my destination I've been surpassed already by newer, faster ships and all has already been said and done and colonized by younger generations by the time I get there. But it's all good still, because at least I made it and used the hell out of that first deep-space ship and learned it inside and out, upgraded and improved it, and had a wonderful journey doing it all. Like the band Supertramp, I'm taking the long way home...
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