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  1. Don't cancel, you never know when you'll need a replacement CPU anyway. It's better to have back-ups. I have several back-ups of all the main and support IC's for my Atari's and over the last few years have had to use some already.
  2. I'm currently dealing with the care of my 83 year old mom who is fragile and senile for several years now, and the house-hold and my business. I too, know what it's like. Luckily my brother moved here to help a year ago, allowing me to be able to focus more on my business, but issues with mom still pop up and get in the way of the rest of my life, but for all the trouble she can be, I still hope to have her around for a few more years, but hopefully not so long that I'm old and fragile too, which isn't too many years away, most likely, hopefully I've got a couple more decades in me though.
  3. I've had my 1200XL converted to 100% PAL with 100% success for quite a few years now. I used Lenore's PAL GTIA board shown above. I converted my 800 to PAL last year by replacing the mobo crystal and buying a PAL CPU board from MyAtari off eBay. Again, works 100%, I've installed an Incognito and Sophia 2 as well now.
  4. The closest I've come to anything like that was as a kid playing with fire-crackers. The normal old black cat ones, nothing huge, but it fizzled and did not blow, I waited what seemed like several minutes to make sure it wasn't live, then proceeded to pick it up and CRACK it goes off. But since it was just the usual small cracker it only made my fingers numb and ring for a little bit. I've accidentally touched positive and negative together when working with tools on my vehicles, but never got shocked by it, just damaged parts and tools. This has happened when I was too lazy to disconnect the battery for a "quick fix" that normally wouldn't be an issue, except for my clumsy hands.
  5. Yep, when I get mine, my 10-year-old tower PC goes to storage and this will sit in-between my 1200XL and 800 for these very reasons. Occasionally I will hook it up to my projector for modern gaming. It's still more powerful than anything I own short of the Xbox One S. Besides, what's "under powered" for someone who enjoys vintage gaming all the way to modern? It's more powerful than my current PC, so it will be an upgrade there for a guy who only upgrades PC's once a decade, and never pays new, full-price for any PC ever, and are generally at least a couple years old when I buy or am given a PC (this will be a gift, so that still stands). This will actually be the first NEW PC I've ever owned instead of picking up used for cheap or free and upgrading them!
  6. Welcome to my ignore list DICK. Only one more and it will be a full dozen! Who's next?
  7. Thanks, I'll read that with Goggle translate later...
  8. I did this too, I might have even mentioned it in an earlier post, the same result.
  9. Well, I've got a brand-new dumb thing I've done! As of this past weekend. I was installing my new dual-PIA board in my Atari Incognito 800, which also has a Pokeymax Quad+ Covox installed. Well, stupid me soldered wires to pads on A4-A7 on the mobo (right in front of the left cart slot) which the dual-PIA requires. But, in my totally unthinkable stupidity I soldered to those points with the Pokeymax chip still installed in it's socket! The Pokeymax uses some of those same lines, and though I connected them on the CPU board, it looks like my soldering iron went right down the line with some voltage and fried it, or else it was just me clumsily touching the Pokeymax board while soldering, I know Retronics strongly warns against mis-handling it and static electricity. So, I got a black screen after the installation was done, and after checking the usual suspects (except Pokeymax) I went to the FSM and with my mulitmeter started trouble-shooting which lead me back to the Pokey. That's when I realized the incredibly stupid thing I had just done. So, I pop in my original Pokey, and everything works again. Luckily I just got a Pokeymax V3, so it looks like the 800 is getting another upgrade and I'll have to buy another V3 for my 1200XL!
  10. A question better posed in the Atari VCS forum where those who already own them from supporting the developers post. I guess the units for customer pre-orders have started rolling out. I know that here in the U.S. they will be available for on-line purchase from Best Electronics, Gamespot and one other electronic outlet I forget (they have 25 locations nation wide) on the 15th of June with units in-stock in stores "later." I have a rich friend who's buying us both one on the 15th, so for me, free is worth it.
  11. This is pretty damn cool. But now how about doing something similar on real Atari's using VBXE and Rapidus? hardware to do the same with games on real Atari's? Would that be possible? I bet VBXE's would start selling lot hot-cakes and get a lot more developer and user support in the long run. I'm already waiting in line for it!
  12. As I'm learning to program, and an avid Rastaconverter user, I've thought about this quite a bit, in vague layman's terms, for use programs. Being an artist, but much preferring to use my Atari 8-bits for most of my digital art, I want to create an art program using techniques like Rastaconverter but at least one missile would be need for a cursor/brush. I also know that it would be impossible to create WYSIWYG art on the screen with all the processor intensive calculations that Rasta uses, and I would rather not lose a missile to the cursor and degrade the imaging abilities. So thought of "place holders" for where P/M's would go when "saving" a file (making a displayable .XEX) and that's when all the Rasta screen work would actually begin and what you did within the graphic art program then gets "converted." In the actual art program an image could still be made using DLI's and 128 color pallette, and maybe some "temporary" use of PM's for added colors per scan-line, so the actual art being created could start to approach the finished .xex image, but all P/M's and any other way color changes beyond 4 are made per scan-line by Rastaconverter would all still be just place-holders and the conversion process at the end would actually do all the calculations and make it an actual Rastaconverter .xex file in the end. Or maybe there is a happy medium where the art program could do more of what Rasta does in some of the critical timing or whatever and then the conversion process would just be adding in any needed P/M's via whatever calculations are done to insert and use them the way it does. Sorry that my ideas are still very much in ignorant layman's terms above, but I think those who already know how to program can decipher what I mean in programming terms.
  13. Sorry, after all that, you may be finished derailing the thread, but now you've really gotten me in a mood. "I told you you wouldn't like the answer." I thought I should mention why the Anaglyph 3D glasses are a part of the shrine; they are to put over the other shades for the 3D version.
  14. I would say "funny you should mention HHGTG", but it's not really since your AA handle is Beeblebrox. It's a favorite of mine in any media form. I have a shrine to it including Infocom's game and goodies on display, and a large print edition of the Illustrated HHGTTG. I've been a fan for decades, but never got the Infocom game back in the day, it was a gift along with Zork I and The Lurking Horror from @Timothy Kline a few years ago that got me interested in the old Infocom and Synapse Electronic Novels again. I only started playing Infocom's HHGTTG in recently though, as I always assumed it would be too easy for me since I know HHGTTG inside and out. I never even read the back of the box, just put it all on display with the intention of playing it "some day." However, while glancing through one of my old Analog or Antic magazines I had stumbled upon a review of the game where I learned it was co-written with Douglas Adams and contained new material. So I've been intermittently playing it for the last couple of months. I saved and left off the last time just as Ford and Arthur were being blown out the air-lock and about to be miraculously saved by Trillian and Zaphod. The weird looking "thing" on the right in front of the order for destruction is a bronze piece I made back in college of an Alien plant pod sprouting. I never did finish sandblasting or grinding it properly, and now, after decades in storage has started turning green like any bronze or copper does...I just thought it was fitting for the display when I found it in storage.
  15. Thanks, Mists is one of my earlier conversions and a fav of mine too.
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