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About Me

I've used Atari products since the late 70's, starting with Pong. Next came the 2600, then my first Atari computer was a 130XE. I later also got a 7800, lynx and Jaguar system. My favorites are the 8-bit computer, 7800 and Jaguar system. I only ever really collected for the Jaguar, until recently when I sold it all. I still own an 8-bit system, the center piece being my upgraded 1200XL. I have ST, 2600 and Lynx systems too, but they are shelved for repair.


I have attached current pictures of my A8 system, including custom painted monitor, printer and ST mouse that I currently use for graphics and ATOS GUI with SpartaDos. My 1050 drive has double-density/warp speed Happy upgrade, and built in SIO2PC & 10502PC com ports. The 1200XL has stereo sound, 512K ram, APE Warp+ 32-in-1 OS, SV 2.1 video, PAL Antic and various other minor upgrades/fixes for 100% 800XL compatiblity. Future upgrades will include PBI port. My 1030 modem will be stripped and converted to a SD card reader and IDE HD.


EDIT 01/08/2020: Much has changed since I made this blog about me, I'll re-do it soon...

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