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About Me

I've used Atari products since the late 70's, starting with Pong. Next came the 2600, then my first Atari computer was a 130XE. I later also got a 7800, lynx and Jaguar system. My favorites are the 8-bit computer, 7800 and Jaguar system. I've owned ST's, a Falcon, Mega STe, Amiga 2000, C64, and many consoles. I'm not biased to any computer or console, but I do play favorites. I still own a 2600, Lynx, Jaguar & Jaguar CD, Bally Arcade, 3DO, Dreamcast, PS2, original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Colecovision Flashback.


I am an avid DIY mod/upgrade/hacker of Atari 8-bit systems.

Current Atari 8-bit system's status:

800(Incognito, custom PBI port, PAL converted, Pokeymax Quad+Covox, Sophia 2, dual SIO ports, standard composite/S-video/stereo I/O ports, Internal/keyboard RGB LED lighting)

800 peripherals: 410, 810 (w/Happy), 2x Indus GT (w/Ramcharger&CP/M), Turbo Freezer 2011, Fujinet, Starmaster joystick, QuickFire rapid fire adapter, CX85 keypad, 3x Atarilab Interfaces.

1200XL(APE Warp+ 32-in-1 OS, Dual Pokey Stereo, PAL converted, custom PBI& 800XL compatible mods, Supervideo 2.1, HSIO and +5v mod, stereo I/O jack, internal&keyboard RGB LED lighting)

1200XL peripherals: 1010 (w/Rambit Turbo), 1020, 1030 (w/Fujinet), 1050 (w/SIO2PC&1050toPC RS232 ports. drive select switch, Happy, RGB LED lighting), 1050 (w/Happy, drive select switch, RGB LED lighting), CA-2001 (w/Ramcharge&CP/M), SSDX cart w/RT8, MyIDE II, Syscheck 2.2 XL (4 OS, 512k sram), 2x CX40 joystick, Wico CC joystick, CX22 Track Ball, CX20&CX30 paddles, CX77 Touch Tablet, STM1 mouse, R.I.X A/V b.o.b, APElink SIO hub), Panasonic 24-pin dot-matrix printer w/MicroPrint adapter.



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