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  1. Not only will I be using Dupont connectors when I can finally get around to installing my Incognito, but over the last few years I've had various issues occasionally with my systems and had to trouble shoot, even with diagnostic tools at my disposal, with so many upgrades that aren't covered, I've learned it's better to just remove all upgrades and return to stock for trouble shooting and diagnostics and then refit upgrades one by one if everything works at the stock level. Because of this, I've also gotten tired of desoldering and resoldering upgrade wires, which is also not good on the motherboard. So I am retro-fitting all my upgrades, even down to jumpers for my OS in the 1200XL, with dupont connectors for easy install and removal of all upgrades and mods from now on. I will never add a DIY mod or purchased upgrade again without using Dupont connectors with anything that needs soldering. Just something I've finally learned over the years while maintaning these old beasts. With the 1200XL, it usually ends up being one of the newer upgrades I've installed (i.e. flash and GAL chips) having a fault rather than the motherboard, they were built pretty well; but basic components do fail, and unfortunately it isn't always as easy as swapping out IC's.
  2. That looks about the same, from what I recall (the 1200 has been down for about 6 months, no time to finish repairs yet), as my PAL 1200XL's Y/C mentioned above. I did forget to mention, in that post, that I also run the Y/C through a converter, my Ambery S-video to VGA converter/upscaler with the 3D Y/C filtering off it looks like your 800 Y/C through your DVDO image there. With the filtering on, it's just as clear but the up-scaling and anti-aliasing makes all the edges as smooth as a baby's butt. anyway, I'm glad to know your image is so good, because I now expect mine to be as good once I swap R189. That's great news. Right now, with the original resistor at R189, I can't even get color on any of my LCD TV's from my 800 except converting it to VGA through the Ambery converter first. I'm very happy to know my 800's video will be every bit as good as my upgraded 1200XL's with just the one resistor change. Though I'm only referring to hi-res mode, my 800's chroma is great through the converter, but it doesn't compare to the incredible, sharp, saturated colors I get from the fixed chroma boost circuit on my 1200XL, since it was fixed and connected as part of the SV 2.1 upgrade. I just have too poor of cameras to capture it's image properly. So if I still find the 800's chroma lacking, compared to my 1200XL, I'll probably try and get the Super Video OS Card from @tf_hh. I pm'd him once last fall, but never pulled the trigger until I see how much I can improve it DIY.
  3. The desktop looks good on my 1200XL with SV 2.1 upgrade, I also have a switch to turn off composite for an even cleaner S-video signal though. No artifact issues at all. With composite on, just a minute trace, but it still is very clear and legible, but I'm also using PAL, I use my 800 for NTSC composite artifacts. I will be upgrading my 800's video with at least the resister change, when I get around to installing my Incognito. I'll do more than that if needed, once I get the finished GOS from FJC on that 64K flash reserved for it. Indeed though, I too get over-excited every time I see FJC's name with a new post on this thread, but even if it is someone else, I'm hoping it's regarding a post from @flashjazzcat with an update or surprise finish...
  4. @TIXMost of the time, especially when you are first starting conversions, it's a lot of trial and error. Try different palettes, adjusting the color brightness positively or negatively and contrast, contrast is very important when reducing from tons of colors to a palette of 128 with an average of 64 colors used in any given conversion. Don't be afraid to really move those sliders around on the color adjustments, gamma and contrast, it won't hurt to see what happens, but also remember that the "preview" picture is never as colorful as the final destination when you start the conversion, so you can't really know what you are getting until you start a conversion. Mopar 383. 41 colors. Not my best auto conversion, but I tried so hard with this one I decided to post my best attempt as it only has a few areas that I'm not happy with. Mopar383.xex
  5. Another way to look at this, a possible theory anyway, is that with everyone selling hardware at such ridiculous prices on eBay, that if you actually put your systems up, @Mclaneinc , at a fair price, even taking into account eBay's cut, they just might sell quickly and you can get what you expect to get in the net sale. It would be nice if eBay did something to give back to the world at this time, like no fee listings or something, go back to their roots, at least temporarily, with pricing, etc.
  6. Thanks! I downloaded everything I could find on the subject from Atarimania and I think C.A.D. might have been among them. I haven't had time to check them all out yet, or even S3DP2 (which I own now, as I was able to pick up a copy of it for sale from England a year or two ago) or ChromaCAD I collected the pieces too. But I will one day, hopefully sooner than later.
  7. Yes the model of that jet, and a Tie Fighter and other models came on disk with my Super 3D Plotter II program too.
  8. Yes. my 1200XL's picture and especially color saturation is incredible ever since I did the 1200XL specific version of Supervideo 2.1. If you have a 1200XL this is the absolute best upgrade for DIY on the cheap. The 1200XL's chroma boost circuit is fantastic once it's been corrected to work correctly by this upgrade. I have true reds on my PAL 1200XL unit.
  9. Incredible, I've searched for 3D "CAD" programs for years for the Atari, only owning Super 3D Plotter and after years of searching the net eventually finding the mostly whole (minus a update or two) Chromacad 3D system. Never once did I come across any mention of these applications. Though I haven't looked for a while now. But they weren't on Atarimania when I was looking, unless they were mis-classified or something. They look to be more primitive than Super 3D Plotter II and definitely have nothing on the amazing ChromaCAD, but I want to "collect"* and try them all. Thank you very much. *at least .ATR and PDF's. The price for Atari World on feeBay is a bit too steep, especially when the software isn't the most advanced for the computer. I wonder if my complete, original Super 3D Plotter II is worth as much, I'm sure it's as rare?
  10. Ah yes, Antic section in STart. So I have that bit in my binder where I tore out all the Antic sections of STart and put them in a 3-4 ring binder. My very disappointing first time of ever subscribing to an Atari Magazine (ANTIC). I still have the STart magazines, but without the Antic sections.
  11. Well lucky you! Now you have the source material to print yourself a new front cover, at least!
  12. That one was a type-in from Antic or Analog, I remember because I typed it in hoping it would be better than I knew better than to believe... It was fun for 15 min. or half an hour and I never loaded it again. Back then, once I owned Karateka and World Karate Champ and Ninja on my 130XE, I didn't care if any other martial arts games were published for the Atari, I was a happy camper. I hoped for sequels, of course.
  13. I think the synth in Corona's Rhythm of the Night's would translate to Pokey better than DeBarge's, but I'd like both done in stereo POKEY. And En Vogue themselves are saying "your never going to get it" and that's just fine with me. Sometimes even songs I hated from the 80's and 90's bring back warm memories and feelings of nostalgia when I here them again, in any form, but En Vogue I hated then and still hate now, no nostalgia what so ever.
  14. Yes to Kung Fu Master, but as far as Karate Champ, WKC/IK were always good clones of KC, maybe even better, I never felt a need at all for KC with IK/WKC on our 8-bit.
  15. Star Trek Fs4 Type4. 42 colors. Fed_Fs4_Type4.xex
  16. Battle Of Hoth. 57 colors. BattleOfHoth.xex
  17. I pronounced it as Jordan Mechner did/does until I saw the Karate Kid, then I start pronouncing it like Miyagi with a "kah" at the end.
  18. That is the "They might have had their issues" reference I made. Which has nothing to do with a technological and innovative disconnect from the leaders, maybe a stoned disconnect... Back to Omni though, after reading the technical specifications I am still amazed at what it (they) could do, for it's time and to me is so interesting in the psuedo 3D approach with sprites that could make up 3D objects, something that I believe could have been much more detailed and "solid" looking than early polygons and texture mapping, light sourcing, etc. Like early voxel technology where real "virtual texture" could be done instead of texture mapping. Or the layering possibilities too. I'd love to have one even if I had to learn to program any software for myself, just to delve into the possibilities. This is the type of retro-new console or computer that should be built and released, IMHO, not modern ideas, but incredible ones from yesteryear that never were done. If there's enough there to go by, I haven't looked beyond the technical specifications yet. But maybe it could be re-engineered with FPGA's? Though I know that goes against the original intent of the "hard-wired" chip approach they intended instead of Micro-programming did they call it?
  19. I don't believe Nolan Bushnell's Atari was like that, pre-Warner. They might have had their issues, But Nolan was a technological and innovative leader. And most of the engineers, designers and programmers that worked for him went on to be the same.
  20. My mother worked as a Secretary for a mint distributor back in the 90's and she used to bring little glass sample bottles of pure mint oil home on occasion and that stuff was potent. All she had to do was open the bottle for a second and the house smelled like mint for days. She always smelled like mint, but mostly stayed in the office area, not the warehouse. I think it was the base mint oils that everything else is derived from. They had a warehouse full of 50 gallon drums of different mint oils. I never tried it on rubber though, but I'm apt to believe it would work; there's always more than one way to skin a cat.
  21. Well, I'd have to play again and win again to get that screenshot. It's been a while but I think it just ended like the original, basically text in front of a star field saying the same thing the original does, with your rank, etc. Actually, IIRC, I was planet-side when I finished off the Zylon ground bases and it did the text on top of the planet side background, now that I think on it...
  22. I've been meaning to get on-line via my A8 for years, ever since I first heard of Contiki about 15 years ago or so. I do intend to eventually try Contiki, Plato, Fujinet and even get on-line and play some 8-bit Slicks, but life and A8 break-downs keep me postponing such things. Of course I have to wait for the Dragoncart, one version or another, to get on 8-bit Slicks. The others I intend to do by building a wi-fi modem out of my old 1030 or connecting via a Hayes modem and an old router that has phone line input connected to my modern modem or router.
  23. @TempestI've played the game through to it's conclusion, defeating the Zylons if that is what you mean. I believe the game is complete in that sense, it's just that better A.I. and other fine-tuning, de-bugging, etc., needed to be completed, I think.
  24. The Atari Video Music box is something I'd be interested in I suppose, though I'd rather have a version with Jeff Minter's VLM-1 (Jag CD), VLM-2 (Nuon) or VLM-3 (Xbox), so I just play my CD's through one of them. The Video Music box would match up nicely with my 80's component JVC stereo system as it's all silvery/brushed metal too!
  25. I imagine it would take a lot to get SRII onto the 5200 since it is apparently about 42K, and at this point meant to be loaded into ram. But someone did put it on XEGS supercart (Ndary?). So It could be done, of course a lot more memory manipulation and changes are needed since the 5200 has a different memory map.
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