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About Me

I was a video game programmer, but now I teach English in Japan. But I still like working on video games.


Projects completed:


At Mattel Electronics - (Yes, I'm a Blue Sky Ranger, but I mostly worked on Atari 2600 games at Mattel).


Star Strike (Atari 2600)

Bump and Jump (Atari 2600)


At Atari Games (the arcade game company)


Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters


Klax for Genesis (US version - Namco did a separate Japanese version...)

Road Riot

Moto Frenzy

California Speed


At Namco


Pacman World 2 (for the PS2)

Dead to Rights (PS2, Gamecube port)

Kill Switch (Xbox,Ps2)


With Elektronite


Match 5 (Intellivision)

Paddle Party (Intellivision)


Tennis in Space


"Tennis in Space" - the original sketch versus a screenshot from the game...








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