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  1. You know those are the same three questions that have been running thru my head every night since I was a little kid... If I had a reasonable answer for any of those I would be a happy man. Best,
  2. Lance Ringquest of VIDEO61 has just informed me that Centipede is now available for purchase for the Lynx. The game came from a hard drive on a TT30 which came out of the Lombard warehouse in the 1990s and is quite playable however Lance is selling it as a demonstration card only. Lance asked me to announce that he is selling these for 49.95 on his site www.atarisales.com and comes with beautiful artwork and packaging. Atari 7800.com does not currently carry this product so please contact Lance for ordering information at 651.462.2500. Best,
  3. I think once you actually get the chance to own a 7800 you'll understand why it's so lovable. It's everything that Atari should have been in 1982 & 1983 but never got it right until it was a little too late. *sigh* Justin Atari 7800.com
  4. Thank's for the support guys. I'm glad to see that you werent dissapointed when I said that we weren't going anywhere T.Skid - The 7800 prosystem packeges arent really ready to go as far as having them up on the site for sale. I have a year's worth of backorders which I am carefully trying to fill one by one. The demand is much greater than I had ever anticipated, and again, with time and quality Atari components being an issue, I just cant keep up enough to advertise the systems as ready to ship. So we just keep taking backorders for those who really want to get one. Angus - 2 reasons we dont stock up from O'Shea. 1.) I know a few of the Atari vendors personally and I know the first-hand problems they have had with the Houlihan family. I have nothing against them personally, but I didnt feel a need to support someone who treats my friends like shit, pardon my French. 2.) Everybody on here know's that you can get 2600 and 7800 games brand new in the box from O'Shea for 5.00. I simply cant compete with that so what's the point of stocking up on those titles just to sell them for 5 dollars more when no one will purchase them from me? That's too much to keep up with for just a few extra bucks. I have a fair supply of the same titles that were being vented by some of the other vendors and I collected them thru other Atari sources and tried to support them with business. If someone stumbles upon our site and sees a game that they cant find somewhere else, at least we have it in stock and it's available. SS - I havent been able to check my Atari 7800.com email in the past 48 hours... I'll get down to that tonite and get back w/ u asap. Please feel free to address other concerns, questions, or criticisms here in this thread, or you can call us at 239.598.1862. Cya! Justin Atari 7800.com
  5. Hey guys, Yeah, we were down for about 12 hours recently due to problems with our hosting company. Atari 7800.com has not "gone under" etc. and we have no plans on biting the dust anytime soon just for the record. When we launched the new Atari 7800.com I oversaw pretty much every step of the operation and we had all pledged to eachother that we were not going to let this one tank like the original 7800.com did. So again, no worries : ) Also, in response to the pricing comment, I know our prices are set to a premium but there are reasons for that. (I don't take offense to you guys bringing this up, I get bitched at all the time for the prices so its really no big feal) For one, I am still a college student attending Law school and that takes up more time than you could possibly imagine. On top of that, I have a serious job that consistently demands a lot out of me day after day. I love Atari and I am truly dedicated to preserving the 7800 but I just don't have the time to put into this as I wish I had. If the system and accessory prices were dirt cheap, id have more orders than I could fill in time, and then people would get mad that they weren't receiving their shipments on time. So I opted to target the upper niche of 7800 sales and include little extras like a 2-year warranty on everything, etc., to help justify the cost a little bit. Another problem is scarcity. Do you guys really know how hard it is to find brand new 7800 joysticks, a/c adapters, etc., in bulk? Most Atari vendors are clinging on to their last few MIB items for the 7800, so they are not willing to supply us. If we didn't price things higher, we wouldn't have any in stock say 5 years from now, and we fully intend on having Atari 7800.com still be around then with a decent supply of all things 7800. It's just a matter of how willing we are to part with these items. To me, this ensures that we will still have these items in supply in the distant future, and that every brand new Atari 7800 console and accessory finds a loving home. A third thing to consider is cost. There's a lot of other things we fund with the 7800 sales. Going into the online catalogue portion of Atari 7800.com, I had wanted to make it the "best of the best" and run it like a real business even though it is merely a hobby. Developing new software, labels, etc. costs a lot of money. Since we have the store, we ask for no donations. Plus these items, most of them being brand new, cost a lot of money to get. We were never a liquidator or longtime Atari vendor who got these things for pennies on the dollar. I'm just an Atarian. I refuse to deal with O'Shea Ltd. so I had to get the MIB games from other sources. Stuff just adds up. Anyway, I don't want to drone on about our pricing. I know our prices are higher than most and that's just something I've accepted. I try to keep the prices fair, but again we're not ebay and we don't attempt to be ebay. But I can understand your complaints and we all take them seriously. And even though Atari 7800.com might look like a business or an Atari vendor, it's really intended to be mainly a fan site for 7800 enthusiasts, with a "museum store" at the end of the tour. Atari is a hobby for me, by no means do I rely on it for my income or push it as a business, there's just no money to be had in it right now, at least not when you focus only on the 7800 and Lynx. Maybe if we sold a little bit of everything it might be different. I just don't have the time or means to do that though. *sigh* One other side note I'd like to mention. I'm sure some of you have noticed that Atari 7800.com hasn't been updated much in the past month or two. This isn't due to a lack of interest but a lack of time. As I mentioned earlier, I'm a student and I have a more-than-full-time job which is extremely demanding and I just don't have a lot of free time at the moment to dedicate to 7800.com. I really wish I did. My spare time has been spent working on TurboGrafx-16.com and with my family. I'm hoping that by the spring we can have a few more nifty articles up for Atari History. Anyway I hope you guys don't take this as me venting... I just thought it would be a good opportunity to let you guys out there know what's going on with the site and try to explain that there are reasons behind the pricing, etc. Game on! Justin Atari 7800.com
  6. What also would have helped would have been if the Tramiels hadn't been so stingy on licensing their own games from Atari Coin-Op to play on the 7800. Instead of releasing classic titles like Tetris and RoadBlasters on the NES, they should have made them Atari exclusives and advertised them appropriately. Can you imagine how many people would have bought a 7800 or a Lynx had they had something as addictive as Tetris on it? Oh well... at least there's always Klax and Fatal Run. I guess this is why im such a big fan of the ST.
  7. A detailed timeline of events surrounding the Atari 7800 ProSystem's existance may be found on the 7800 History page at Atari 7800.com. You may visit the history page at http://www.atari7800.com/7800/history.htm Best,
  8. Im planning on adding these pictures to the 7800 tech section of Atari 7800.com in the next update. Anything else you guys wanna see?
  9. Actually I have been tooling around with this. I do have a page of "new releases" for the Atari 7800.com on line catalogue (new releases which are shared with Lance & Video 61 of course, but apply to the 7800) but I have not made one for Lance, not because I am not willing but simply because Lance is the kinda guy who likes to manage his own territory and keep his work under his own roof. I'll talk to him about it, and if he's game, I can do it. Screenshots however should not be a problem. I am also working on history sections for both the 8-Bit and ST line of Atari computers which will include a detailed history article, museum, and possibly a few choice items for sale in the catalogue but nothing huge. I'm sure that screenshots of new releases could be worked in there as well. BTW, I have recieved a few emails from people asking to purchase these games. I know I was the one who posted for Lance but Atari 7800.com does not currently stock Jurassic Park 2 for the 8-Bit. To purchase one please visit Video 61's website or call Lance at 651.462.2500. Thanks!
  10. I've been working with my 130 XE to do this but I'm suffering from a lack of motivation right now.
  11. Hey... My friend Lance from Video 61 asked me to pass this along to the rest of the Atari community as he is unable to. This is the message he e-mailed me and asked me to forward.... "Hi, sorry that I am not posting this due to time considerations so my friend's are lending me a hand. We have just finished up the awesome game JURASSIC PARK 2 on cartridge for all 64k XL / XE machines. This exciting new game sports awesome graphics, music, as well as a great role playing type of adventure game. Special thanks to XL of satantronics for permission to release his exciting game onto cartridge format. We now have it listed on our web site, you can access our site thru my friends SCOTT ADAMS SITE at, http://www.msadams.com/ Just go to the links page, scroll till you see the atari 400/800 cartridge link, then click the link for a direct link to my site, or just simply go to www.atarisales.com Thanks, Lance"
  12. Yep... that's how it works. So when we release a *working* version of this game, please dont bitch and moan about it working only on the 7800. This game has been a real pain in the ass to me this week.
  13. Ok, two things... 1.) It's not me! 2.) I am a law student studying in intellectual property. (Copyright law) ...if you need some free advice just say the word. Best,
  14. About a year and a half ago I began a small program with 3 GameStop stores (the result of a merger between Funco, Babbages, and Software Etc.) and I had a wall at each of these stores with some Atari merchandise. I had *tons* of used Atari stuff that I never had on the 7800.com site, and we helped GameStop get going with their retro section by providing them with the overstock. Ofcourse they carried some new games too. But yeah, there was a time in the Summer of 2001 where you could walk into all the GameStop stores in the Houston area and purchase a refurbished 2600 with a warranty, new RF and a game and walk out with a reciept. I think they still carry games there for the Lynx, 7800, 5200 and 2600. The games sold pretty well too, I was suprised. Best,
  15. Not that I mean this in a bad way... but has anybody ever noticed that certain group of constantly evolving people...... 1979 - Fairchild Channel-F players 1982 - ColecoVision players 1986 - Sega MasterSystem players 1990 - Turbo Grafx-16 players 1995 - 3DO players 2001 - xBox players ...they always go for the odd-man-out. Interesting group if I do say so myself.
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