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  1. Saw a listing for Evil Laugh on auction, it has an input jack, but doesnt appear to have any ROM board. Anyone what the heck it is?
  2. Not sure what the deal is, but the "monster-deal" shows up as being sold for 2,499.00
  3. Waterworld was available in retail stores at some point, IIRC i picked up a copy at Toys R Us
  4. If you cant get it working, I have a few Laser Blast dupes, I can offer you one.
  5. On Stampede, Once you've roped all 3 speeds of cows on a row, an Angus will appear, (or a skull, IIRC) so try to anticipate their appearance to score big
  6. If it would help, I can loan my FB to you to debug, thats how amped I am for this one
  7. Has there been a resolution to the bugs when playing on the Flashback Portable? I would love to play this one
  8. don't you mean it could erupt into a shit-storm?
  9. I'd be interested as well. have tons of games to trade.
  10. feel free to PM me as well. Still have my original Odyssey (yellow console) and my heavy sixer we got way back one year for Christmas.
  11. The issue with this solution is, it still results in the feedback positive percent being unchanged. Most people will only scan for neg or neutral feedback, and gloss over the listed positives. EBay sucks in this regard, as there is no recourse for buyers to warn others, just as sellers have no way of warning other sellers about non-paying buyers.
  12. I too poured many hours of my youth trying to discover all the clues in SQ:EW. Even got to the point that I could run straight through the waterfalls of Leo without stopping. Actually had a dream one night that helped me solve the fifth clue. Found he game very relaxing. SQ:FW on the other hand, sucked
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