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  1. The one I have was NITB. Belts just melt or crumble with time.
  2. I saw earlier this year that someone was selling belt sets. I'll look it up. Thanks.
  3. Just received a 410 Program Recorder and hooked it up to my 800XL. Did a seemingly successful CSAVE on a brand new cassette. Two beeps, tones, etc. Now nothing moves. It won't load. If I hit rewind or advance, I hear a very faint *whirr* inside, but nothing turns. Is this a capacitor thing? Belts? Just wondering if there is something I'm missing before I open it up or return it.
  4. Perfect (max) score for Pitfall! is 114,000.
  5. I got the Oink! on Friday. Best contest ever! Even though this was a freebie, sellers everywhere should take tips from cvga about packing and shipping boxed games. Perfect. He gets it. Here's a pic of me getting ready to play it on Stella. It will remain sealed for now.
  6. They are headphones. In the film, that character makes awful techno music. That's supposed to be part of his music gear. I thought it was funny that there was a cartridge in there. I couldn't make out which one it was, though.
  7. I recently spotted this one in Wrong Cops.
  8. These, too: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/101649-food-themed-games-for-the-vcs/?hl=%2Bfood
  9. This thread inspired me to dig out my O2. I had acquired a boxed collection of games from a coworker some years back, but never really went through it. I just discovered this little gem.
  10. Around '81 or '82 the supermarket near my house had a Donkey Kong upright near the entrance/checkout. The store is still there, but now there's a Coinstar where the DK used to be.
  11. I love Road Rash 2! I'm playing Comix Zone on my Retrogen right now. Sonic 3 is coming next.
  12. Got this shirt at Coachella last week. I knew there was something familiar about it.
  13. Still have my Game Gear, and all the stuff that came with it. Except for the box. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ninetyonepercent/12678251115/
  14. Still working after all these years, and you still have the remote. Very cool.
  15. Here are some pictures of either me or my brother playing Missile Command. The date on the back of the photos says Feb. 1982. The pictures are taken in black and white, but the TV was color. There was a keypad on the right to choose channels with (where the red arrow is pointing), and the channel was displayed with a red LED. No remote. I want to say Zenith, but I'm not sure.
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