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  1. Sears was still way to ubiquitous and mainstream to have been cool. I did personally think it looked better as my friend Eli had one, a Video Arcade 6 switcher with a Wico joystick. Sears made so many branded versions of things, that it seemed very natural at the time that they would have their own version.
  2. I agree with the large side scroller like Pitfall. Instead of swinging over pits, you could fly on your bike with ET over obstacles. Collect all the telecommunication pieces. Escape the shadowy government figures with guns disguised as walkie talkies on levels that work like a reverse Keystone cops, with them chasing you through a large version of Eliot's house. The game really would have needed to be something special. HSW was on the right track. In a perfect world, the aliens would have come down and acted as a father figure for those kids and restored a balanced energy to the house but it was the beginning of the mass culture wide-spread patriarchy is evil movement and Spielberg was doing his part. One day balance will be restored to the force and open minded people will understand complementary dualistic forces (yin/yang) and their importance to life, but only if you help ET make one very important interdimensional phone call and destroy the materialists grip on our throats.
  3. Jamcat, I appreciate the work you do. Your Wipeout hack of Enduro has been a joy to play.
  4. Telepathy strikes me an wonderfully bizarre and unusual game. I can't help but feel a atemporal connection with Donny Darko or some other strange Rabbit. Jimmy Stewarts Harvey Perhaps. Hope the video will satisfy your needs. It's all true. The Incredible True Facts of Space can not lie. For great Justice!
  5. Demons to Diamonds may satisfy your craving for metaphorical madness as you carefully push your laser into the correct colored demonic entity and it is reincarnated as a diamond, the diamond can then be shot for big points. If you lase the wrong colored demon it becomes a floating death head and will try and kill you. Fun for one or two players (at the same dang time)
  6. Shocked and sad, feeling very mortal at the moment. Had the pleasure of meeting Curt in person once, damn nice guy and essential in helping to document and build the legend of Atari. Deepest sympathies to his family and close friends.
  7. We are talking (because tman03 was brutally assaulted and "damaged" by this charity) about a very wide range of biological issues. Positive attributes combined with negative, minor to needing constant care. The person who choose to make a deal out of this seems to feel very strongly about his situation, but he does not speak for all. There are people suffering out there who would prefer a cure.
  8. Hopefully we can find a cure.
  9. Jamcat, Are you James C? I am liking your wipeout Enduro. It seems easier to me than regular enduro, I was wondering if it would be possible to run across ammo in the road and then use that to blast other ships? I'd love to blast my way through traffic jams. Nice job! If we moved the throttle to the stick, so up was faster, down was slower, it would free the fire button for blasting fools in my way. Get out my way Fool! I'm a space man, drinking red bull and flying down the road.
  10. It was beautiful and surprising. That moment on the stream when we all saw the rotating phantom zone slabs rotating down the screen. Congratulations to all involved. This is a nice development.
  11. I love the one headphone method. When I used to work in an open office, this was my method to listen to my podcasts all day, while still being able to hear everything else.
  12. I was curious about this as well. Other than my original 1981 Atari 800, I am currently using a Flashback 9 Gold with SD card for my Atari VCS gaming. I'd like to purchase a Atari 7800 and use that with a HARMONY CART, but the one thing I would miss is the ability (that i have via FB9 wireless controller) to get to the menu while splayed out in my relaxation fog on the couch. How about a small stick-on button for any Atari controller, it could be battery powered and use any known wireless method to directly communicate with a altered HARMONY CART to softly and quickly return to the menu. Since I am throwing it all out there, How about WIFI connection to online, to enable Atari VCS multi-player and downloadable new levels for existing game roms. (EDIT: Just realized Al Nafuur is working on this!) Cool Al!) The other thing that I wish we had, would be an easier way to "tip" .bin creators. Playing on the various emulators and devices, it would be nice to facilitate easier tipping to our beloved Atari Homebrew creators. Hope you are all well, and please take this all in the spirit of brotherhood and love.
  13. I played this the other day, between jumping over snowballs and shooting at the aliens, its should be called "Artic-Nightmare" One of those dreadful hell simulator games. Maybe the little person at the bottom of the screen could react to many different unique shooting or button press timing games and mix up the snowball gameplay with some ducking and dodging, let the little person move around within the white space.
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