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  1. I might be interested in a YouTube of this. Perhaps not on a busy day, but I really can imagine hitting play on such a thing if it were to appear here as a link.
  2. Great to read your story. Welcome.
  3. One day, I will have the time and inclination to sink some time into mastering ET. Currently, it's just a frustrating mess for me, but I have known people who say they have mastered it, and even watched someone repeatedly play it at an excellent level. It's one of those things that I believe is hiding gold, but you have to dig to find it.
  4. 1976 - The World of Sid and Marty Krofft - The OMNI Atlanta After some variant of home based PONG, the first video game other than that would be GUN FIGHT at the World of Sid and Marty Krofft in the Atlanta Omni. The theme park was only open for 5 months, but I still remember me and my brother running up to that machine, it was amazing to see characters move around on screen and shoot, PONG was abstract, this was a story, if only that of a cowboy in a Gun Fight. They had a tank game and others there as well, but Gun Fight is the one that really caught our attention. Other highlights of this trip included a thouroughly burnt pizza in the Atlanta Underground mall. We were ravenous kids and it took forever for the burnt pizza to be served.
  5. I am retarded. Hopefully some of my ideas can still be of benefit.
  6. I really enjoyed the awards this year. (Scrummy=TITFOS online) One idea I can offer is to have a little more information about each nominee. Obviously this woud be a great deal of work, so a way to achieve it, in a more manageable manner might be to have each game creator or some appointed advocate to provide a statement about the game. I found it very helpful the way folders were provided with all of the games. This allowed me to download them from one place and know that I was looking at the same version that Zero Page was looking at. If the creator of each nominated game could include a text file in those folders explaining instructions, any needed accessories, and context about the game. For example, they could list: instructions needed or supported accessories tips inspirations what makes the game special, or what makes the achievement achieved special (if present or related to award) description of ARM chips or unique techniques employed This would be very time consuming for James to create, but might be easily provided in the form of a text file from the games creators. cheers and good job!, Chad
  7. I don't like it when the games play phrases like that. “To gild refined gold, to paint the lily…”
  8. My Xbox One power supply was making the annoying fan noises that are a known issue. I took the power supply apart and tore all of the fan assembly out, I then drilled ventilation holes all around the power supply box. Now it is silent. Interestingly, I've never even felt much warmth from the unit.
  9. Flomojo, Thanks for posting those newspaper articles. Very enjoyable to read and look.
  10. scrummy

    Space Game

    Karl, Thanks for making this Space Game, it is a real gem. Very fun to play. I'm not very good, but I still enjoy playing it.
  11. Thomas, Holy cow. I had no idea. That is wild stuff. Previously I took a look at Hard32 and thought, yes, that is pretty, but now I am amazed.
  12. I nominate CharlieChaplin to organize these other awards. He seems like the perfect guy for the job.
  13. I played it when it was new, and thought it was interesting but difficult and too frustrating for me. I do remember a friend in my neighborhood who thought it was a very neat game. Watching Keith play it was more entertaining than playing it myself, and I could see the how the game was meant to be played. It wasn't a game I would have had any interest in buying, but it was a curious thing to check out. HSW is a fascinating, talented, and cool dude. He did a thing and it has earned a spot in our consciousness. I'm not sure what that should mean to me beyond that. I never heard any of this horrible game business until much later. I think it came from people who bought the game for a few dollars and or downloaded a rom for free. These gamers have the attention span of a gnat. Now, that I've said all of that. I think I need to readdress this game with a little patience. It would be a benefit to my relaxation to slow down and try to master this puzzle.
  14. What a beautiful and symbolic game for the Christmas season. While we are all running around like we are in a maze, we collect symbols and status, yet eventually we are all swallowed by the spirit world. Those spirits when they are born in the stable of our world, appear solid, yet travel across the veil, from life to death, to life again. I suppose in some way we must do this as well. This game looks like the perfect game for family fun around the fire.
  15. Random Terrain, I think you have one great game going on there. On the Atari 800 Breakout, I loved the scrolling levels, as well as the extra balls that were let free from the wall. Beautiful looking game.
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