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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delia_Derbyshire Check out Delia Derbyshire 1962
  2. Atari_Pages-1977-sears-catalog.pdf PDF Scan of Sears Christmas Wish Book 1977 - Special 18 page games section + VideoMusic I've seen this online before, but not in this high of resolution. From scanned pages. Image from below:
  3. Hope you had a nice birthday Al. Thank you for all that you do. Best regards, Chad aka "Scrummy / TITFOS"
  4. The things that we can't say are very loud right now. 

  5. Nathan, Thank you for writing about this. It will be a treat to watch. I missed it when it was originally aired, or if I saw it I have forgotten it. My father and my brother watched Space 1999 when it was on, it was a weekly event and my mother melted cheese on nacho chips in the toaster oven many times during that program. I was young but remember how we loved the model design and atmosphere of the show. Looking forward to checking these out. Chad (SCRUMMY, TITFOS)
  6. Ray, If you dig it, please feel free to use. bests, TITFOS/Scrummy70
  7. CPUWIZ, Getter better soon Captain. I know how unfun long hospital stays can be. It is amazing how little sleep they let you get with all the constant needle sticks and blood draws, etc. Hope you can find a way to meditate, sleep, watch bad tv, and otherwise give yourself a vacation from the insanity swirling around you at the moment. Please keep your spirits as up as possible and know that we are all pulling for you. Thanks for putting up with my sometimes odd posts over the last 18 years! Sending thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.
  8. Sears was still way to ubiquitous and mainstream to have been cool. I did personally think it looked better as my friend Eli had one, a Video Arcade 6 switcher with a Wico joystick. Sears made so many branded versions of things, that it seemed very natural at the time that they would have their own version.
  9. I agree with the large side scroller like Pitfall. Instead of swinging over pits, you could fly on your bike with ET over obstacles. Collect all the telecommunication pieces. Escape the shadowy government figures with guns disguised as walkie talkies on levels that work like a reverse Keystone cops, with them chasing you through a large version of Eliot's house. The game really would have needed to be something special. HSW was on the right track. In a perfect world, the aliens would have come down and acted as a father figure for those kids and restored a balanced energy to the house but it was the beginning of the mass culture wide-spread patriarchy is evil movement and Spielberg was doing his part. One day balance will be restored to the force and open minded people will understand complementary dualistic forces (yin/yang) and their importance to life, but only if you help ET make one very important interdimensional phone call and destroy the materialists grip on our throats.
  10. Jamcat, I appreciate the work you do. Your Wipeout hack of Enduro has been a joy to play.
  11. Telepathy strikes me an wonderfully bizarre and unusual game. I can't help but feel a atemporal connection with Donny Darko or some other strange Rabbit. Jimmy Stewarts Harvey Perhaps. Hope the video will satisfy your needs. It's all true. The Incredible True Facts of Space can not lie. For great Justice!
  12. Demons to Diamonds may satisfy your craving for metaphorical madness as you carefully push your laser into the correct colored demonic entity and it is reincarnated as a diamond, the diamond can then be shot for big points. If you lase the wrong colored demon it becomes a floating death head and will try and kill you. Fun for one or two players (at the same dang time)
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