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  1. I was disappointed with Atari 800 Asteroids. Left me with nothing but giant round Blue Asteroid balls floating around a dull lifeless green ship. What the hell Todd!, damn, now that I think more about it, maybe I do want to kick him in the balls. (sorry I seem to have posted this with the wrong quote. edited to say this)
  2. I do remember seeing that Strange box design in the store, it was the computer section of a department store in Mobile Al. I really can't place the time or date, but I do remember it being in the same time that my friend Mike got 2600 PacMan. I wasn't on any bulletin boards at the time. It does seem like Compute or some magazine would have reviewed it around release, maybe that could provide some better date evidence.
  3. Hi, I added a bit of red ketchup and a layer of lettuce, also added lighter colored spots on bun hamburger.tif
  4. Random, I'd like to offer a peace pipe in your direction. I actually wanted this game, and I probably would have felt more upset about it if I had gotten it, instead I got the Atari 800 version, which off-course I loved. My neighbor Mike had the game you are speaking about and it did suck, but It was still fun, plus his sister was cute. I also had the KC Munchkin for Odyessy. One of the many reasons that the VCS/2600 shines bright in my mind is that I had wanted one badly in 1980, but instead got an Atari 800, which was cool, but not what everyone else in the neighborhood was getting.
  5. I would love to hear more about your victimhood regarding this game. Sometimes it helps to write these things out in detail. I am totally up for hearing all the ways in which this stupid cartridge ruined your life. Perhaps your support hamster could shed some light on the situation if it dared come out of its cave. You sound like a snowflake melting into the abyss of the attitudes you ascribe to today.
  6. I agree. The whole idea of "calling someone out" is so absurd. You are a much better man understanding that in any argument, today's attitude and perspective on things is absolutely foreign to the reality of a thing when it originally occurred. Great job Tim.
  7. Is there a central file repository for this years candidates?
  8. 2600 Empire Strikes back, would be nice to have progress and eventually ending where Luke's hand gets cut off. Perhaps Luke lands to a hero's welcome in the base hanger.
  9. Thank you, I have really enjoyed listening to your episodes. Your podcast has me thinking of either getting my original Atari 800 down from my attic, or moving over to getting a 5200. I'm still pissed that I missed out on Fractulus when I was growing up. How I wish now, that I could have played that with my dad. I am lucky and know it, so I'm just being "can't think of word". I have so many great memories of co-piloting Star Raiders and Sub Commander, and F-15 Strike Eagle. Cheers man!, appreciate what you do.
  10. KaeruYojimbo, I had KC Munchkin when it came out and I enjoyed it a great deal. My best memories are of making my own mazes and playing them, or letting others play them. That level of control, felt so fresh. My friend Mike, got Pac-Man 2600 at release, and it was a lot of fun. In the middle of a long play session, I went to his kitchen to get some more Kool-aid, and I accidently stepped on his parakeet. The yellow and blue parakeet had gotten out of his gage. I put the bird back in the cage and told Mike that his bird had died. I felt horrible. If you ever read this, Sorry Mike. This is Chad from Woodhillcrest and you lived in the circle. We played a lot in your backyard in the mud with trucks, we played a lot of kickball in your circle. We played a lot of war in the neighborhood. I think we wondered out loud why it looked different, but then your dad said something about how expensive the real arcade machine would be to purchase. I don't remember thinking much more about it, back then. I love hearing all of the programming details now because it is all the kind of information that seemed like things we would never even think of having a chance to know. I guess as a person who was there, it just bugs me to see young people who are into our hobby now, talk crap about something they understand so little.
  11. I like to think of the Atari of our collective imagination. It is 2020 and they are still making cartridges for the VCS/2600. Naturally they would use whatever tech was available to make the best games possible. The only limits would be the acceptable consumer price-point. If new tech allowed better games to flow through the TIA, then so be it. If new tech allowed better print quality on boxes, manuals, and posters, then so be it. If new tech allowed internet connectivity, iphone control, speech recognition, then let it be. It is 2020 and enthusiastic fans are making games for a system they love. -If you choose to make something in 4k of space, without modern programming tools or hardware, then you will earn all due respect, and it will be understood that you have a fascination with working in that scenario. If on the other hand you use everything at your disposal, then you will also earn all due respect. I see no problem with placing a logo on enhanced carts, but that decision, like all others, should be left to the games creator.
  12. Brilliant work James. This is very complex and amazing how many games we are talking about. The future of gaming is here.
  13. Tommy, you've been really cool through this whole thing. Imagine if Atari still had such a direct link to its roots and a leader that cared as much. As much as they were the other team in my youth, I have to support Intellivisions efforts because they are, what I have always wished Atari could have been post Bushnell and team. Doing the right thing and communicating with like minded people should be appreciated. Flo is just being a dick, but god I am thankful he changed that GD! gif that he used for the last 10 years or so. Cheers for that Flo.
  14. I might be interested in a YouTube of this. Perhaps not on a busy day, but I really can imagine hitting play on such a thing if it were to appear here as a link.
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