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  1. I figure with all this thread activity, there would be actual new news about the Ataribox. I guess I was wrong.
  2. There is reason for skepticism because we really don't have enough info yet. I am hopeful it's going to be something worthy though, but we'll see.
  3. The games aren't that great, but it's definitely an amusing thing to collect. I'm especially in for the multi-cart. I have a massive NES/FC collection (350+), but only have Bible Adventures. I would like the Arkade device to look different from your regular NES controller clone though. Baby blue color for the controller shell would be ideal.
  4. I'd buy these just for the shell If you put in a RPi instead of something proprietary, then it'd be super for modders. Make sure the controls are good though. Those mini-cabs and the Sega Arcade Nanos have lousy controls.
  5. Problem is that I'm in Europe. So not sure what all my options are at the moment.
  6. Any other place that has it for preorder, or will have it for sale at some point?
  7. Is it me or is the Colecovision Flashback and the Intellivision Flashback not on the toysrus.com site anymore? I still see the Atari Flashback 5.
  8. I've been wondering since Analogue Interactive's Nt was announced (http://www.analogueinteractive.com/index.php/analogue-nt) - but is it based on the Super 8?
  9. Licensing those games costs money. I know I'd be interested, but it probably wouldn't make financial sense.
  10. Received my SGM today in fine condition (in the Netherlands). Thanks!
  11. VGChartz makes numbers up. They take whatever small tidbit of real data they googled, and put it through some made up formula. They're completely unreliable.
  12. http://www.legacyengineer.com seems to have expired.
  13. Very interested to see how this will turn out. Please do keep us updated
  14. I'm late in seeing this thread, but I'm super excited. Price is no issue for me, although I'm wondering whether this console is supposed to be sold to the hardcore Atari fans only (resulting in a fairly high price), or if a wider audience is intended (where a lower price is essential). Controller-wise I'd actually prefer a gamepad with either a d-pad or thumbstick. I use the 7800 gamepad on my 2600. RGB Scart would be awesome Will this new console be more than just a 2600/7800 and actually have new hardware features for making games with? (eg, improved resolution/sprite counts/colors/sound, etc.)
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