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  1. It was not purchased at a gamestop. This was a store that had a lot of identically priced Atari 2600 and 7800 carts stacked unceremoniously in the corner. added in update: replacing photo with copy with my last name removed.
  2. I bought it being the only 7800 game I saw that I knew I didn't own.
  3. I actually just found Tank Command yesterday for 1.99, I'm guessing that was a good deal since it is mentioned as a rarity?
  4. Are those connectors fairly easy to find? Is that something I can find at a radio shack?
  5. See, I'm lousy at these sorts of things. So the cable alone would be a challenge and an achievement if I were able to assemble a working one.
  6. Are those connectors fairly standard. I'm lousy at sodering (I've had several failed console repairs attempts).
  7. Does anyone know a good place to find a 5200 Y cable for a Wico? I found a Wico Command Controller 5200 inexpensively today, unfortunately it didn't have the Y cable. Any ideas?
  8. The only thing I liked about the port is the sound, the fire to move is just a pain to control
  9. Having waited years I finally got a 5200, it's a two port system with box, manual, inserts, all cables along with 11 games (some loose some with box and manual) I've noticed a few things, first off the controllers. In the set I got the controllers aren't bad, but the design of some of the games is. Is this common, let me give you some examples Wizards of Wor is controlled with the second player port. WHY? Qbert you have to press fire to jump, I get that the stick is analog and they don't want Q-Bert running off, but fire to jump. UGH, I don't have the manual and I can't even figure out how I am supposed to move Frogger. It seems like to compensate for the controllers lack of self centering a lot of games made sacrifices. How common is this?
  10. I picked it up a couple years ago even cheaper used but complete in box. The game itself isn't actually super fun, it's a simulation of what it would be like to drive an actual giant mech. But it's kind of cool just to have. It's easily one of the weirder items in my gaming collection.
  11. Insanity, I have 54 DS games and I thought that was a lot.
  12. Great for them. A nice milestone to hit. Did it faster than the first XBox, if I recall which is growth. Also great for them. But, they had a year head start on the competition. The Wii, which came out a year later is within a nose of of also hitting that goal in the US and has been cleaning the 360's clock in unit sales every month just about. The PS3 has recovered from its own issues and also being a fierce competitor. Then there's the whole issue of the world being a big, big, big place. On a global basis, they're five million units BEHIND the Wii, despite coming out a year earlier. PS3 is also gaining strength elsewhere. But that's spin and I get it. Then, however, they jump to this crazy statement: This one made me howl with laughter and smacked of "Nintendo's been kicking our ass every month and Sony has been coming out of nowhere and we're terrified of what the competition is going to do". I have no doubt that any of the consoles could win this war at this stage. This is not like the previous two generations but more akin to the SNES-Genesis battles of the early 1990s with fierce competitors going at it - only this time there are three of them fighting it out. - Microsoft, who has a huge war chest, a whole back end experience and a determination to win, no matter what the cost. - Sony, the previous leader of two generations, an enormous brand equity and a built in Blu-Ray player; and - Nintendo, the company who took their primary strength of fun games and applied it to a killer blue-ocean strategy while being written off by their competitors. All three have been investigated for illegal monopolistic practices and all three know how to play hard ball. Which makes such a statement seem all the more weak and silly coming from Microsoft who KNOWS how to compete. At least the games argument didn't smack of desperation, though there is obviously some spin there too. Cmon Microsoft ... you can do better than this! They have a history of using out of context and outright incorrect statements in press releases so that major news outlets who fail to do any sort of fact checking carry their bogus stories which they hope will be accepted as fact by consumers and shareholders alike. Microsoft famously put out documents touting the technical specifications of the original Xbox ahead of the other two platforms of the time, the Game Cube and PS2. Microsoft just guessed what the Game Cube's clock speed was and listed it as about 95 MHZ slower than it actually was. They later admitted it was a mistake. They then were listing refurbished systems and store kiosks as part of their "shipped" numbers in various releases. Meaning these were systems that were sold twice in the case of refurbs, or systems that weren't actually sold in the case of store kiosks. Again, it's VERY convenient that these mistakes are always ones to make their numbers look better.
  13. There's a few other threads on this but the Saturn cartridge slot is infamously horrible. They all have problems. I own FIVE Saturns because of that problem. The best thing to do is buy one and leave a memory card in permanently. the Saturn has the worst cartridge slot of any system I've heard of ever.
  14. Snatcher, Lunar The Silver Star, Lunar Eternal Blue, AH-3 Thunderstrike, Sonic CD, Popful Mail, Lords of Thunder, Panic, Shining Force CD.
  15. It's a classic, it's the first ever game made by fan favorite developer Treasure. It's also on the virtual console for the Wii. There is also a sequel called Gunstar Super Heroes on GameBoy Advance.
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