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  1. I own one Proto from Raiders of the Lost Ark. I buy it from an Atari Age User for some years as he sold his collection. He dump the Prototype and some Bytes were different. But not the gameplay itself. What me wonder, it has not work on my Atari 2600 VCS Jr. PAL. But on my Atari 7800 it work without problems. And I saw one sold on eBay later. The price was not high, but I have not buy it, because one is enough.
  2. Miner 2049er Volume II complete, price was 10,- DM I think. But this was for a long time ago. Found no Atari 2600 VCS games in the wild anymore since years. But have not much time for fleamarktes too.
  3. The Limited Edition game arrived today. Thank you very much. Box and extras looks great. Must play it later much more. Anything you can tell already about the new game? Its again an old game which already exist, or a new game like your first release?
  4. Thanks, interesting list. I own some which are missing, or which I have not found it your list. My Dragonfire Collection Dragonfire (Imagic White Label PAL) King Arthur (3 differents, 1 grey big, 1 black big and 1 black small cartridge) My Raiders of the Lost Ark Collection Les Aventuriers de L'Arche Perdue (French Box / has a french sticker on the Box)
  5. Argggg. It was up at 4:20? Thats exactly what I have think. I go to bed at 4:05 and then it was up some minutes later. Now near 6 hours later I wake up and can hope I am not to late.
  6. Wow, amazing. So much Brazil releases. Some questions, I collect not so much Atari 2600 VCS games anymore, but still interested on all different releases from Raiders of the Lost Ark and maybe Dragonfire. I fly over the 13 sites here and I am not sure if I found all different from these 2 games. Supercharger Canal 3 - Raiders of the Lost Ark Cromax - Dragon Fire Tecmagic 2in1 - Dragon Fire Have I miss some? Please tell me. And have you some from them for sale from these 2 games?
  7. Fine thanks. Just have some other hobbies. More modern videogames in the moment. But by Special and Limited Editions I am still interested on Atari 2600 VCS games. Or maybe some new Prototype releases. Thanks to Simon, who inform me about the limited edition from his new game.
  8. 1. July here in Germany and nothing happen yet? I want one now.
  9. For some years I found too one from these games with this strange sticker. Have too think it can be a Protoype. But another German collector found at least one complete with Box. So it seems no Prototype. Just a normal release with cheap sticker.
  10. Then its a Pirate Game I think. Maybe a hack. The box looks a bit strange too for a real game.
  11. Yeahh, all great. Have some other interest in the moment, so I not often here anymore. Have buy some SNES and NES Prototypes and other stuff. I found again this board as I search for a Rare Nintendo DS Demo cartridge which I like to get. I have think now too that I most post again some things for the old times. I miss the old times a bit, so I am here again. And I think now after years I must release this ROM.
  12. ROM dumped by CPUWIZ long time ago. I trade the game from him and he gave me too the ROM. Was a long time since we trade and I have not release the ROM yet I think. Not sure why. But for some days I have dumped and released a SNES Prototype (Little Magic (E)) which was never official released outside from Japan. So now I will release this ROM too. I think its no big problem for CPUWIZ that I do it, because I remember as we trade he tell me that I can do what I want with this ROM. So here for all the Prototype ROM, which has no Taz in the Titlescreen. And on Tempest site stand, that it contain too no Woita Wave. So it contain some differences to the normal game. So no ROM anymore in my hands, which I own without released. Except some Protoypes or games which I can't dump. Taz_Prototype__Atari_2600_VCS___different_Tilescreen_.zip
  13. I am back too for a day. And no problem, because I don't have enough money for Prototypes anymore.
  14. I own a complete Miner 2049er Volume II as PAL Format. The PAL Games from TigerVision has most a Teldec Carrere Sticker on the back, when I not wrong.
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