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  1. lol, I have played 5200 Baseball a few times in the last 15 years, impressive for it's era. But in the last 15 years I've also been corrupted by MLB The Show on Playstation. I think I spent two years getting my minor leaguer into the Show and onto the Hall of Fame!
  2. This is awesome. Thanks! Already had a few runs up the ramps this morning.
  3. Looks cool. Could have used that store about 20 years ago when I was going to college in the area
  4. Gran Turismo is the big omission IMHO. That made me get a PS1. Can't fault any of the other games, lots of classics on that console.
  5. Local newspaper picked up the story. http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/80s/atari-ready-to-uncover-its-et-game-landfill/2174519 I liked this line "Click here to see how you too can attend this weird event."
  6. I just bought a PS3 last month. Grabbed the GTA V 500GB bundle. At the same time based on recommendations and my own tastes I picked up: Bioshock Trilogy Uncharted Trilogy Red Dead Redemption MLB The Show 13 If I ever get through those ten games, I'm planning on picking up Last of Us. Since I don't have a great sound system for my TV, I also picked up the Pulse Elite Wireless Headphones. These things are awesome for games and Blu-rays, really add to the experience with good surround and bass effects.
  7. The iPad really is a great emulation platform provided you jailbreak it. Right now I have MAME, NES, SNES, N64, GBA/GBC, and Genesis emulators all setup along with great versions of the Scumm emulator and DOSBox with thousands of games ready to play. Most of the emulators also support Wiimotes and the Wii Classic controller through bluetooth. Have to jailbreak that thing
  8. Thanks for this. Works great on my Nexus One. Also installed the Wiimote and classic controller support for this Is anyone aware of any ports of Atari800 being developed for iOS devices like the iPad/iPhone? I have my iPad jailbroken and have been using Mame and NES emulators with the Wiimote for awhile now but I haven't seen any Atari 800 emulators out there. A few people have installed the dos versions of XFormer or A800 in DosBox but there got to be a better way.
  9. There's lots of programming languages for Windows that you can use to make programs. You could start off with C/C++ which is very common. Look at this game that was made with C++ : http://opencity.info/ What's cool about some of these opensource games is that they share the code with you so you can see how they made it: http://opencity.sourceforge.net/html/doxygen/html/index.html http://cplus.about.com/od/cgames/C_Games_with_Source_Code.htm
  10. I've had Gameboys for almost 20 years (bouts of Tetris addiction every few years) and I didn't think I would game too much on the iPod touch when I got one this year but it surprised me with some good casual games. It is an apples and oranges comparison in that I find the best games on the Touch are more casual then on the DS. Angry Birds, SkeeBall, and Plant Vs. Zombies are on my Touch rotation right now and I like games where you can move and control things with finger flicks, just different enough from using a stylus to be interesting. The new iPods look cool, faster processors, better screens, and cameras. I might wait a generation so they can iron some things out, $300+ early adopter fees are not always fun.
  11. Bought from and traded with Ranger a few times over the years. Honest trader and great AtariAger.
  12. Great and honest trader. A fine AtariAger.
  13. Aside from the OS from the 8bit Atari computers, I'm partial to MS-DOS too. Spent a solid decade on it until Windows 95 came out. I liked Mac OS but it always felt you were getting more done under the hood in DOS with all the autoexec.bat and config.sys stuff. As a bonus it was always an adventure getting sound cards and games working in DOS too
  14. Great forum member that is good with the communication. We just completed a smooth deal on an Atari computer. Thanks again.
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