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  1. Ok, thanks. In future, would it be possible, that you share on your web site whole 512kB ROM to be used by external flash device? With all updated bios?
  2. Ok, but this Phi2 timing issue is related with incognito itself or an Atari? I could try to uflash it with another Atari 800, but no soon enough. Assuming flashes are correct, and Ataris are correct, could it be problem with another chip on incognito board (xilinx)? I mean, could it be manfulctioning somehow?
  3. Ok, any idea what what can be broken, if flash seems to be fine? Checked by programmer kit.
  4. My friend sent me 512kB ROM file dumped directly from his Incognito, and it accually worked (under programmer of course)! Now I have latest version. Cannot still make flash under uflash though. I have tried 3 flash roms with no effect. Always same problem: Flash error! Retry? Flash memory is still unrecognisable at start of uflash. In attachment ROM, that I have right now, the one dumped by my friend. BARTEK.ROM
  5. And I have tried 512kB rom, that I have found somewhere on AA (from around 2015), and it did not work so good even loader went wrong somehow. Anyway I got dump from my previous flash memory if anybody wants to check structure. orginal.bin
  6. I have access to other working incognito (from my other friend) with newest bios etc. If he dump his rom as an 512kB rom, can I use it to programm my flash SST39SF040-70-4I-NHE (already bought it) with an independent programmer kit (it will be Top3000) ? Or should this ROM be converted to bin format with other structure or so? I am newbie in this subject. edit: or maybe better idea is to dump direclty using programmer kit, but I am not sure, if I get his incognito soon enough. ROM from uflash can be easy sent by email.
  7. Thanks. I'll do that, and let you know. How to programm new empty flash memory? It should be done using programmer I assume, but those Incognito roms should be fixed in exact places in ROM or so?
  8. I used link to atari.org.pl. There are more photos there, but essential is this one. I will put picture here then.
  9. I have problem with flashing Incognito from Candle. Right now I have old-layout version. What I do: 1. Set Incognito with Spartados and 1MB of memory 2. Put into SIO2SD latest files (roms, uflash) on clean ATR disk 3. Start computer, load uflash from SDX 4. Uflash then do not recognize flash, so I setup 512kB/4kB (tried also defferent in act of desperation) 5. Try to load BIOS, PBI, LOADER, and all loads fine 6. Erasing goes well, but after that I cannot flash, and I come with this message, and freezed computer (keyboard do not respond): http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/misc.php?action=pun_attachment&item=4134&preview I was informed, that flash memory can be broken, but before I check flash by my friend's programmer I need to make sure I do everything correct up to this point. BTW I can dump rom files with no problem.
  10. Just want to let you know I am also interested. So I wait for pre-order thread.
  11. MacRorie, I have sent you PM. Sorry for delay, I explained on PM.
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