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  1. We have not final product yet. Only prototype. However game will be in "Maszczyk" case. PCBs are beeing manufactured.
  2. This game was throughly tested by me on these systems: 800XL NTSC (works ca 5% slower than PAL version) 65XE PAL 130XE PAL 800XE PAL 600XL PAL with 64kB on board As well as with Rapidus and Ultimate 1MB (also with Qmeg system). Game also support stereo. As for XEGS cart works fine when booted with keyboard. Without it, intro can cause problems. For now we found out that not recieving signal on 10 pin of GTIA (triger 2) cause this "problem". Which somehow could be involved with XEGS OS. However, mod can be made to avoid this problem and pretend that keyboard is connected. This way we connect 1k resistor between 13 and 14(15) pin of keyboard input, looking into port itself - and not description on PCB.
  3. At the beginning of April, we announced Polish innovative game „Adam Is Me”: http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1585766140&archive=&start_from=20&ucat=1&ct=nowinki We inform that you can order it from today! The publisher of „Adam” is company Retronics, and authors have prepared a few surprises. „Adam Is Me” is a logical game with an interesting storyline. Authors did their best to well prepare this game in terms of level preparation, graphics and music. The release was carefully prepared, together by the members of the Agenda, who are also authors of the game, Retronics and the developer of the cartridge, Jakub Husak. What makes this game so special? Innovative approach - a combination of two games „Baba Is You” and „Robbo”, with the addition of many new elements of the game. Interesting storyline - save the world from the virus, going through 64 levels, on 8 planets in a galaxy far away, in search for samples with a remedy. Mechanics - it's not just „collecting keys” - set your own rules of the game, completely altering the rules on the screen. You can be the key! High note – authors are proud of high note in issue 60 of Polish Pixel magazine that had reviewed the game, scoring it highly: „Adam Is Me can easily work on its own legend.” Modern standards - for convenience, authors added save points after finishing each level, the ability to undo moves, and some freedom in passing stages. The difficulty level has been optimized so that the game is not boring, but also not discouraging. Setting – we put a lot of effort to make good audiovisual elements of the game, introduction, ending, variety etc. Versatility - the game works in PAL / NTSC systems and will run on any Atari XL/XE computer with 64KB of memory. Using add-ons - the game uses extra memory (more moves possible to undo) and also works with Rapidus. There will be two possible versions to buy: 1. Standard version which will include: - box with cover - game cartridge (on which player can save the progress) - combined English and Polish manual (26 pages) - two cards with a dictionary of the names of items 2. Deluxe version, which will include: - box with cover - game cartridge (on which player can save the progress) - combined English and Polish manual (26 pages) - two cards with a dictionary of the names of items - a figure of Adam made of original LEGO bricks, 16 cm high, for self-assembly - LEGO instruction The first version in pre-order is available for 49 USD and the version with a LEGO robot for 59 USD. The release is planned on September/October. You can submit pre-orders starting today at zamowienia(at)retronics(dot)eu The trailer can be found under this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udxZQXakMkk&t And the official website of the game is here: http://aim.atariscene.pl/
  4. I have recieved info from Klaus (Thank you!): https://github.com/kbr-net/sdrive-max/commit/afa2a31e95742337ec42d181966b6bae767c345f "But timing may be poor, and needs some more adjustments, but that is Farb's part i guess..." Can any one take over and make more needed changes? Also these need to be merged into *.hex files I suppose. But I have no idea how it should be done.
  5. There were already some tests by Drygol of smaller Arduino boards: https://retrohax.net/atari-800-xl-refurb-sdrive-max/
  6. But how would one check it? I have no possibilities to copy ATX on real drive. Originals of these games (ex. from Retronics) load normally from real fdd, and images from what I know, are made exactly like them, with bad sectors etc. Fact that these "bad" ATX files load through SIO2USB, is enough for me to consider something is wrong with SDM or SDM firmware.
  7. Today I have checked all these problematic for SDM ATX files on newest RespeQT, and loaded them all using SIO2USB with no problem. Is there any chance to update SDM firmware I wonder...
  8. Well, all of these "bad" files work fine on Altirra. All of "bad" files are 140KB, so my assumption is that firmware do not support 140KB ATX files. And, I like to run "original" disk images on my Atari, and most ATR are cracked files. This is main reason I have built SDrive Max, as for ATRs, I use mostly SIO2SD.
  9. Sorry for being little lazy, but reading 42 pages can take some time... Is there any reason why 140KB ATX discs won't run on my SDrive Max? These are mostly polish games, like Robbo etc. http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/collections/Atari 8bit Preserved Software 2020-01-25/Robbo (1989)(L.K. Avalon)(PL)[disk].zip All other stuff loads normally: 90KB discs, cas, atr's. Of course, I have tried many OS, turn on/off basic, setup SDM as 1050 etc. All I get is BOOT ERROR at first sector each time. My machine is 65XE with Ultimate 1MB. I use 1.2c firmware on SDM. Can it be fixed in SDM firmware maybe?
  10. I have created map to help me finish the game. It is really good production. If you are lost in Wasteland this map can help you. Sorry for non English version, but it's mostly written ENTRANCE.
  11. Ok, thanks. In future, would it be possible, that you share on your web site whole 512kB ROM to be used by external flash device? With all updated bios?
  12. Ok, but this Phi2 timing issue is related with incognito itself or an Atari? I could try to uflash it with another Atari 800, but no soon enough. Assuming flashes are correct, and Ataris are correct, could it be problem with another chip on incognito board (xilinx)? I mean, could it be manfulctioning somehow?
  13. Ok, any idea what what can be broken, if flash seems to be fine? Checked by programmer kit.
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