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  1. My son (10 yo) was rather helping with graphics and gave some ideas for clues etc. He is usually unconcentrated, which do not help in programming. But when I was 10 I have already tried programming in Basic, so who knows My daughter is 6 so she only helped with packing physical edition etc.
  2. Ok, thanks. That WAS easy. This instrument was borrowed, as I remember. The only problem, it should be changed for B and C instrument as well, and updated song should be put inside zip package. I made update of song and put as attachment. ilusia v1.1.rmt
  3. Sorry, but now my "Ilusia" song from songs folder sounds terrible... it is totally out tuned. It seems that instrument B and C must be lower down 3 notes, but then I am out off scale. In older vesrion of RMT is ok. Any idea why?
  4. Game I made with my children. All information in txt file. Game won 1st place at Silly Venture 2021WE. Simple text adventure game made in Atari Basic and compiled. Troll's Treasure.ATR Troll's Treasure.txt
  5. Accesing these level cheats would be very helpfull. I just had another crash on my system after level 8... For 99% my hw is faulty (I assume extended memory) but I am so into finishing this game on real hw... Have mercy
  6. I have already finished 1-8 levels on previous version, and now I want to continue from 9 on newest release, but level selector is blocked. Any chance to spare info how to unlock these "cheats"?
  7. Level 4. Right after opening exit door and trying to pass jaws on next chamber. Atari 130xe maxflash with latest release. By the way, is there any code to jump to next level? I cannot set starting level on begining as well.
  8. GrooBY, who publishes gameplays on his YouTube channel and goes through many games on a small Atari, has just finished Adam Is Me (all 64 stages!) And posted a video of the game's walkthrough. I recommend watching it. This is, in a way, a walkthrough, so whoever has a problem with a level can see the solution. I also encourage you to subscribe to his channel, because it is fun to watch, he tells interesting stories and methodically finishes games that once seemed impossible to beat. And with no cheats! He also many times publish movies in English.
  9. So maybe it would be wise and fair to make this in more categories next time? Best Technical achievement and best replayability and more? Like in Oscars which was mentioned here before. And by the way, technical achievement and high replay value can be done in one game - and that kind of game should be considered as the winner. As for KK2018 - me too... but it is not up to me.
  10. You are right about that with no doubt, but let me explain and point out where I think problem is. It can be seen that the commission nominated couple games that are much less technically advanced and obviously took less effort to make, than many of the others titles. Maybe commission aproach it this way: "I choose position which I like more" - if so, then ok, but then all games should be allowed to vote. If aproach was different, and based on some professional analysis and solid rules, then there should be place for at least 4-5 more games. So I still think it is unfair. Let's wait and compare results with others (for example Kaz Kompo) to make a conclusion out of it.
  11. Thanks for explanation. But I will like to share my thoughts. In my opinion voting will be cloudy then. Problem is gamers cannot vote on their favourites titles and are very restricted. It should work like Kaz Kompo if you ask me - all titles nominated. On list are many good other titles so it is unfair to just not take them under consideration because somebody decided there is only room for 6.
  12. It would be appropriate to ask some questions: 1. According to which rules the games were nominated? 2. Why only 6 and not 10? There are many others (beside of Adam Is Me) which are great and well polished games that deserve to be at least nominated: Literally, Lasermania 2020, Oxygen Be etc.
  13. We inform that CD is finally here! This is how product look.
  14. Need to be mentioned, that LEGO model was made basing on voxel robot, but narrowed in the middle 1 brick (voxel), cause no required bricks were avaliable (like turntable). You can notice some more minor differences, but bricks had to hold each other, so I build it best way I could
  15. Yes. Cartridge works like standard disc - loads intro/game/each planet/outro and can save progress. Technically it contains Flash and some logic chips. This solution comes from Jakub Husak.
  16. Right. ATR which has minor differences (like no animated Adam during loading). Digital ROM would not work with saves though.
  17. Some levels are easier than they look. So be open-minded, and always try to find easier solution first.
  18. As many of you know, game coder Gorgh, from Agenda group, released not long ago his latest game „Literally”. There is not much information about its physical copy release on AA, so I would like to share it with you guys, and show what we are dealing with here. Game was published by Retronics this year and is 5th new game released from this company (along with Laura, Laura New Adventures, Come in 07 and Adam Is Me). „Literally” is literally (sic!) a motor racing game (similar to Speed King, although much better at the graphics and musics point of view, and it is much more playable title). As we find out from the description on the box: „In this game, taking place in Eighties, you play as Mark, a biker and an owner of a Polish-made WSK 125 motorcycle, as he crosses continents and, in various countries and weather conditions, races other motorcyclists. You can ride up to sixteen different tracks and compete with enemies from various countries. You must also dodge obstacles on the road, which could cause you to crash. In every stage, you must be the fastest to win and thus unlock the next racetrack.” „Literally” boxed edition comes in big glossy box, and contains: Cartridge with game and label. Colour game manual made from nice glossy paper. Motorcycle model (that can be chosen by order). The game is completely in English, also the manual and the description on box. Game works on NTSC machines, and need Atari XL/XE computer with 64KB of memory. The game was also presented on the Polish channel „Gramy na Gazie” by Larek and Borsuk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AX8pM7B0kRE&t Authors responsible for this production: Kamil „Gorgh” Trzaska – idea, code, graphics Piotr „Piesiu” Radecki – additional graphics Michał „Caruso” Brzezicki – music Makary „Makary” Brauner – music Krzysztof „Kaz” Ziembik – history, manual Finally, let's add that the game retains the Polish spirit. Those more interested will find a bit more about the history of the automotive industry, here in Poland, in the old comunism era. The game is also a kind of tribute to the character of the Pole, Marek Michel, whom the greatest achievements were two trips he made in 1973-1974 on a WSK 125 type M06-B3 motorcycle. One to India and the other around the world. Additionally, the game features a bit of humor, as the names and descriptions of the competitors (different on each route) can make you laugh. One of our opponents will be Georgy (known from the tour to St.Petersburg), who, as we are informed by the game: „Never took part in orgy”. Those interested in physical copy release, can place orders directly at Retronics: [email protected] The game is available for $ 49 plus shipping.
  19. If anyone is interested, the presale of new CD "Synergy" has just started. It includes 10 my Atari 8-bit songs and their covers created by Gades. More information here (in Polish): http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=nowinki&ucat=1&subaction=showfull&id=1607532819 Any questions and detailes about CD are welcomed here. As for purchase of CD (if You are interested), please write directly to: [email protected]
  20. Thank you for good feedback. We are glad that consumers are pleased with our product and we hope to deliver more in future, under Retronics and Agenda brand
  21. Not demo, but full version, soon after physical release is more less sold.
  22. This Saturday, November 14 at 12:00 UTC+01:00 we will present "Adam Is Me" live on the Larek YT channel and "RetroNaGazie". We invite you again! Broadcast will be in Polish language. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHkKoN9v0II
  23. Unfortunately, live has been canceled (due to the illness of the leader, Borsuk) and will most likely be moved to another date. We will inform you about the details.
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