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  1. The potential is there to keep the gambling completely out of it. I'm thinking it could just be a racing game with obstacles and could include powerups or item collection for points etc. Marble Madness or Super Monkey Ball might be good references for controls. I might be too hopped up on Mountain Dew at the moment but I'm stuck on the idea of the Intellivision Running Man piloting a marble. 😄
  2. Well..I had wanted a Marble Madness remake at some point..but now I just want a racing game with this guy doing commentary (and all those cool team names!). Pretty sure I'm going to be watching this dudes videos on Youtube all night. Thumbs up!
  3. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer get's my vote. Upon it's release it was touted as the biggest and best, but the high price point (i think it was like 700 bucks if I remember correctly) meant that the spoiled kid down the street was the only kid in the neighborhood that actually had one. I never really felt that the games released for the system justified buying the console. I was perfectly happy playing Sega Genesis with the rest of the gang
  4. I completely missed out on the USFL, but I do remember the World League. We had a team for one season called the Ohio Glory. Slightly back on topic - I would love to see what the Amico offers in the sports video game category. Football games these days are complex to the point folks can't just jump in or pick up and play. I'd personally like to see more arcade style gameplay and less simulation with my sports titles.
  5. Welcome to Atari Age! Some of the games you listed have been announced as in the works. Tron Deadly Discs, Super Burgertime, Triple Action, and Utopia are a part of the growing list. Not sure if it's helpful but I've attached a list I put together of the games announced so far. amico.txt
  6. I sure did! Thanks for getting that one pointed out. 👍 I'd be very interested in a remake of Moonsweeper and Cosmic Ark myself!
  7. Where/when were Dragonfire, Safecracker & Wing War announced? I've always thought of Dragonfire as a staple Imagic title but didn't see it in the initial trailer (Intellivision Amico - Reveal Trailer 2018 @ 2:31) Interested in Wing War for sure as it was unreleased for the Intellivision back in the day. What about White Water! and Nova Blast?
  8. Really looking forward to 10.10.2020! I've been enjoying reading the various game requests for the system. At this point I've been looking for a list of games that have been actually announced and/or are in the works for the Amico. I've been coming up a bit short in finding one so I put together the following based off the Intellivision Entertainment website and trailer videos. Feel free to make corrections or point me in the direction of a better list that I probably overlooked! Earthworm Jim 3 MotoRace USA Miner 2049er Tropical Angel Super Burgertime Moon Patrol : The Milky Way Chronicles R-Type 10-Yard Fight Lode Runner Kung-Fu Master Archon ToeJam & Earl Spelunker Bad Dudes Intellivision Classics remade/reimagined: Astrosmash Armor Battle Shark!Shark! Baseball Night Stalker Skiing Math Fun SNAFU Frog Bog Boxing Bowling Triple Action Tron Deadly Discs AD&D Cloudy Mountain Utopia Star Strike Horse Racing Auto Racing B-17 Bomber Atari Classics remade/reimagined: Pong Asteroids Centipede Tempest Adventure Missle Command Yar's Revenge Breakout Lunar Lander Night Driver Sky Diver Warlords Imagic Classics remade/reimagined: Microsurgeon Atlantis Demon Attack Dracula Beauty and the Beast Ice Trek Swords & Serpents Truckin' Un-named (featured in Amico press release trailers etc. "Over 20 Brand New games on launch") Intellivision Running Man (Gamescom 2019 trailer @ 1:53) Car Crash Track (Gamescom 2019 trailer @ 1:58) Clown Cannon (Gamescom 2019 trailer @ 2:05) DJ turn it up (Gamescom 2019 trailer @ 2:05) Assassin Kitty VS General Meow (Gamescom 2019 trailer @ 2:06) Ecco the dolphin? (Gamescom 2019 trailer @ 2:07) +board games +card games
  9. I'm interested in this as well (although i'm down with the disc controllers themselves). Thinking it could be possible with the USB ports featured on the back of the console?
  10. I'm also from Ohio, small world, huh? :)

    1. uglyclone


      small world indeed! 😎

  11. Yeah, pretty close to that time frame. Pete managed the Reds in '88 and '89. The betting investigation wrapped up in the summer of '89. Pete's betting = bad. Pete's batting = great.
  12. I can handle the name change, and taking Pete Rose rose off the cover art (licensing reasons I'm sure)..but replacing him with a generic St. Louis Cardinal can't be justified in my Ohio heart.
  13. uglyclone


    my random doodles etc.
  14. thought i'd take a crack at it even though i'm not a pixel artist. Since I'm not a pixel artist I wasn't sure if the pixels needed to be doublewide or not but tried to keep it in the 16x16 limit. Fun!
  15. patience. I need more of it, and I need it right now! hurry up already!

    1. GoldLeader


      Maybe you could form a League of Patient Men...But do it NOW!!

    2. DZ-Jay


      I tried that once, but I got tired of waiting.

    3. Atarian7


      'I need to be hopeless. It's my only hope.'

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