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  1. I'm also from Ohio, small world, huh? :)

    1. uglyclone


      small world indeed! 😎

  2. Yeah, pretty close to that time frame. Pete managed the Reds in '88 and '89. The betting investigation wrapped up in the summer of '89. Pete's betting = bad. Pete's batting = great.
  3. I can handle the name change, and taking Pete Rose rose off the cover art (licensing reasons I'm sure)..but replacing him with a generic St. Louis Cardinal can't be justified in my Ohio heart.
  4. uglyclone


    my random doodles etc.
  5. thought i'd take a crack at it even though i'm not a pixel artist. Since I'm not a pixel artist I wasn't sure if the pixels needed to be doublewide or not but tried to keep it in the 16x16 limit. Fun!
  6. Alright dudes. dare to dream with me a second. I can't get over Flojomojo's idea of the AtariAge community banding together to purchase the Atari brand and IP a putting Albert in charge of it. Albert has a serious passion for the community as a whole, and works hard to support the homebrew community etc. AtariAge publishes more quality titles than the current rendition of Atari does right? Pretty sure with the programming and hardware talent that post regularly here there is enough of a core group to really put together a solid team to make something epic. Someone way smarter than me can hopeful answer the following questions: What would it take financially to make such a purchase? and in a true bout of irony..Could we put together a indiegogo to raise the funds to make this happen?
  7. patience. I need more of it, and I need it right now! hurry up already!

    1. GoldLeader


      Maybe you could form a League of Patient Men...But do it NOW!!

    2. DZ-Jay


      I tried that once, but I got tired of waiting.

    3. Atarian7


      'I need to be hopeless. It's my only hope.'

  8. 1. Moonsweeper 2. Turmoil 3. Cosmic Ark 4. Solaris 5. Spider Fighter
  9. I liked M-Network games up until I played their port of Burgertime on the 2600. What a turd. It was one of the few times I had to concede to my cousins that maybe..just maybe...their Intellivision was better than my Atari 2600.
  10. a few things I've learned so far watching the ongoing AtariVCS discussion: people love tacos as much as I do the Register is an awesome read The Register recently posted mp3 clips of their talk with Michael Artz in response to being called trolls on the Atari Facebook page. Epic https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/06/21/atari_interview_in_full/
  11. I enjoy playing Dark Chambers, especially two player. Sadly I don't read too many reviews that are favorable to this game. I have a lot of good memories playing this two player with friends and family members. Throw on some music, turn on Dark Chambers, and enjoy a few hours of conversation. Strangely relaxing. Highly recommended!
  12. uglyclone

    RetroN 77

    Hyperkin dudes, Thank you for building this thing. I will be buying one once it is available. Stay Rad, -random guy on the internet
  13. uglyclone

    Fatal Run

    saw your pic you put up on Instagram of Fatal Run. Sounds like a solid title! Is it worth the price though? seems to run a bit on the higher end on Ebay
  14. looks awesome! What's the price range you are looking to sell these for?
  15. so this "brotherhood", how does one become a member? Do new recruits get beat into the gang? beat-ins...hazing...the tough stuff. The 7800 brotherhood isn't for the weak right? so many questions...
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