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  1. C'mon man, it can be done on a SMS, what says it can't be done on a 7800, nobody ever tried BITD because everybody wrote Atari off for dead after the 1984 crash, anyone notice the lack of third party support for Atari systems after that time?
  2. From one reviewer to another just asking, is your new controller one of the Best-modded CX52 sticks? They are an absolute godsend and I swear by everything Best Electronics does and have for over a decade. If it's a different one leyt us know and I just might pick one up too.
  3. I'll try it out also, I DO have it on both 8-bit and 5200, after I find a tutorial video on it so I can learn the ropes of it before actually diving in to the game itself.
  4. It's because of my meds (reaction to alcohol might really f*** me up BIG-TIME), plus I'm just not a drinker, not since my first date with my former Love Of My Life, Alice Yantz in April 1989 (I was 22 she was 29 at that time, we just fell for each other then), and never again, period, especially since I do drive (got my first license in February 1999, I was 32 years old at that time).
  5. Cool. But David Crane (Pitfall!'s iconic creator) just might want royalties just for the use of the Pitfall! graphics on the can. And while I myself don't drink, in fact I did get a full unopened can of Rockstar as a gift back in 2002 when I played a show as The Heavy Metal Warrior with my old hardcore/thrash band S.M.F. as I came out with our first CD in 4 years (SchizoTron) just months before, in which (the show not the CD, which sold a few hundred) drew only less than 100 people despite all the marketing we did leading up to that show, we even made it a festival, "CoveFest '02 - The Quest For Berg", on August 31, 2002 (aggressive newspaper coverage, promo posters at the local record store Quimper Sound Records here in Port Townsend, handing out TONS of flyers, etc.) I was SO disappointed with the fact we actually had to pay the bands (Necrophilist from Port Angeles, Dorgan Onor from Seattle/Everett, and Shelley's Wrist here in Port Townsend) out of our own pockets due to the poor turnout we had. It would lead to the downfall of both my comeback (after 4 years since out last CD, ...and Proud of It) and eventually the band itself (November 2002 we broke up). THAT'S show biz for you. I still do have their demo CD-Rs they made then so I could check them out before they played here, they are HEAVY!!! BTW, I no longer have that can, nor did I ever drink it (I'm just not an energy drink kinda guy), but back then I considered that to be a collector's item due to it marking my first concert since we came back..... oh what could've been!!!
  6. I was just wondering, since ever since I found out about Atari Canada (after watching episodes of the Toronto-produced Jackpot on USA Network in the 80's where they gave away Atari 130XE computers as some of the prizes on that show) existed and that they produced their own commercials as I saw (like their "Along Came Atari" ad promoting their XE and ST computers) back in November 1986 on CBC on a trip here to Port Townsend before moving up here the following July, if they could've come out with any in-house (Canadian-market-exclusive) games for Atari systems such as my idea for RealSports Hockey since Hockey IS Canada as well as the greatest sport on the planet IMO (L.A. Kings fan since 1975 speaking here). Also, are they at all related to Atari Corp. by any chance???
  7. I'd pitch in, just as long as i can also pay my monthly rent of course
  8. Hey @Ryan Witmer, how's things going with the port? We haven't heard anything since back last Saturday so we were wondering how Rob 'N' Banks is going, I hope you're OK after getting that COVID shot, it won't be long before Washington becomes open for business again (finally!). Things are going fine at my work except we might get slammed with work tonight (being Father's Day Weekend I would expect it), I wondered how you are doing also. Thanks! Your neighbor here on the Olympic Peninsula, Ray Jackson
  9. I also memorized the controls and after only 3 months after getting it I was playing Star Raiders without even needing the overlays and did quite well on the Pilot Mission level, never got killed on it, always knew when to head to a starbase whenever I needed my shields repaired and always kept my eye on the attack computer so oncoming Zylons were dust the moment they even thought about attacking my ship, such great times.
  10. I myself enjoy playing it on the 5200 as well, I didn't even need the overlays figuring how simple she was to control, with the top fire buttons being the smart bombs and any key 0-9 being hyperspace, I wouldn't know which keys on the 8-bit/XEGS would do those things while using the CX40, so yes I do prefer the 5200 version on it because of its ease on controllability.
  11. I loved playing the arcade version in the late 80s and heard about its release on the SMS back then but wondered if it could ever be done for Lil' Sexy, my newly-acquired rebuilt CX24 (and CX78 Europads) 7800 controllers await even a demo version to get us all chompin' at the bit. With all the talent here on AA and specifically here on the 7800 forums with guys like @PacManPlus, @darryl1970 and others that leave behind a legacy of great ports we have seen down the years (Pac-Man Collection, Baby Pac-Man, UniWarS, Galaxian, Berzerk/Frenzy, Astro Blaster, Moon Cresta, etc.) that there's nothing that can't be done on her, as these devs have proven the MARIA chip is SO capable of doing so much more than the good-old ANTIC and GTIA chips on both the 8-bit and 5200 ever could do.
  12. ......and an 8-bit and 5200 versions as well. @DearHorse WAS working on one BITD but lost the code years ago, it was never reworked on let alone released even in unfinished or prototype-form.
  13. Who cares about what it looks like, it's how it plays, graphics nowadays for Atari systems are moot point, I would play it and download it in a heartbeat. I'm sure many of my fellow colleagues here on AA will be more than willing to oblige.
  14. Thanks! I just downloaded Rolltris for both the 5200 and the 8-bit. I didn't know this existed. As for Castle Blast I would love to see an 8-bit version of it available, I DO currently have it for the 5200.
  15. Maybe one of these days we'll see Moon Alien ported to the 7800 as well, @PacManPlus Bob has done a fantastic job on every port he does for the 7800, leaking out games like Moon Alien, in which I had never heard of before get both my and his motors going, let's see what happens.
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