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  1. ...and perhaps a 5200 version for those of us who own Big Sexy.
  2. .....and then @playsoft got a hold of it (with a little bit of prodding from yours truly who also saw @Thelen's original version) and converted it to the 5200 and fixed the bugs out of the original 8-bit. I even went out of my way to make it my debut episode of my-now famous YouTube channel (one of my three YT channels I have, the others are Ray Jackson and BIGHMW TV), The Atari Report. It's a fantastic game and I as a 5200 owner had been chompin' at the bit to get one of our own for it. Here is my debut episode of The Atari Report - 5200 Edition BTW, I have polished off my presentation skills and mastered the art of voiceover on every episode during gameplay since then. Below are Playsoft's 5200 conversion (.bin) and both of Thelen's 8-bit (.zip) works of it. Yar's Strike.bin Yar's Strike - Original 8-bit Version.zip Yar's Strike - 8-bit Version.zip
  3. Sorry guys, it's just that I'm gettin' kinda giddy about this, after all the development of an SD cart was the main reason I dug in and got a 7800 in the first place. Otherwise this great system would've still been off my list, after all while the great folks here at AtariAge have great games for them ready to rock for Lil' Sexy, I was always a 5200 (Big Sexy) guy and only a 5200 guy, until I ventured into the 2600 world thanks (in part) to all of you programmers with great games like Pac-Man 4K (I reviewed it a few episodes ago on the 2600 Edition of The Atari Report) and others when I got my old Flashback Portable, before getting the VCS adapter and the Harmony Encore SD cart for it.
  4. Well it's that I am just merely a gamer (if I wanted to do computer work I have my Windows 7 laptop already) plus almost all of the 4000+ 8-bit ROMs I have, courtesy of the Homesoft Collection, are mainly, if not only, .xex files and I know the Ultimate Cart will work with those. Plus, the AVG cart would be great, that is if you didn't have a cable sticking out of it or have to import it, and I have never heard of Side3, I just need a link to find out more about it. Maybe Side3 could be a better alternative, I'll find out more about it, before I drop some $$$ towards a multicart for the XEGS..
  5. Hey @batari, @adamchevy and I would like to know the latest in the development on Concerto, as I intend to not only get a XEGS next week but also (at least) the Brewing Academy Ultimate Cart for it and the Harmony Encore so I can (at least) play 2600 games on Lil' Sexy (my name for the 7800), we're getting kinda anxious.
  6. True it DOES have 360 throwing and movement ability, it would be perfect for the analog stick.
  7. This is what the 5200 SHOULD'VE been!!!
  8. Thanks for that loan @CPUWIZ!!! Now it's just a matter of @batari coming through with the Concerto multicart hopefully by the end of the year, in the meantime, I'll definitely be reacquiring the Harmony Encore multicart The Atari 7800 is the size that the 5200 should've been, no controller storage, no BS. Period. "Pam"/CX5100/"5200 Jr" would've sold tons more if it were issued, let alone take up much less space. I would've bought one and ditched the original afterwards.
  9. After I took delivery of Little Sexy I took the film off of it. As for the "2-in-1" compatibility with 2600 games that Concerto has, as well as 7800 games, THAT is INDEED both a gamebreaker and a dealmaker!!! But for now after I get both my next Social Security payment and my paycheck on the 3rd and pay my rent I am definitely getting the Harmony Encore and in January I will be ditching my Flashback 9 despite its remote joystick-based menu/start/select controls as opposed to having to use the buttons on the console in which was why I sold my original Harmony Encore last year in the first place.
  10. Great News, I just took delivery (via FedEx) of a great condition (clear plastic seal on the metal bezel) 7800, now it's just a matter of: 1) Reacquiring Harmony Encore 2) when Concerto get released and available for all of us to get, this is why I got (what I as a 5200 owner call) "Little Sexy" in the first place, hopefully @batari will be on this as I'm (and so are many of us) ready for the finished Concerto surfaces. 3) Getting a XEGS (as I found out a PS/2 keyboard adapter is available, that is a huge dealmaker) and also the The Brewing Academy's Ultimate Cart for it as well. 4) hopefully in January, launching the 7800 and 8-bit Editions of The Atari Report, no official announcement will be made until Concerto is actually available, then we can go on YouTube and make that awaited announcement that even I want to make. 2 months to go (plenty of time) and I have confidence that @batari will have her done by the end of 2020. How many others have as much faith in him getting the deal done as I do???
  11. This makes me think twice on having gotten my 7800 on eBay back last week if it had these kinds of issues I just might turn around and resell it. BUMMER!!!
  12. Myself as well, I would never ventured my way to getting a 7800 without the SD cart available, that's why I ignored it for all of these years since becoming an Atarian back in 1982 and getting my first 5200 (a USA-made 4-port, serial #141101) back on my 17th Birthday (on May 19th, 1983).
  13. In that case, will the fire button act as a start or reset button so I don't ever have to pull out the console except for powering it on/off or for rebooting the Ultimate Cart with its built-in button when switching games/files??? That would perhaps sway me over to the XEGS despite the hefty price tags for them on eBay. The separate keyboard can then simply rest stored inside of a drawer and I'll never need to break it out and connect it except for games that utilize it, i.e. like Star Raiders
  14. Good. Then now the 65XE is only weeks away for me, it's just a matter of saving up my $$$, plus with the good news I keep hearing (and reading) on the 7800 Concerto SD cart this is gonna make things easier, however, I will not make any announcements on YouTube nor issue any press releases on the 7800 and 8-bit versions of The Atari Report until I actually have both the hardware (and both the 8-bit Ultimate Cart and 7800 Concerto) physically in my hands!!! Still plenty of time for you guys to change my mind as far as either an XEGS or the 65XE, so I'm still open to opinions while still having made up my mind, as eBay prices for used XEGS systems are ridiculous right now, that, is why i am siding with the 65XE, from Best Electronics as well as the 8-bit Ultimate Cart, as it takes (and all of my files are) .xex files so there should not be any major snafus as far as compatibility is concerned.
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