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  1. ROM please!!! I waiting to play!!! I'll even do a review of it on a future episode of the 2600 Edition of The Atari Report on The Atari Report YouTube channel.
  2. Just checked my ROM collection, it turned out I still had the RC1 version of it, so I just downloaded the updated RC3 version of it, and I will upload that to my Flashback 9/Harmony Encore SD card later this morning and then I'll film my review for the 2600 Edition of The Atari Report for air tomorrow, so watch for it!!! BTW, on the 5200 Edition I will be featuring yet another gem from @playsoft, Scramble for the Atari 5200 SuperSystem!!! .....and then maybe I'll turn the tables on the next episodes of TAR and do Scramble for the 2600 and that already-mentioned 5200 version of Venture I have so you can see it in action and see that yes one DOES exist (please guys, don't ask for that particular ROM after all I don't want to wind up getting banned after all these years! 😉)
  3. You know that a 5200 port of this was (temporarily) leaked out (I DO have it but please don't ask me for it) only to see the mods take it down due to the ROM owner's request, of course the poster was immediately banned, and it was only his first post at that! Poor guy. Here is that post:
  4. I just might want to review this on a future episode of the 2600 Edition of The Atari Report, as I do have the ROM already, and stay tuned for this week's episodes (2600 and 5200 Editions, one episode each) in which will be filmed and uploaded later on this week!!!
  5. I hear you. BTW, I also used to own a mint 2600 Jr. short rainbow edition but sold it when I got the 2-port 5200 and the VCS adapter, but also I own a Flashback 9 when I sold both of my multicarts last year because I needed the $$$ (I was unemployed for almost 2 years before landing my great job over at Safeway here in Port Townsend), but did get the Flashback 9 when I got the Sony STR-DH590 home theater receiver after being turned on to the HDMI/HD craze going on and since it did not offer any composite a/v in/out jacks on it that lead me to upgrade everything. ....and yes, if I could afford it, I would try to get a near mint 2600 jr. short rainbow (it's smaller) rather than an original 4 switch unit, but if I did I would get the woodgrain one rather then a Vader one. And I would also get myself another Harmony Encore multicart since I DO have the Atarimax SD multicart back. I figured why not. and then I could have both modded to DVI and use the Sophia unit to adapt it to HDMI, hell I already own a VCR and have plans on getting a composite-to-HDMI adapter for it why not!!! I am already eyeing up an 8-port HDMI switcher I can use for my STR-DH590 since it only has 4 outputs onboard and I don't want to piggyback 2 or 3 inputs off the TV itself and then use an audio y-adapter from the phones jack on the TV to an audio input on the receiver just to put them all on, I'd rather have just one output from the receiver from the 8-port switcher plugged into just one jack. Here are all of my video components: Insignia digital TV tuner Atari 2600/Flashback 9 Atari 5200 Sony SLV-N51 VCR Lonpoo LP-099 region-free DVD player unbranded MP4 HD media player Roku Ultra (perhaps) a BluRay (preferably region-free) disc player My home entertainment system, also consists of LP, 8-track, cassette, CD and MiniDisc units as well, all hooked up to a matching Sony STR-DH190, so I have SEVEN decades of technology all run on two units hooked to a pair of Edifier R1010BT powered monitors (run from the headphone jacks off each receiver) and a 39" Insignia HDTV I bought in 2016. You've probably seen the system in action on The Atari Report on that brand new YouTube channel I own, I hope you enjoy the content on it as well as my other YT channel BIGHMW TV, and I will be launching brand new episodes of TAR this weekend so what games is it gonna be this week??? You'll have to tune in (and subscribe) to find out for yourself.
  6. Keep in mind that if you mod your 5200, you lose the capability to use the VCS (2600) cartridge adapter for it, so think it over very carefully about the pros and cons of modding Big Sexy, you get a great picture but you lose the "2-in-1" advantage of being able to play 2600 games on it with the adapter. That is why I was FORCED to sell my a/v-modded 4-port here on AtariAge after finding out right here that she won't work with the adapter if you mod it. That is why I myself own a 2-port unit un-modded (channel 3 RF through my Sony SLV-N51 VCR to composite out from the VCR) for that 2-in-1 advantage although I do not currently own a Harmony Encore for the adapter. It's OK to mod your unit but please do keep what I just mentioned above in mind when making your final decision. Great picture, YES. BTW does anyone know (for those who do want to mod theirs) if any HDMI kits will ever be available for Big Sexy. I DO also own a Flashback 9 also but it won't work with ARM-chip-equipped games (especially those from Champ Games) but it does put out a great picture through HDMI.
  7. Well at least we gave it a shot. Thanks @Wrathchild
  8. In this episode, mentally disabled musician and entertainer Ray Jackson takes a look back at the 1982 release of the arcade smash and the sequel to the ever-so disappointing Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, for the Atari 2600 Video Computer System. Here are the links to both the original blue screen version as well as a black one so you can download and try the original 1982 release of Ms. Pac-Man for yourself. #MsPacMan #Atari2600 #TheAtariReport MsPacMan.BIN MsPacManBlack.bin
  9. In this episode, mentally disabled musician and entertainer Ray Jackson introduces and reviews yet another port from that genius AtariAge user himself Playsoft, the long-awaited sequel to the hit arcade classic "Galaxian", "Galaga" for the Atari 5200 SuperSystem. Here is the link down below so you can download and try it out for yourself. #Galaga #Atari5200 #TheAtariReport Galaga.bin
  10. Thanks. Too good of a game to let not be for (at least) Atarimax SD multicart owners to have for the 5200, some of the 8-bit keyboard controls utilized can be assigned to the 5200 controller's onboard keypad (1-8 from what I see in the video of the gameplay).
  11. I have the files for this Coleco-made port of this game for the Atari 8-bit computers, and would love to see a 5200 port for all of US to enjoy, I have the VHS movie (I saw the film first in 1984 on HBO when I was 18 and fresh out of high school) and have also played the old ColecoVision version of it then and was stoked when looking at the WarGames (movie) Wiki page to find out that an 8-bit port was made, so I downloaded both the .xex and .atr files to see if anyone can spin this, so if @playsoft. @TIX @Wrathchild or anyone else wants to take this project on like what we saw for Yar's Strike, I have the files down below. WarGames (1984)(Coleco)(US)[k-file].zip WarGames (1984)(Coleco)(US).zip
  12. I would also, although I DO have 4 different ROMs of Tempest (including the original "blue Speedo" version) and happen to like the "V" patterned one, there are also a circular variation (in a weird dual circle), and also a half-pipe version as well, but those have messed up copyright info ("(c) 1983 ATARI") on those two, the V has it perfect while the "panty" (as you call it) version has none. But on all 4 of them you remain stuck on one pattern for the rest of the game, plus there are only flippers, and tankers (after level 3) to deal with and then the fuseballs and pulsars make their appearances later on, no spikers, no spikes to avoid, pretty much repetitive throughout.
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