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  1. I checked out the AtariAge online store and noticed that Pac-Man 4K is no longer available, even when I clicked "search", no sign of it available, what happened to it, I DO have it on my SD card of almost 700 titles but play that one religiously and many are missing the boat as it is far better then the 1981 Atari original (which was also 4K) and even prefer it as opposed to the 8K Pac-Man Arcade that is also great that is still available.
  2. What about Chaotic Grill? THE best ever 2600 port of the 1983 arcade classic Burgertime, programmed by splendidnut, I already have the latest build and play it religiously on my Flashback 9 and have it on my SD card for it with over 670 titles on it, and have followed it since last year when I first saw it in February 2019 but when will it be completed so we can all enjoy its final build and some of us can even get it on cartridge.
  3. Well, I hate to get greedy, but since we now have a successful eBay-er selling FB9-specific-modded paddle controllers, is someone willing to take on the task (for a fee) of modding either Atari (CX-22 or CX-80, like I own) or Wico 2600-compatible trak-balls to work with a Flashback 9 HDMI version??? Note that I am sure there are a few of us who have Centipede, Millipede, and/or Missile Command and want to play these great classics the way they were intended.... with a trak-ball!!! I have a CX-80 unit and would love to get it modded to work with mine, but who is willing to say "yes!" to the idea???
  4. I myself got a pair of FB9 HDMI-modded paddle controllers from this same guy and they are AWESOME!!! They even work with the ROMs on my SD card I use on it, highly recommended!!! Here is an updated link to get a set of your own: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Paddle-Controller-Pair-for-Atari-Flashback-9-HDMI-Console/264586452299?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Now, when is somebody gonna want to modify Atari or Wico 2600-compatible trak-ball controllers to work with an Flashback 9 HDMI unit??? I DO have a CX-80 Trak-Ball ready for modding if anyone wants to take that on and has success doing trak-ball mods in the past, I want to play games like Centipede, Millipede and Missile Command the way they should be played.... with a trak-ball!!!
  5. How many of you hook up your Flashback 9 HDMI jacks through your main home theater receiver like I have in my setup? I seem to be experiencing a little issue with the audio being out-of-sync with the video on my Sony STR-DH590 receiver when it is hooked up to the HDMI "GAME" input on it. How many of you also have you FB9s hooked up directly on your a/v system and how many just simply hook it up to your TV directly and are you experiencing the same out-of-sync audio issues I have? Give us both your name/model of your receiver and whether you have your hooked up to it too or just directly to your TV instead???
  6. It was simply made because I DO happen to have all 3 hacks (one for each game) and I was about to (at the time) bring that up, and maybe share with fellow 2-port 5200 owners with Atarimax Multicarts so they can play those three great titles too. ...and, yes, just now I read the quoted yes his problem was not related, thanks.
  7. You took the words right outta my mouth, and yes, I DO have those hacks to Mountain King, K-razy Shoot-out, and Pitfall!
  8. Here you go, perhaps I myself can inspire you as I put this post up a few months back:
  9. Why not just make your console compatible with existing 5200-compatible controllers already out on the market, we can then use our favorites with this unit, I already have a Redemption 5200 for 2600/7800 controllers as well as some Best Electronics-modded OEM (CX52) stock controllers and the Trak-Ball (CX53). Other than that just use both an HDMI output and composite a/v jacks and also the power supply jack (preferably a micro-USB jack running at 5v, like the current Flashback 9 I use has) and it will be fine.
  10. .....and hopefully it will have the correct color of the protective barrier for the Qotile that being red instead of the green like seen (and used) on the file.
  11. I PM'ed Thelan, the user who did the original for the A8 back in 2014 but he hasn't been on this site in over 4 years, so I included the orignal 8-bit .zip file here and in my last post he originally posted it in which I present to you, someone do this!!! 5200 owners want some version of it, even if it's not a souped-up version of the 2600 version. Yars_strike.zip
  12. Know of any who can do it, I can always try to access the original 8-bit rom or bin for him, have him either PM me or perhaps e-mail me at my Hotmail address below, Yars' Strike yearns to be played on my 5200 SuperSystem, no matter how many K it may take to convert it. Qix, Tempest and Yars' Strike are only natural for the 5200, make it happen, convert it for all of us!!! Thanks Ray Jackson Yars_strike.zip
  13. Yeah. Time's wasting, we would love to have a 5200 port to download by the Xmas holidays.
  14. .....and use the Swirl (the Quotile from Yars' Revenge when it attacks Yar) as the Qix itself while you draw the lines to box it in, just like in the C-V Cix demo. And the Sparx and Fuse should be no problem as they kinda blink anyways to give their effect of movement withing the outer lines, however the drawn boxes have to somewhat be both a yellow for slow-drawn and blue for the fast-drawn boxes as well as include a scoreboard with the percentages and the overall score and lives (3-5 depending on settings) left.
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