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  2. Wow. I know i been away from here for awhile but damn this turned into a huge mess didn't it? I remember when Mike was working hard to get Game Gavel(Chase the Chuckwagon) going and there was live chat sessions with fun and trivia games and giveaways and whatnot, then i come back and see all this. I have been hanging around Youtube for awhile and have been following Pat and Ians podcasts about this debacle.
  3. Just do the main game first, while it plays alot like Fallout 3 there are some changes. Some of the add-ons can be brutal but in the "you want to keep playing to see what's next" kind of brutal so definitely level up before tackling the dlc. Not played hardcore Yes it is buggy save often
  4. Sega Saturn and Game arrived safe and well packed! Thanks Axe! A+++
  5. Lemme tell ya the weather here is awesome! got a lil chilly last night but not too bad... I plugged in my ET night light slipped into to some fresh from the dryer GI Joe underoo's and settled in with a big bowl of Zelda cereal. :-D
  6. It's the blue copy of Chiller with the upside down label. http://www.nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=5&threadid=58189 5 - 10 copies are accounted for (unconfirmed)
  7. I have an NES game that roughly 5 copies are accounted for, it would be interesting to see what it might be worth. I posted it over at Nintendo Age but have yet to find any more information about the rarity of this game or and solid figures as to what it might be worth.
  8. Does the pack in game matter? It sure does! When you buy a car does it come with a transmission? how about a house? Did it come with windows and doors? Does an oven come with a heating element? yes it does. When I make a big purchase what I buy had better be complete. Those items I listed above are a few examples and none of those items are usefull if they are missing components and the same applies to a new console. I come from the lower end of the economic scale and every penny I make has to count and when I buy something it needs to be a good value for my hard earned cash, I plunk down a few hundred on a game system and it should come with everything I need right in that box. The console, all necessary hookups, 2 controllers and 1 complete game. If im having to buy things seperately just to play the damn thing then it's worthless to me things like a second controller, modem,wifi,game,etc... When these bloated,overpriced,overhyped systems are shipped from their parent companies who are making obscene amounts of cash the least they can do is not be lazy and pack in a complete version of thier flagship title.
  9. Then please tell us where this estate sale is so we can know if it was a member or not, finding a collection like this is an exciting thing but we are for the most part a pretty tight bunch here at Atari Age and would want to know if one of our own has passed.
  10. Ps2 Slim arrived in excellent condition! well packed, super fast shipping! not only would I buy from Ax again but I highly recommend him!
  11. I recently went back to Skyrim, I tried Dark Souls, Two Worlds 2, and Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning and other than Dark Souls none of them held my interest for very long but sadly due to the difficulty of Dark Souls I couldn't get far but it is still a good game it's just my reflexes aren't up to the task of dealing with the combat system in Dark Souls. Two Worlds Two was slightly better than the original but stil very boring. Kingdom of Amalur is well detailed with vibrant and interesting graphics, easy to use combat system and interesting magic system but the big problem? Too linear! You can't stray from the trails and there is very little exploration of the beautiful world they created in game. Worst of all? No jumping except at pre defined spots and also when you reach the end of the long tedious dungeon crawl (and this gets old fast) you have to walk all the way back there is no convenient exit.
  12. Mindjack. I got 12 minutes into the game and realized it is so hideously broken that it is nearly unplayable.
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