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  1. I now have Yars' Return freshly dumped from a Flashback X, but it still says 2005, and one of the drones still can't kill you. Apparently, after fifteen years of Flashback releases, we still can't get the fixed version?
  2. DEBRO, did v2.2 ever get released? If not, would you be interested in releasing it? Maybe at least as an IPS patch? Thanks!
  3. I recently found out about the game, Interphase, and it looks like the ST version is probably the superior version. However, I'm new to ST emulation. What emulator should I use, and what settings will give me the best experience without running the game too fast? Also, it's apparently "STe enhanced". How can I take advantage of that? Thanks a bunch!
  4. Can someone tell me where Oystron X came from and how it differs from the regular version? Thanks, all! -Adam
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    Is that you agreeing with me?
  6. I really like Ivan Machado's entry but I wanted to suggest a change to it... Original...
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    Hey Seemo, I revised my original post from my blog Neo Backlash and now it's on RetroThing.com here! Thanks again for this great game!
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    You're a champ as always, Seemo!
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    Whats the difference between the versions? I don't recall a 4k version. Is that 8k without the title screen or something? *Edit* Oh, I see. 4k is a version from between 1k and 8k and 8k is the main mode. Makes sense! Did you ever release 4k before? *Edit* *Edit 2* In Stella, holding up doesn't seem to go back to the main mode. It only restarts the current one. Also, I think the title screen of 4k should specify "4k" and 8k's title should specify "8k". *Edit 2*
  10. Oo, I like this. The player's sprite is a bit odd though, I cant quite make out what it is.
  11. You might wanna try this... http://johnvalentine.co.uk/zenith.php?art=project There's also this... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sentinel_Returns
  12. This is awesome but there's no challenge at all at the moment! I'm sure you know that, though.
  13. Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know about a blog I started with a few other writers called Neo Backlash. It's a blog featuring news, info, and discussions about retro, obscure and indie games! http://community.livejournal.com/neo_backlash/ I'm also looking for more volunteer writers! Let me know if you're interested. There's no quota.
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    I still wish we could get some kind of boss(es) in the game but Simone can only do so much!
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    I know that a 2600 rom marked with an (a1) is an "alternate" rom but that doesn't tell me much. In the case of 2600 roms is the (a1) rom always a later, possibly bug-fixed version?
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