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  1. Ok, thank you bud! Really looking forward to them! 😃 Oddly nothing in the spam folder for Atari Age.
  2. Heya guys! Back around January maybe I ordered Zoo Keeper, LEAD, and an AtariVox+ Speech Synthesizer. I messaged Albert from Atari Age, and he did give me a response about hopefully being done and getting them out around February, but I haven't heard back from him and now it's May. I was just curious if anyone else is in the same boat? I have no problem remaining patient, but was just curious when I'd get them down the line, or if there was an estimated time frame.
  3. Nice find! Too bad it's not about the processed cheese though, I mean just thinking of processed cheese makes me think of gaming! 😉
  4. Welp this is a sad day, but what can you do. Someone yesterday apparently smashed my romscanner the one day I didn't have it attached to the Atari console itself since that atari was being modded. Riperoni. Does anyone have a Romscanner with the legs in good condition? I have the cords still, but the romscanner is toast sadly.
  5. Looking for a 8/10 or better Little Samson NES CIB. Have paypal ready! Also a few for-fun white whales of mine: PC/DOS: The Last Half of Darkness II -> $100 bounty The Last Half of Darkness III -> $100 bounty Alright now it's NES manual hunting time! List of NES manuals I still need: Adventures of Gilligan's Island Baby Boomer Bard's Tale Captain Planet and the Planeteers Cliffhanger Desert Commander Donkey Kong Faria, A World of Mystery and Danger (Also need the map/poster.) Flight of the Intruder Formula One: Built to Win Gun.Smoke Impossible Mission 2 (AVE version) Magician Mighty Final Fight North and South Paperboy 2 Popeye Quattro Sports Rally Bike R.B.I. Baseball (Licensed version) Ring King Sesame Street ABC/123 Shooting Range Superman T2 Terminator 2: Judgement Day Tagin' Dragon Thrilla's Surfari World Champ World Class Track Meet Upgrades I could use: 3-D World Runner (upgrade) Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (upgrade) Casino Kid 2 (upgrade) Flying Dragon (White version manual.) (upgrade) Gauntlet (upgrade - licensed) Ghost Lion (upgrade) Legend of Kage (Need CIB upgrade) M.C. Kids (*upgrade) M.U.S.C.L.E. - Tag Team Match (Upgrade) Wolverine (*upgrade) World Championship Racing, Nigel Mansell's (*upgrade) Zanac (I need a CIB upgrade of this.) My general wants: -Prototypes, Samples, Demos. (Mainly NES, but I would be interested in others.) -Cowboy Kid poster. -Mega Man Legends 2 Demo disc. -TG 16 stuff. (List coming some day!) -Atari Lynx CIB games (see list below for what I still need) -NTSC Tooth Protectors, Quadrun, or certain other rare(R5+) atari games. - Over Horizon CIB and other PAL exclusive CIB NES games. -Pier Solar 1st run. -Other SNES/N64 boxes/manuals I need. (List coming soon!) -CIB Sega Gensis games I need. (List coming soon.) -Atari XE power cord and/or keyboard. Also Atari 800/XE games. -CIB Vectrex games I still need. (List coming soon!) -Magical Quest GBA (CIB) -Magical Quest 2 GBA (CIB) -Magical Quest 3 GBA (CIB) -PC10 games I still need (List below!) PC-10 games I still need: Balloon Fight Mario's Open Golf Mega Man 3 Power Blade RBI Baseball Rockin' Kats Rush'n Attack Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship Super C Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game Track & Field World Cup Soccer Yo! Noid SNES GAMES I STILL NEED: Aero Fighters Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 1(I might have this.) Casper Donkey Kong Competition Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally/Speed Racer Fun N Games Great Waldo Search, The (I might have this.) Hagane: The Final Conflict Imperium International Superstar Soccer Kyle Pettys's No Fear Racing (I might have this.) Last Action Hero (I might have this.) Mask, The Metal Morph Oscar Power Instinct Powermonger Rise of the Pheonix Speed Racer Super Turrican 2 (I still need around 21 SNES games.) Sega Genesis CIB games I still need: Chiki Chiki Boys Crusader of Centy El Viento Mega Turrican M.U.S.H.A. (I need a Splatterhouse 2 manual as well.) PS1 games I need(Will take CIB if that's all you have) Batman Forever manual only. Team buddies (game/case) (I have the manual.) Atari 2600 games I'm looking for: (Cart only is fine) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Bachelor Party / Gigolo Bachelorette Party / Burning Desire Beat 'Em & Eat 'Em / Lady in Wading Gas Hog Gauntlet Jungle Fever / Knight on the Town Mangia Master Builder Philly Flasher / Cathouse Blues Q*Bert's Qubes Quadrun River Patrol Room of Doom Stonghold Tomarc the Barbarian / Motocross Racer Tormarc the Barbarian / Sir Lancelot Tooth Protectors Wall Defender (NTSC) X-man (NTSC) Z-Tac (NTSC) Atari Lynx CIBs I still need: (I will also take sealed games for the Atari Lynx since they are so common.) ------------------------------------ A.P.B. Battlewheels Battlezone 2000 Block Out Blue Lightning Blue Lightning Demo Card (Card only - not CIB) Bubble Trouble California Games Championship Rally Desert Strike Dinolympics Dracula - The Undead European Soccer Challenge Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge Gordo 106 Hard Drivin' Hockey (upgrade.) Ishido: The Way of the Stones Jimmy Connors' Tennis Krazy Ace Miniature Golf Lemmings Lynx Casino Malibu Bikini Volleyball Ms. Pac-Man NFL Football Ninja Gaiden Pinball Jam Qix Rampage Roadblasters Steel Talons S.T.U.N. Runner Super Asteroids & Missle Command Super Off Road Tournament Cyberball Warbirds World Class Fussball/Soccer Xenophobe (I still need 38 CIB Atari Lynx games.)
  6. Heya guys! I have some Atari 2600 and 5200 protos I'd like to back up. Does anyone have any kind of such devices for sale or know where I can get one? Also would be looking for something to dump Atari 400/800 game as well! I've heard of ways to make them, but I suck at that kind of thing.
  7. Hey guys! I've been away from these forums for a while, but I'm back to look for a few Atari games I still need: -Cakewalk NTSC -Glib -Quadrun -Gas Hog -Master Builder -Some others I'm not thinking of at the moment! xD Here's my trading thread on NintendoAge as well as my feedback can be found here: http://www.nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=6&threadid=130191 Waiting for my phone to upload some pictures of a ton of Atari 2600 games. Will update later today! Thanks for looking! =)
  8. Hey guys! I found some odd looking Atari 400/800 carts today at the flea market. I'm not that familiar with Atari 400/800 stuff. I figured you guys would know what they are! Thanks for the help guys! -Danny
  9. Hey guys! I've been looking for some tools/devices to backup some prototype Atari games I have. I was hoping first to get an Atari 2600 Retrode adapter, but I could also use any other tools/devices to back up: -Atari 400/800 -Atari 5200 -Atari 7800 I would be interested in buying any of this! I could also offer trade I have a lot for trade here: http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=6&threadid=130191 If you looking for Atari games I have a lot of extras, just message me! =) (You can PM me here or on NA.) Thanks! -Danny
  10. Everything is 100% cib, minus 1 game. I got: MULE The Seven Cities of Gold One-on-One Age of Adventure Pinball Construction Set Trail Blazer Lords of Conquest Super Boulder Dash Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory Preppie 2 Pathfinder Gauntlet Oil's Well Boulder Dash Construction Kit Aliants Sacacen Spitfire 40 Moon Shuttle Castle Wolfenstein(disk/manual only) Pacific Coast Highway Zorro Winter Challenge F-15 Strike Eagle Koronis Rift Six-Gun Shoot Out Sons of Liberty Tomahawk Saigon: The Final Days Silicon Dreams Trains There were a few more games: 3 TRS 80 games(Frogger, and 2 game packs), Rise of the Dragon, and some others. Although none of those are 400/800 games. Don't use any of them keep them stored away .... Get a SIO2PC .... or other method of getting games for your Atari. Check out the Newbies thread.. I'll check that out! Part of the fun for me is using the actual hardware/software, but if I have to I'd imagine I could just make backup disks, and that way there's no risk to the actual disks? Right now I have all the 400/800 games on my hacked PSP slim so I do have a way to play them emulation style right now.
  11. I just recently picked up an Atari 810 drive, and 40 cib Atari 400/800 games at a thrift for a great price. I wanted to try to playing them on my Atari 800, but I am waiting for the I/O connector in the mail(it didn't come with that part.) I recently talked to someone who has a lot more knowledge on this stuff than me, and he told me that my Atari 810 drive was a model of it that will ruin the disks if you leave the disk in while powering it on and off because it sends a pulse through the disk. He also mentioned there's an earlier version that doesn't have this problem. He mentioned the 1050 drives don't have that problem, but don't play all the games. Is any of this true? How should I go about trying to play these games as I don't want to damage them! 0_o
  12. Not sure if that last post was serious or not, but I did discover these were made by Phillips which was the old Signetics company(not the new Korean based one.)
  13. I opened up an extra ET cartridge, but the boards were completely different. It had a large chip on it and not the glop top. Did they make different kinds? Why do they have labels? Why are the boards made by Signetics?
  14. I was yard sale hopping today, and it had been pretty slow. Slow until I came across a very late in the day yard sale where I could see an Atari 5200 sitting amoungst some things. I decided to check it out, and asked if he had any more games. He told me he had some more in the garage. He pulled out 32 NES games, 2 NES units, 2 SNES units, gameboy stuff, N64 stuff, and Atari 2600 stuff. I was very surprised this was all still here and he hadn't put it out at the actual yard sale. As I was looking I noticed some strange looking Atari 2600 games with labels on them in the very bottom of the atari 2600 box of stuff he had. They were completely loose boards too. I asked if he knew what they were. He told me his grandmother used to work for Atari. She used to bring games back home and play them before they were released. He said they used to have a lot more, but they had since been lost or thrown out. I eventually bought all the games he had at the yard sale, and I was very curious as to what these might be? I'm no expert on atari stuff, or if they are actual protos or something else? I have cleaned and tested them all. They all worked! Here's some pics: ------------------------- Top left: Frogger Top right: Realsports Baseball Middle 3: Pheonix Bottom 3: E.T. They have some stuff written/etched into them: V5 on the middle ET D on the left ET T on the right Pheonix (Picture I took on my phone when I found them.) So does anyone know what these are exactly? At first I assumed they were just games that had lost their shells, but they seem unusual so I figured it'd be best to ask you guys!
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