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  1. Sadly, no. When you get to the last maze (17) it's unbeatable and you can just run around until time runs out. But, for a 4K game, I'm guessing there wasn't much space left for anything exciting. What you were supposed to do was note the color of the level 17 being different-- that was your reward. But, you can still run around. Looks like somebody did make/post better maps than I have here (with a few more spoilers, too), if you were serious about giving it a go: http://www.ataricompendium.com/archives/maps/vcs/merlins_walls.html
  2. Hello folks, Recently, a fellow Atari Age member reached out to me and asked if I still had the maps that I had created for Merlin Walls. Funny enough, the last time I referenced them was in this thread from 2005: After a bit of digging, I found an old notebook in an old container. And, there they were. I can't comment on the age of these maps-- all I know is that the copyright of Merlin's Walls is 1999, and I have the "Standard Edition" which must have been released later than that, so I must have done these maps between 1999 and 2005 when I posted. I dug up the instruction manual, and it's kind of interesting that they included a map of level 1. For those who don't know how to play, you have to lay on your side / crink your neck / flip your TV since the game is on its side. You have 80 seconds to beat each level, and when you get to level 17, you are in an inescapable "final room" until time counts down and you win. In each level: * If you see white walls in the early levels, they are meant to help you orient yourself. They serve no function other than that. * If you see a transparent-ish wall, that's the exit. * If you see a yellow wall, you can use it to increase your time remaining * If you see a red wall, it's an explosive. Click one to grab it, click once again to set it for explosion * Level 13+ have "Special walls" The ebivision.com website used to have this note on its "You have one" page: "In Merlin's Walls, don't move while getting energy walls, or you won't get all the energy of the wall" The instruction manuals doesn't specifically talk about a contest, but back in the day, if you were the first person to finish the game, you would win a "special prize" (which was a copy of Ebivision Pac Man). I believe I was first to finish the game, but by then Ebivision was packing up, so I never got my copy, but I remain content to just be in the small few who have finished the game. If anyone can help dig up info about the contest, feel free please post it here. I couldn't find anything about it anymore, but it certainly did happen. Without further ado, here are the 17 maps: I give these away freely if anyone wants to make these into a better format. Also, it would be awesome if somebody updated the description on the Atari Age page some day: https://atariage.com/software_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=863. I realize that nobody seems to care much about Merlin's Walls, but at the time, it was pretty innovative.
  3. Here's the link to the original thread: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/112011-it-is-coming-at-halloween/
  4. Others missing from the list: * Possible Mission (granted, it's a hack, but I *believe* a few copies were sold.) * The High Score cartridge * Halloween cartridge (2007)
  5. Propane13


    Here's the ongoing thread:
  6. This thread has been great to watch. Technical question-- for "Pixel mode" is it possible to draw player/missile/ball sprites on top of the PF graphics? Or, is the engine pretty much fully utilized?
  7. I just doodled for a few minutes this morning to try to think about what SimCity could look like with the Pixel Engine: . There would be challenges, like displaying how a building levels up, making vertical pole connectors, etc... I tried to make the power plants into a "biohazard" sign, but it looked awful, so I just opted for purple for simplicity. With the above picture's limited features, you could get a general sense of what could be done. I think Andrew's engine could unlock the possibilities for some neat and powerful things.
  8. I can very much see the appeal. I think.you may have stumbled across something special here that could be interesting in other cases. I could see this feature being used in an Atari SimCity clone, for example.
  9. The checkerboarding of the background looks really, really nice. I think that's a great touch. One observation: in 1-pixel mode, there seem to be flashes inside of the amoeba (it looks like drawing a boulder or a diamond for a single frame and then back to green). It gets a bit more intense as the amoeba gets bigger. I'm guessing it's drawing the location where an amoeba would start to grow?
  10. Random question. How accurate is the a7800 emulator? Specifically, if a game has too many DL's in its graphics that real hardware wouldn't be able to display them all, would the emulator follow suit, or would it display those extra graphics? Just checking expectations since I haven't played with newer emulator versions in a while. I figure I should read up a bit.
  11. http vs https? When I use https, I get the "Sorry" message. The site is so old I didn't implement https:// at the time.
  12. Seems it's back up? Maybe there was Saturday maintenance.
  13. Propane13

    Get Lost!

    Done. What's the output supposed to look like? I have a bunch of green bars, but a few dots.
  14. Using the site Thomas posted, I went through to try to find "new" elements of BDII/BDIII: * BD II : Cave C / Cave M = "blue slime" * BD II : Cave O = "the growing wall" * BD III: Intermission 1 / Cave O: Not a new element per se, but notes that these level use a "bug" in the BD 1 engine where if an amoeba touches an active magic wall, the amoeba will turn to diamonds. * BD III: Cave H = I don't remember if this is new behavior or not, but if you have multiple magic walls, a boulder falling through becomes a diamond, and a diamond falling through becomes a boulder. This makes for interesting scenarios with multiple magic walls where elements convert back-and-forth.
  15. This is looking fantastic! One cool thing-- I had no idea that there were legitimate sequel games to Boulder Dash until this thread (I had only ever played the NES one-shot version myself). As a noob to the latter entries in the franchise, did the sequels add new features / components above the original? Or are they just new maps using the original's components?
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