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  2. I saw the same thing as StanJr with the ghosts. The second and third sets of ghosts disappeared for me. But, on a subsequent walkthrough, just the second. Then, just the third. Probably not intentional, but still "spooky".
  3. Hey there! Yeah, I'm still around, although I lurk a little less frequently than I used to. Awhile back, I decided to dedicate a bit more of my free time on a few other hobbies that needed some jump-starting (a few non-programming projects that had been delayed for years), and those are going pretty well. As I get older, it sucks to realize that you only have a finite amount of free time, and you're only getting older. So, I'm trying to work on distributing my free time a little better and to knock out some important things while I can. While "Get Lost" isn't complete, it's definitely playable, which makes me proud. I'd love to get back to "Get Lost" at some point, but the way that has happened in the past is that I usually get a vibe that I need to spend time on a small Atari project, and then it usually just sort of snowballs into something. My next step on Get Lost would likely be music-- I'd probably need to find some Pokey emulation software that works in a browser or a mac. But, that's probably a bit down the road. I still bust out my 7800 on occasion. In fact, I just played "Super Circus Atariage" a few weeks ago when somebody stopped by and checked out my collection. It's still one of my favorite homebrews. We should have transitioned into some Ballblazer, but instead ended up getting nostalgic for the 2600 and played some Blueprint and Lost Luggage. Still a good time. It's kinda fun to take someone back to the past. I'll still poke in here on Atariage from time to time, and I am happy to report that I'm still around.
  4. Howdy folks. Did anything ever come out of this thread?
  5. Any chance you could post a short demo video of it in action (for comparison)? That's exciting!
  6. Propane13

    Get Lost!

    Hello there, Sadly, the game was never finished. There were a few features I was going to add (music, good title screen, ending screen, and a save feature that was hardware-dependent) that never made it into the shuffle. Unfortunately, before I could get to those, a critical bug was found-- basically, on real hardware, your game can tend to freeze. It's unrecoverable without a full reset. That bug also hit when I was moving, so I had to put away my development efforts for awhile. I frankly have found it hard to get back into it. My development environment has been upgraded since the last build, so I know I can make it work on mac now, which is good for me. I'll probably get to it "some day"-- there have been some good debugging suggestions on this thread, and the emulators have caught up a lot from where they were a few years ago. So, you never know. I wish I had better news, but that's the current status of things. -John
  7. This thread has me wondering something. In 7800-land, I had worked a game that is pretty much on hold due to freezes that would happen on actual hardware, but not during emulation. For the breakages listed in this thread, are they immediate (i.e. game won't power up), or is it during gameplay? i.e. how long does it take such issues to manifest? Immediate/seconds/minutes? Just trying to think if I may have a similar cause. Thanks -John
  8. I see this as well. One other weird thing I noticed-- when you start out in the cemetery (even after a ghost death), there's a dust cloud that appears just to your left and disappears. Is that a bug, or something else? Thanks! -John
  9. You can still buy it in the atariage store: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=998
  10. I found this: http://www.digitpress.com/library/techdocs/vcs_scanlines.htm Tax Avoiders is also listed at 251. Music Machine and Xevious are at 249. Harem is 247 (in-game) Artillery Duel is 240-241 I know that some of those are rare, but I wonder if you could load them via supercharger and see how they look?
  11. I think comparing to other NTSC cartridges isn't going to be of much value, as most of them are closer to spec, and almost all have even scanlines. Boing has 2 things going against it, which is the low scanline count plus an odd in the count instead of even. A better comparison would be against another similarly badly-spec'd ROM loaded up on the Supercharger. Someone here should know a good comparison that's similar.
  12. Just checking in-- any updates? What's planned for the new demo (more levels, more bosses)?
  13. Propane13

    Get Lost!

    Sorry folks-- they're sounding the alarm at work, so I'm overly busy. Haven't forgotten; was hoping for a free weekend, which there may be one in 9 days or so.
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