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  1. Listed today, and gone in a day: https://www.ebay.com/itm/314088659151 I always hoped that Game II would have been at the Sarlacc Pit, with a skiff battle.
  2. Hello! I'm pretty sure this topic comes up on occasion, but I couldn't find it after a few searches, so I figured I'd just ask so someone can point me in the right direction. What is the best way to clean cartridge labels without damaging them? Dry cloth? Cloth with the slightest bit of water? Some sort of Pledge or Windex? I don't want to damage anything, so I figured I'd ask the experts. Thanks!
  3. I'm doing some cleanup / storage organization, and wondered if flattening boxes "ruins them". Originally, I thought no, but with all of the video game grading, etc... I'm not so sure in today's markets. Any thoughts?
  4. @ZeroPage Homebrew wow, I had almost completely forgotten about Pressure Gauge II. I did some digging and found the instructions for you: https://www.biglist.com/lists/stella/archives/200001/msg00047.html Hope this helps!
  5. Wha... how did I miss this box getting found? Does someone have a better picture of the screenshot? Seems like there are color overlays rolled up in that photo, so we just see the B+W. It'd be amazing to see a color screenshot.
  6. @AdamWozniak neat! I've always been a Sokoban fan. I got around to playing levels 1 and 2 today. I didn't notice any glitches, but I only played in an old version of Stella. I have a feature suggestion-- if a player pushes the joystick in a direction and holds it (say, left) for maybe 1 or 1.5 seconds, it'd be nice if it would automatically start moving in that direction at a quick pace, but then it automatically stops if you hit a wall / another box. It can be a bit tedious to push a box along a corridor by tapping the joystick repeatedly, especially for a stream of boxes. I agree with not having everything use that sort of method-- Sokoban needs precision. So, holding in a direction to trigger "fast move" may be a nice compromise. I'm also trying to think about a few things as far as how distracting they are. The sound of movement without boxes is fine, and the press against a wall sound is good as well. The ding of putting a box in its final place is fine, but the high pitch of pushing a box for a long distance is a little grating to me. I have a feeling I'd turn down the volume a little, so maybe pick a slightly lower pitch tone? Similarly, I don't mind the scrolling color effect for the boxes, but the heading at the top is a bit distracting-- maybe experiment with having the heading color change a bit more slowly? The box color change rate is fine; it's just the heading keeps drawing my eye to it, so making it a little more muted / subtle could be beneficial. Good job on this; it looks really good, especially considering it's running on a 2600.
  7. I've got an old MacBook that's close to giving up the ghost, and I was considering replacing it with one of the new MacBook Airs. Trouble is, they are using the M1 chip now, which is ARM-based. I was curious if anyone has compiled 7800 content on one of the modern macs. If it's not possible, I may consider trying to track down an older mac just to get things working. I figured I'd ask here first. The toolchain I currently use is: 7800asmdevkit dasm a7800 emulator SDL2 I figure the answer is probably that it's a fringe case that maybe few people has tested yet, but there's no harm in asking. Additionally, if I do decide to get an M1 mac and compilation of certain binaries would be helpful or necessary for some open source projects, I'd potentially be interested in doing that. Thanks!
  8. I know I could just try it myself to find out, but... can you tell us a bit more about the DMA usage per scanline feature?
  9. I just played Food Fight today, and got an "Instant Replay" that can happen occasionally. What I didn't realize was if/when you lose the game and go back to the title screen, if you wait, the "attract mode" will show your most recent "Instant Replay" run. This is the first time I ever noticed that. Pretty clever use of resources, and a welcome surprise.
  10. You definitely inspired me on this one. I feel like Scrapyard Dog gets a bit of a bad rap (and perhaps deservingly so). The end puzzle, that jump in 2-3... there's a lot that just needed a LITTLE more polish and thought and this could have been one of the greats. I feel like a lot of people give up on the game, so each time someone finishes it, it's quite an achievement. For those who don't know, a few of us worked on putting the maps together years ago: https://atari7800.org/scrapyarddogmap.htm I spent a lot of time figuring out all the bonus games, where all the hidden items are, and all the secret passages. I jumped in every single square inch of that game for hours. So... I MAY have played the game a little too much back in the day. I had always hoped that somebody would put together a one-shot 7800 magazine with all of the maps and secrets, sort of like Nintendo Power. Someday, that would be neat if it ever happened. For those who may be giving up, I certainly encourage you to take a look at the maps. There are a few hints about how to get extra lives, where to place yourself for jumps, hidden cans and money, where all the stores are, some secret passages (e.g. for 4-3), and even an answer for the final puzzle at the end. Falls in many holes Pixel perfect jumps? Come on. Wait, there is a map?
  11. I was glad to see an old favorite of mine pop up. I haven't played this in years. 2,162,800 For the "end game bonuses": I believe each second of time is worth 10 points (I think, it scrolls so fast) Each extra life is 100,000 points Not sure how much hit shields are worth (I had zero) Each dollar is worth 10,000 points Each can is worth 5,000 points Each magic can is worth 20,000 points Each bomb is worth 20,000 points
  12. This one's on my list to someday finish. But, I think I only ever got as far as level 4 or 5. Without a map, you're in trouble. I heard it has an actual ending (even if not much of one), so I think it would be fun to see that.
  13. That's very interesting. I guess that begs new questions about collision detection-- is there a lot of leftover time available for such computations? Seems that would be a bit complicated than the old famous "check the registers" method, but I guess there's always the "consider everything as inside a box" method too. Just curious.
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