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  1. That's very helpful, thanks! I should note there are 2 typos: controller 2 type - 1 byte 56 / 0x38 TV type - 1 byte 47 / 0x39 ; decimal value should be 57, not 47 save device - 1 byte 48 / 0x3A ; decimal value should be 58, not 48 I'm not sure who maintains this page, but it may be worth a small fix for the confusion. Regardless, I'll definitely use this as my go-to. So, thanks again!
  2. Hey folks, If I'm remembering correctly, a long time back, some helpful souls made some things like: 16k_header.asm 32k_header.asm 48k_header.asm Where the bits were configurable and you could "include" your precompiled bin and run it through DASM. Does anyone know if these still exist? Are they up-to-date? I have a very old 32K one, so I'm curious if there's something new out there. Here's a snippet of what I'm talking about: processor 6502 org $F000 ; This module inserts the 128-byte field for ; use on the V7800 emulator ; 0 Header version - 1 byte .byte $01 ; 1..16 "ATARI7800 " - 16 bytes .byte $41,$54,$41,$52,$49 ; Atari .byte $37,$38,$30,$30 ; 7800 .byte $20,$20,$20,$20,$20,$20,$20 ; (space) ; 17..48 Cart title - 32 bytes ; Ours is "32 kilobytes header" .byte $33,$32 ; 32 .byte $20 ; (space) .byte $6B,$69,$6C,$6F ; kilo .byte $62,$79,$74,$65,$73 ; bytes .byte $20 ; (space) .byte $68,$65,$61,$64,$65,$72 ; header .byte $20,$20,$20,$20,$20,$20,$20 ; (space) .byte $20,$20,$20,$20,$20,$20 ; (space) Give all of the recent improvements, I was curious if there's an updated version out there I could reference. Thanks!
  3. Propane13


    Thank you for rendering a few options; it's nice to be able to have comparisons. From my perspective, the third rendering is the best of the bunch-- it looks the most clean to me.
  4. Propane13


    Hello! I'm really liking watching this project come along. I have a very small nitpick on the graphics. I'm actually not a huge fan of the top of the bishop-- I think it looks a little out of place. From afar, it appears more to be a floating grey line above the piece instead of a shadow connected to the piece. I think it may look better without that single line, and would be curious to see what that would look like as a comparison. I know, this may be the most useless comment you get all day, but I hope it's at least a tiny bit helpful for polish reasons. I'm curious if others think it's worth the change, or if it's just me. Good luck with the project, and I'll keep following your progress.
  5. Hello! On my profile, under "Profile Information", I have a Location set to my current city and state that I live in. However, when I look under "Member Map", it has a location marker set on my previous city/state. How do I update things so that the Member Map accurately reflects my current location? Thanks!
  6. I had no idea that Tower Toppler 2 existed on the Amiga (named Nebulus 2): Looks like fun! It got me thinking if some of this could be ported on top of the existing Tower Toppler engine. Obviously, not an easy task, but I thought it might be a good "what if" topic. What 7800 games do you think could have additional levels added as a sequel? -John
  7. Hello Giles N! It's definitely going to be slow going. I have about 30m available to dedicate to Atari "fun" per morning before I start my real job, and pretty much I'm starting from scratch. I had written tools for this sort of thing almost 20 years ago, but those were on a computer that's long gone. Add that to the fact that I have 128K of code to go through, and that I haven't touched 6502 assembler in just short of a decade, and that there is no source code or disassembly available (that I'm aware of), and it's likely going to be awhile. But, I am interested in seeing what I can do. Yesterday, I was able to get started on a partial disassembly of bank 8 (16K), but it's all pretty cryptic at the beginning. It's likely going to take weeks to months for me to start mapping memory locations to their functions and to start putting accurate labels on branching paths. But, hey, it's a fun project that I think is within my limited abilities at this point, so I'll try to give it a shot at least. In the meantime, I'm really hoping someone can play Double Dragon in 2 player mode and get to the end and prove that there's a 2-player face-off after the final boss. I'm a little surprised that folks don't know about this, and the last time I did this was in the 1990s, so I'd like to fact-check my memory if possible. Don't worry-- I'm not going to send folks away without help. Years ago, I helped @Cousin Vinnie with some Double Dragon 7800 tips that were posted on his 7800 site. They're still available via the wayback machine here: https://web.archive.org/web/20080820021759/http://www.flipsiderunner.com/7800/doubledragondc.html They are still relevant to this day. Maybe that will help someone pair up with a friend and get to the end! -John
  8. Can you post a link for the curious?
  9. Hello! Well, I'd be up for attempting to find the byte/bytes necessary to automatically warp you to to the final battle. It seems a lot of folks don't know about this, so I want to at least demonstrate that it does exist, at the very least (or, prove my memory is fallable-- I only remember getting there with 2 players "once"). Another option would be if we could get 2 Atari 7800 people at an upcoming convention to get to the end just to confirm/deny this last battle mode. I may request a little assistance, though. Since you did that amazing graphic hack awhile back, I was curious if you could clue me into which of the 8 banks are graphics data vs. code. That may help cut the possibilities by a lot and give me a good place to start my focus.
  10. Hey folks, Double Dragon 7800 has an interesting feature where if you complete the game with 2 players, you are rewarded with a face-off against the other player. I was wondering if this in itself is actually a good game in itself. It would be interesting to Hack Double Dragon so that the game starts at this final face-off and sort of use that as a simple 2-player fighting engine. I've kind of wanted to see if it's "fun" to play against another player when both have equal strength. Has such a hack been done before? -John
  11. Hey folks, I was thinking about it, and I thought it might make sense to collect all of these versions, re-organize the history of releases (and their binaries), and then host the result on github. So, I spent a little time and have done that: https://github.com/johnkharvey/distella While Distella may not be very frequently used anymore, I think it's important to have the history captured all in one place, but also to allow a way for modern collaboration and development if desired. With the availability of modern tools such as Docker, I may look into borrowing some of DASM's builder code to see if we can do something similar for Distella (e.g. make a system where binaries could be auto-generated through CI). I'm not sure if anyone really cares about this, but I thought I'd share. The fact that most of the web searches for Distella return 2.10 as the "latest" is a bit wrong; hopefully, at a minimum, this could starts to correct that problem. Anyway, if anyone is interested, the code is out there and it is open for collaboration if desired.
  12. @Trebor thanks! Since my OS has changed away from Windows, these bugfixes will be helpful. I had a segfault error that appears to be fixed in these future versions, so this is definitely appreciated. Also, I find it very amusing that I posted the 3.0 source years ago. Thanks for finding that. 😆
  13. A helpful soul helped me find the 3.0 source code. Feel free to disregard. Thanks!
  14. Hello! Back in the day, I contributed a commit for Distella 3.0 which allowed it to disassemble Atari 7800 games. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the source code for it anywhere. Does it have a current home? I found that someone has version 2.10 (https://github.com/dniku/distella), but the changes that went into 3.0 are missing. Any ideas? Also, since I haven't found it, I'm guessing there are current alternative disassemblers that are preferred? Thanks!
  15. Hey there-- just found this tool, and it's great! Is 0.9 the latest version released, or were there any recent updates? Also-- a dumb question. Can TIA and POKEY be on at the same time?
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