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  1. Definitely check out the homebrew K.O. Cruiser!
  2. Do you have a picture of the cabinet? That would be interesting to see!
  3. Posting here seems like a good start.
  4. Glad to see this posted again.
  5. Fascinating. BTW, Larry Bird NEVER makes that first shot.
  6. Hmm... you may just make it my Christmas mission to help you. 1-3's big jump can be avoided with the shortcut: 2-3 has 2 big jumps. The first can be avoided if you plan correctly, but the second is necessary: I tried to include some tips on the map on how to get past the impassable jump. In 3-3, there's a tube to take you past the hard jump in section 10, but I will admit that it's difficult to get to: In 4-3, you can just skip the whole level if you know where to go: 5-3 has some tough ones, but not as bad as the ones in 2-3 and 3-3: Which ones are you getting stuck on? I'm around for help! Let's knock this one off the list.
  7. Some dumb thoughts, if you wanted to ever do a "Part 2": Some of the games below have tools which can help get folks to the ending, such as maps or walk-throughs. Of the games you listed, I'm surprised that Scrapyard Dog is so far up to the top. There are only a few "bad jumps" in the sewers, and once you know how to handle them, it's not that hard to get to the ending. I believe in almost all cases, there's a tunnel you can take to avoid the most tricky bits. I spent a lot of time on those maps back in the day-- I wonder if anyone has ever used them. Even though I made some maps for Tower Toppler, due to the randomness, I agree with the assessment. Maps aren't a help. And, don't get me started on Water Ski-- even with maps, it's nigh impossible. I think it would be really neat to see a Tool Assisted Speed run on that some day, hitting every jump. Planet Smashers I just can't beat. Ninja Golf has an interesting bug where you can get the ball stuck on one of the holes. Since you always shoot up and right, you can go ALL the way up first, and then all the way left on a hole and miss the green. At that point, you just keep hitting the ball and running back to it forever. Let's talk Choplifter! What do you mean by beating the game? I see two scenarios-- just getting to a final score, but the second possibility is a perfect run. I have NO idea how to accomplish that. Yet another Tool Assisted Speedrun candidate. Are there any speedrun tools for the 7800? Maybe the time is nigh.
  8. Hello! I found a video today on youtube detailing different Atari 2600 games with music. One of the games was Blueprint at 1:14. Video: The graphics for the antagonist / damsel in distress are different. Is this a hack I wasn't aware of? I haven't seen this before. Thanks!
  9. I never figured out how to beat Planet Smashers. You can be as cautious as you like, but once enough rocks get past you, you suddenly go to ZERO LIVES. Any tips?
  10. Holy crap! Feel better @CPUWIZ
  11. Propane13

    One Question

    I would like to learn more about this. Would you have any resources you can share? Specifically, I understand how to strobe different registers and make all of the boops and the beeps. But there are interesting things happening in these compositions, like echo effects, vibrato, and glissandos/slides. There's a major difference here between say, listening to Ballblazer on the 7800 vs. the VVVVVV original soundtrack. I'd be very interested in reading up / learning how to generate these effects, but it's something I have zero familiarity with, so I'm curious if you would have any beginner resources available. Seems like if mastered, you can do some pretty powerful stuff, music-wise. Thanks!
  12. Glad to see you got your old account back! Also, really looking forward to seeing those old reviews-- it's been a long time, and they were fun to read. Since it has been awhile, I'm wondering if you've changed your mind on any games you have played over time. That may be interesting.
  13. For what it's worth, thank you all for what you did, even if it doesn't go anywhere.
  14. Wait what? There are secret levels in the Apple 2 Marble Madness?
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