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  1. Thanks for making this, my most anticipated of the 1st wave of SGM2 games. Such a classic!
  2. Opcode IS being straight with us, why would he kid around.. geez.
  3. I hope the original limited pre-order list will be honored.
  4. I ordered a "Early Access" system and was curious if anything changed since the end of the Kickstarter in regards to these "Early Access" systems and the timeline for their release?
  5. From Opcode email on 9/22: New COLOR line games coming soon! Our two new Color line games for the ColecoVision with Super Game Module are almost here: Yie Ar Kung-Fu II and Alpharoid! Alpharoid: The Central Computer is out of control and it is up to Space Marshall Alpharoid to destroy it before it destroys humanity. But it isn't going to be an easy job. Alpharoid must travel 8 worlds infested with flying enemies until it can reach the heavily protected computer base. Fly into one of the craters in the landscape to enter an underground tube and fight robots and aliens in hand-to-hand combat! If you win, you can capture power-ups and upgrade Alpharoid's arsenal. Part shooting game, part fighting game, Alpharoid is like nothing you have played before on your ColecoVision. Yie Ar Kung-Fu II: It was just twenty years ago that LEE, the Kung Fu master, wiped out the dastardly Chop Suey Gang. But one member of the gang managed to survive… YEN PEI now calls himself the Yie Gah Emperor, and with his seven warlords, he has extended his evil influence throughout China. LEE’s son, LEE YOUNG, has come forth to meet this evil emperor. To the deadly killing arts of Kung Fu which he learned from his father, he has added his own special techniques. Help LEE YOUNG to use his Kung Fu against the Yie Gah Emperor!! Yie Ar Kung Fu II and Alpharoid will start shipping this October in limited quantities, so make sure you pre-order today. Yie Ar Kung-Fu II (screenshots) Pre-Order Game Now Each game will come complete with nicely designed box, instruction card and cartridge. Price is $50 per game + shipping. Shipping is free if within the US, an additional $10 if shipping to Canada and $20 worldwide. First come, first served. The games are expected to start shipping in October. You can click in the button above or send an email to [email protected] reserve your copy of the game. More COLOR line games coming soon!
  6. Thanks for all the work to bring these to market! When does the early access ordering close?
  7. Ahh very cool!! Will we be able to buy more than 1 system initially, i would like to buy 1 as a gift as well...
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