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  1. Looks really great, I enjoy seeing this incredible wave of custom Coleco controller output from you and I have a pair of of the wood panel Asteroids controllers pre ordered!
  2. Thanks so much, Merry Belated Christmas! Trying this now on my Phoenix.
  3. It would be great if you had "Santa Clause is Coming to Town " for the music! Will there be a box & manual and maybe colored carts?😍
  4. Being a horror fan , I would love to see an Opcode original take on the Halloween franchise 🎃
  5. Thanks for the update, totally understand! Have a great holiday!
  6. I was wondering how Team Pixelboy is doing this holiday season and how all his Coleco treats are coming along?☺️
  7. How do I get the download for the ROMs for the vault as a 2019 member?
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