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  1. there is a sperate rom vault for 2020, 2 different ROM vault links for 2019 & 2020. It makes sense as some people got one or the other but not both. I was told I got an email for 2020 last January but I did not recall receiving. I had to get the link in November after realizing this.
  2. Thank you, don't remember getting that despite being a 2020 member
  3. Thanks, despite emailing Toby numerous times I still have not received a link to the 2020 vault. He said "same link" well i never got a 2020 link. Does everyone have to request it individually?
  4. Is the 2020 ROM released for the 2020 club members? the link I have only has the 2019 club exclusive
  5. I spent $225 on Magical Tree this month😜
  6. Thanks for the quick reply and flexibility with the knob and button colors.
  7. 1- Pac-Man (Blue knob like Mousetrap w/yellow and blue buttons if possible) 1- Ms.Pac-Man (Pink knob / pink and blue buttons if possible) 1- Vanguard VVG Experience
  8. If we were on a previous list with TeamPixelBoy for the Asteroids controller and game, should we again list that interest here? On the Ms Pac-Man, can pink and blue buttons with pink stick or knob be used?
  9. haha yes, I would think it would be among the most expensive to build. Have you posted any finished pictures ? I looked back but did not find.
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