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    Writing.... I'm a published fiction author.
    My first full-length novel has been picked up by a nationwide publisher! Look for Driving Crazy everywhere books are sold. (But you can get it cheaper from my website.)
    Driving Crazy - the story of two lifelong buddies who drive cross country to pick up a Crazy Climber arcade game... and the hilarious trouble in which they find themselves. Please check www.randypearson.org for more details.
  1. Atari Smeghead

    Atari Smeghead

  2. Orion, I purchased and downloaded Alice's Mom's Rescue and Elansar. Thanks so much for offering them so inexpensively! Being in a perpetually poor state, it's nice to have new games to play without breaking the bank. I'll be playing over the holidays. Thanks again! Cheers, Smeg
  3. Pinball Fantasies, definitely! Stones n Bones is the shit! My buddies and I played PF, and especially SnB, all the time. My one buddy had a stupid-high score on it, like 20 billion (we were never sure if the game glitched or he just hit the jackpot) but alas, the high scores reset themselves a year or so ago, and that score is gone. I actually owned two copies, because, well, I kinda sucked at the game when compared to my friends, so I wanted y own game where I could actually get the high score. Billion Dollar Gameshow is a decent board, but never could do well in Speed Devils or Party Land. We would always go back to Stones N Bones! I own Ruiner and we tried it a bit, but just couldn't get into it like we could Fantasies. Cheers, Smeg
  4. Hi all! Just a quick heads up that if you'd like a free copy of Trac Brothers, the eBook is free on Amazon until Midnight on Sunday 4/29. https://www.amazon.com/Trac-Brothers-Randy-D-Pearson-ebook/dp/B079KZC9QK Cheers! Smeg And apparently, if you want a used paperback copy, someone is selling their copy on Amazon for $131.40. New ones are $13.99, but y'know, used is apparently more valuable.
  5. Want a free copy of my newest novel Trac Brothers? the eBook is FREE until the end of the day Sunday 4/29! https://www.amazon.com/Trac-Brothers-Randy-D-Pearson-ebook/dp/B079KZC9QK

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      Random Terrain

      We don't know how to read. Can you read it to us?

    2. GoldLeader
  6. Hi Mendon!! So great to 'see' you again! I sure hope life's treating you well! Thanks for picking up a copy. I hope you like it! Thanks! I appreciate that. It's thrilling to even have the possibility of one of my books becoming a movie. If it really does happen, you'll hear more about it. I've received several good reviews on Trac Brothers, so people seem to be enjoying it. If you do pick one up, please let me know what you think. Cheers, Smeg
  7. My third novel is out! Trac Brothers! It's about two brothers who inherit a 19th century handcar, put it on the train tracks, and have the adventure of a lifetime! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/277160-trac-brothers-randy-d-pearsons-newest-novel/?p=3996546

  8. Hi All, For those who remember back to 2010, I had my debut novel released - Driving Crazy, the story of two buddies who drive from Michigan to California to pick up a Crazy Climber arcade game. (Here is the Marketplace post chain if you're curious.) Then came Tell Me a Story, my short story collection in 2016. Now we fast forward to today... and my newest novel, Trac Brothers is in the world! It's an action-adventure story, with some humor and even a bit of Michigan history. Here's the back cover blurb: Jam and Jax Trachsel receive an unexpected inheritance from their recently departed uncle Mac– a fully-functioning Kalamazoo brand handcar from the 19th century. When they become stranded over 150 miles from home, do they set it on the train tracks and pump it all the way back? Or, when they find a hand-drawn map their uncle created, do they follow it even further north to the long lost town of Walton Junction? What starts out as a thrilling, modern day adventure quickly becomes a battle for survival. Their journey through Michigan’s scenic Lower Peninsula will introduce them to a world they never imagined, forever changing many lives. Can they trust the Rail Riders, the bizarre but friendly group of people living off the grid? Or will the Track Pirates, a ruthless gang led by the insane Santascoy, cause their demise? I've already received several nice reviews! It's been called "Full of whimsy and charm," "hard to put down," "A charming, wild, and witty adventure," and "Pearson's best book yet!" Oh, and Ray Walsh of the Lansing State Journal called it. "A deft trail tale" and "unusual." I'm quite proud of it being called unusual! If you'd like more information, please check out my website. There's excerpts, and deleted scenes to peruse. You can also buy a copy directly from me from my website - so I can sign it, and I'll even throw in a couple of extras. You can also pick up a copy at Amazon, either eBook or paperback. (One more thing - do you recall me mentioning that I was approached by a movie production studio to make Driving Crazy into a movie? Well, that's still on the back burner. They contacted me last week. They are finishing up a movie called Boo!, then they have the rights to a Stephen King movie. They said after that, Driving Crazy is up next! So, still a couple years off, but wow!) Cheers, Randy "Smeg"
  9. Wait.. did he just say he bought it from himself? All I can say is, he way overpaid!
  10. I turned 50 years old yesterday. The wife took me to my favourite pub and got me a "boot" of beer - Randy Shandy no less! Yup, they even named a beer after me. Though it is lager mixed with pink lemonade, so I do have to wonder why, when they thought of me, they thought pink lemonade. Still, tasty!

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      Yeah, happy 50th. Also, I'm guessing you're a Red Dwarf fan? (Based on the "Smeghead"...)


    4. GoldLeader
  11. That sounds good to me! I see the item you're currently high bidder on, and I'll keep it in mind. We can definitely also talk about Driving Crazy.
  12. My first three Lynx auctions (Bitchy, and both Alpine Games carts) are ending w/in the hour. (And yes, I ship worldwide) https://www.ebay.com/sch/rdp-stuffologist/m.html

  13. Bless you!! The first three are nearly completed. Bitchy is up there, around $150, but the two Alpine Games carts ares till quite reasonable. We'll see what the final hour brings.
  14. Another by the way... apparently I messed up (because eBay hides the international shipping option)... but I do ship worldwide! I use USPS Priority Mail, the small flat rate box is the preferred method, but the larger ones if more items are won. I'll find the least expensive way to ship while still offering insurance. Cheers, Smeg
  15. Looking for rare Lynx games? I'm selling off my collection. A few end Wed, the rest Sunday. https://www.ebay.com/sch/rdp-stuffologist/m.html

    1. high voltage

      high voltage

      Bah US shipping only

    2. Atari Smeghead

      Atari Smeghead

      Not at all! I ship worldwide. I put it in the text. Did I miss a spot on the actual auction?

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