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  1. I'm glad you have them now, but it is a bummer they're so much more expensive. $35 to $50 is a bit of a jump (though I understand why). Do they still have an option to ship them from their origin point at a cheaper shipping cost, do you know?
  2. Thanks for the information. I'll just have to wait and see if anyone ever converts these to an SDrive-usable format. Cheers, Smeg
  3. Oh, so .car images won't work on an SDrive? Bummer. Then I guess I won't try them this weekend. Never mind. Although, the first post has .bin images, and according to this, they will work with SDrives... Supports “ATR”, “ATX”, “CAS”, “COM”, “BIN”, “EXE”, “XEX”, “XFD”, “TAP”, “IMG” images.
  4. I used to as well - stopped playing them after I moved the computer from my desktop to the game room. But with a keyboard extension... it's showtime once again!
  5. If you're curious why I'm asking... I've been living in this house for almost 7 years now, with my XEGS in the corner, playing games using a joystick extender to reach the chair. Yesterday, I realized... remembered... that my XEGS keyboard has an extension cable on it as well. I pulled it out and found out it also reaches all the way to the chair. I can finally play Star Raiders, after 7+ years! That got me thinking, what else have I been missing out on? (FYI - the fuzzy 70s era mushroom stool isn't as dirty-looking in real life. I'm blaming the flash. )
  6. Star Raiders II! I only remembered that game as a Last Starfighter-type game, not an actual Star Raiders sequel. (It's possible I only played the pirated version...) Karateka I had no idea could be played with the keyboard. I'll give that a go. Really, any game that I can put on my SDrive I would love to try. Thanks for sharing your stories. Fascinating! Ultima is one I have never tried, so I will definitely give that a try. I was avoiding text adventures on this list because, well, it's kinda obvious. Thanks for all of these responses! I will load these up on my SDrive this weekend and have some keyboarding fun! Cheers, Smeg
  7. Would anyone happen to have a list of which A8 games use the keyboard in some way? I'm not referring to any text adventures, as that's kinda obvious. Just the ones that primarily use a joystick but have one or several keys assigned to something. If not, please help me brainstorm. Here's my list thus far: Star Raiders - Uses several keys (including S for Shields, C for Computer, T for Tracking, A for Aft, F for Front, G for Galactic Map, H for Hyperdrive) Rescue on Fractalus - Uses several keys (including A for Airlock, S for System, L to Land, right arrow to take off, B for Boosters) Miner 2049er / Bounty Bob Strikes Back - uses 1-4 keys for the elevators Defender / Dropzone / Scramble - Uses spacebar for smart bombs Any others?
  8. That's awesome! I will definitely keep an eye out for that announcement. I'm not overly concerned about the color, though some are admittedly cooler than others.
  9. Will you post here when you get those sticks in your possession and are ready to ship? I’d love to pick one up, once the shipping is a bit quicker. Also, what colors are you getting, so I order one you have? Thanks, Smeg
  10. Thanks for bringing this up. I didn't realize I could get a Skunk copy of 2042 from Orion. I have bought and downloaded most of his other games from his website, and burned them to CD.
  11. I'm toying with the idea of getting a Raspberry Pi for the primary purpose of playing ST games. I dunno... I've just been getting a jones to play Blood Money, Dungeon Master, Time Bandits...

    1. carlsson


      Are you playing those on a PC emulator now, or not at all?

    2. Max_Chatsworth


      which ST emulator would you use for linux?


    3. Atari Smeghead

      Atari Smeghead

      Carlsson, I haven't played an ST game since I foolishly sold my system a decade ago. I've just been thinking about all the fun I used to have, and feel like getting back into it. Max, I'm not sure which ST emulator works on the Pi, but I know at least one of them does. The Internets say Hatari works. 


  12. I really should be working right now... just not feeling the motivation. 

  13. I'm using my Windows 2000-era laptop (shocked that it's still working) to load Jag games with my Skunk. Played up to level 9 on Doom II, now I'm playing Downfall. Fun weekend!

    1. SoundGammon


      Where does one get DOOM II?

    2. Atari Smeghead

      Atari Smeghead

      Boy, I don't recall. Apparently I've had it since 2011. It's something that was showcased at an eJagfest, since "level 1" is basically two screens with eJagFest and Doom II printed on them. The other levels are, so far, accurate to the Doom II PC levels (though are off a level - IE Jag level 2 is the original's level 1, etc). I have to assume I found it here on AA, so maybe try searching for "Doom II" / "Doom 2" here, going back to the 2011 era.


      Or... :)



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