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    Writing.... I'm a published fiction author.
    My first full-length novel has been picked up by a nationwide publisher! Look for Driving Crazy everywhere books are sold. (But you can get it cheaper from my website.)
    Driving Crazy - the story of two lifelong buddies who drive cross country to pick up a Crazy Climber arcade game... and the hilarious trouble in which they find themselves. Please check www.randypearson.org for more details.

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  1. I'm using my Windows 2000-era laptop (shocked that it's still working) to load Jag games with my Skunk. Played up to level 9 on Doom II, now I'm playing Downfall. Fun weekend!

    1. SoundGammon


      Where does one get DOOM II?

    2. Atari Smeghead

      Atari Smeghead

      Boy, I don't recall. Apparently I've had it since 2011. It's something that was showcased at an eJagfest, since "level 1" is basically two screens with eJagFest and Doom II printed on them. The other levels are, so far, accurate to the Doom II PC levels (though are off a level - IE Jag level 2 is the original's level 1, etc). I have to assume I found it here on AA, so maybe try searching for "Doom II" / "Doom 2" here, going back to the 2011 era.


      Or... :)



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