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  1. Bought modded Gamecube. Still looking for Z64 or CD64.
  2. We've now bought everything we are going to buy.
  3. Just bought a model 490 CD-I, so I am not looking for that anymore. Got it for $71.00 on Ebay. YEAH!!!! I am *very* excited about it... Will have to wait for it to come in the mail. So, I have modified my original post to reflect that and updated to show what I am still looking for.
  4. I have completely updated the original post to show what we have bought so far ans what we are still looking to buy. We're looking for controllers that will play both Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I know that the Kramer Striker and the Gibson SG are the two that do both. Do you have either of those?
  5. WE HAVE BOUGHT EVERYTHING WE ARE GOING TO BUY Hi, My wife and I are looking to try some music games requiring special controllers. We aren’t looking for Collector quality or in box or any of that, so that we can save some money by buying used. That way if we don’t like any of the games we won’t lose quite as much money. ******************** Here is what we have already bought. ******************** 1)BOUGHT Used Beatmania II DX Controller for the PS2, Pending with AceJay on Bemanistyle 2)BOUGHT Taiko Drum Master controller and game from messicamouse on Bemanistyle 3)BOUGHT Jungle Beat with controller for Game Cube from messicamouse on Bemanistyle 4)BOUGHT Taiko Drum Master controller and game - a second one for co-op play! from Qube. 5)PENDING Rock Band Drums - Xbox 360 from Princess-Isabela on DigitPress 6)PENDING Rock Band Xbox 360 guitar controller from walrusmonger on DigitPress *********************** WE HAVE BOUGHT EVERYTHING WE ARE GOING TO BUY *********************** 1) Rock Band Drums – PS2 2) X-plorer Guitar Wired Controller for the Xbox 360, the one that plays GH1, GH2, and GH3. 3) Guitar Hero Kramer Striker Guitar for Ps2 (or Gibson SG). 4) A second Donkey Konga/Jungle Beat controller so we can play co-op. We will consider controllers for Drummania/Guitar Freaks, Samba De Amigo (any platform)and possibly Keyboardmania, if they are at good, used-quality prices, but it’s only the first four listed that we are going to buy for sure, so please keep that in mind We have excellent ratings on Ebay as buyers, please feel free to check them. Same userid as here. We will wait until sometime Sunday or so, then we will turn to Ebay for whatever we haven’t bought here. NOTE: This is on two other forums (DigitPress and Bemanistyle), I will edit promptly once I have bought something.
  6. That person also has a youtube video of the unit. I'm emailed them both at youtube and on craigslist with no response.....
  7. Anyway, After a lot of discussion about getting this setup vs. a cd-attachment vs. waiting for the JagCF, my wife and I decided to go with this setup, but using a 3 ft cable. We just ordered day before yesterday, and are excited about the goodies coming in the mail! I hope we made the right choice One question, once I load a game onto the Jaguar, will it stay in the memory when the Jag is shut off, or will I need a really long electrical cord to get the Jag from the TV to the computer, so that I can bring it back to the TV without turning it off? It's necessary only if you have a JagCD and you want to play CD-based unencrypted demos/betas. Since the programs needed to create encrypted CDs (runnable on any JagCD) have been recovered, it's much less important now. If you don't want to modify your Jaguar, get Protector:SE. You'll get a CD bypass and a BJL loader in the same cartridge (not to mention, it's a good game as well). Another option, if you have a JagCD, is using Belboz's free downloadable BJL CD : http://hillsoftware.com/atari/index.html. If you're not scared of soldering, you can build the cable much more cheaply yourself. All you need is a VGA extension cable (one end of which will be discarded) and a male 25-pin SUBD. You can find a schematic on Matthias Domin's website : http://www.mdgames.de/jag_eng.htm. Additionally, 10 feet is really long. You may have problems getting the cable to work reliably, or at all. I wouldn't recommend using cables more than about 5 feet long for BJL. Yes, that's correct. (Lo_inp is Bastian Schick's original program I've modified to run under Windows XP). The Catnip cable was something I was working on some time ago. It was supposed to be both a "better" BJL cable (USB-based and more reliable) and a way to connect the upcoming JagCF board to your computer. The later feature has been integrated into the JagCF. The BJL part has been put on hold since I've concentrated my efforts on the JagCF for the moment. Lo_inp was indeed a "stopgap" initially.
  8. I simplified the original post, when re-reading it, it came across too picky.
  9. Hi, Just bought the CD-I that was the main purpose of this WTB, now looking for the rest. ls there anyone with a Xeno GC 2.0 or Viper Extreme Gamecube chip? I would like to send my Gamecube to someone who has one of these and get it installed. Still looking for a Z64 (or maybe a CD64).
  10. Hi, I've read the old BJL articles out there, there's just a few things that I am still unclear on. This is even more confusing as I don't have the CD Player Attachment, my computer is XP, and I want to avoid using a Windows 95/98 computer just to program my Jaguar. My understanding is that I need the following: 1) A way to bypass the CD, either: a) Protector SE game from Songbird, $74.95 OR b) CD Bypass cart from B&C, $30.00 Any suggestions on which one to get? Is there any difference aside from the price and that one comes with the Protector SE game, and the other doesn’t? 2) Atari BJL adapter from More Than Games, $15.00 3) Cable to go from BJL adapter to computer, must be DB25 Male to DB25 Female cable a) 10 foot cable: IEEE 1284 , DB25 , M/F from Monoprice: $6.20 4) A copy of lo_inp. If I understand correctly, this is an updated version of BJL for XP computers that will allow me to transfer homebrew games from my XP computer to my Jaguar with the above hardware even though my computer is not Windows 95/98. http://www.jagware.org/index.php?showtopic...entry8665 So will this work with my setup? I just want to be sure before I start buying stuff! Notes: There are longer Male to DB25 Female cables: I was hoping to find a longer cable, but monoprice doesn’t have one and on other sites prices skyrocket to around $35.00 for a 15’ cable to around $50.00+ for a 20’ or 25’ cable! Also, there was something talked about called a “catnip cable” specifically for XP computers, but discussion stops around 2006, so I am assuming that this never happened. I am assuming that lo_inp reduced the need for this drastically. Thanks for any suggestions!
  11. I'm guessing that the chances of someone being willing to sell a Jaguar Catnip cable is about zero, but I figure it never hurts to ask. My computer is XP only. I just want to be able to play homebrew on my Jaguar using one of the CD bypass carts from B&C or Protector SE from Songbird. I know about the Jaguar Atari BJL Adapter and More Than Games, but my understanding is that this won't work with XP. Thanks, Missyrelm
  12. Bad news for me Well its better to find out now than after buying one, but its very dissapointing... Thanks for the help, you probably just saved me loads of money by explaining that...
  13. Thanks for bringing up the question of whether or not this will work… Of course I don't want to do this if it won't work... My understanding from researching this heavily is that even when using a NTSC CD32, when it plays PAL games it will switch to the PAL signal after the starting screen, and that it will output 50hz with both composite and S-video, but that RGB would work on any TV that allows for RGB input. I got this from many sources, including the following Unless I am misinterpreting it, the Amiga FAQ at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/amiga/CD32-FAQ/part1/ says that the only way to avoid the 50/60hz problem even when using the “mouse NTSC/PAL changing trick” is to either use a TV that takes both 50 and 50hz or to mod a CD32 to output RGB… Am I misunderstanding this? Here’s the quote: “TVs/monitors connected to the CD32 through the French CD32's or SX-1's or CD32x's or TP9's (see diagram at end of FAQ) RGB connector will also work fine. TVs/monitors connected to the CD32 through the composite or S-Video outputs won't work though. The problem is that the PAL colour signal is still sent at the NTSC frequency.” My understanding is that using a NTSC CD32 will not fix this when playing PAL games, Here is a quote on the subject: Here is a quote from Akira on the English Amiga Board some years ago.. http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=1761...t=cd32+ntsc+pal “It goes well beyond that, some games will just not run when facing NTSC timing. It's not a matter of having your TV displaying PAL as well... Besides, NTSC CD32s display 50Hz NTSC instead of real 50Hz PAL when playing in a "PAL mode". The color system is STIL NTSC. So you need a TV that supports 50Hz NTSC (not all of them do, I even had problems with professional projectors in demoparties) I know, I have an NTSC A1200 and it's quite a bit incompatile with loads of shit. I wouldn't purchase an NTSC CD32. It's not much extra money to get one from Europe. Let's keep in mind then you will need a TV that displays PAL or to conect the CD32 through RGB (needs modding)”.
  14. Hi, My wife and I are trying to find someone to mod an Amiga CD32 to output RGB and are looking for suggestions as to who can/will do it. We am getting ready to buy an Amiga CD32, but our TV is NTSC, and only accepts 60hz signals. So, we are hoping to get around that by modding the CD32 to output RGB instead. Our Samsung TV’s specs say RGB input, and on the back it says “PC input”, which I am assuming is the RGB. My understanding is that as far as mods go, this is a pretty easy one, I just don’t know how to solder or read schematics, and don’t want to practice on a classic console. We have a good history of buying modded consoles and mods of consoles that I provide… I can provide a list of people I’ve done business with, and also we have an excellent rating on ebay as buyers. My understanding is that the mod is “just” taking an amiga rgb cable, cutting the db 23, then locate the RGB and video at the TP9 test port near the fmv connector, where there are pins where you can solder the cable. Thanks to anyone who can help! Here is the schematics from the Amiga CD32 FAQ http://www.faqs.org/faqs/amiga/CD32-FAQ/part2/ CD32 RGB signals... The RGB signals are available from a test port, TP9... | | | <--- Kickstart ROM .-. Desc Equiv pin #s | | | |o| | | | |o| | `--' .----. <--- Akiko |o| | | | |o| HSync 159 | | | : <--- TP9 |o| VSync 160 | `----' : |o| Red 163 and 164 | .. .--. |o| Green 165 and 166 `-------'`----------' | |o| Blue 167 and 168 ^ ^ `------- |o| CSync 157 | | |o| Ground 161 and 162 Expansion port Pin 182 `-' The RGB signals come from the D/A conversion unit and lead directly to the expansion port. These signals are, however, not amplified. In addition they are weakened by the S-Video output unit. As a result I (aim to) insert a 47 Ohm resistor to each colour signal connection. You may also reduce the load by interrupting the signal supply to the S-Video unit. Set pin 174 of the expansion port to GND to achieve that (174 --> u36 (4066) signal switches). The sync signals connected to the expansion port are unbuffered. As a result you may re-synchronize your Amiga by an external tact source. You schould at least buffer the CSync line; there is no external synchronisation possible on this pin. Hint: make use of an XOR gate chip. You may negate certain sync line(s) to adapt your Amiga to (old? :-( ) multiscan-monitors (the A4000 monitor adapter box will do the same; without the possibility of selected negation). Written by Klaus Hegemann, posted as part of 'CD32 expansion port info' by Anders Stenkvist in comp.sys.amiga.hardware, forwarded by Michael King.
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