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  1. I would vote for better output than regular composite. I've got enough ways to get composite output from various hacked Atari consoles, and the Flashback. I'd love to see those colors really saturated on a modern TV. By all means include composite for max compatibility, but I'd be thrilled by component or at least S-video. Something super modern like HDMI seems like it would be far more trouble than it's worth, but offering higher band color I think would do the trick. Besides, you could make claim thta he games will look like they've never looked before. I've got the MCC (multi classic computer) mini emulator/console with VGA output. It does atari, and I've got to say I'm loving the look of these old games on a dynamic and modern display! Oh yeah, and keep the two audio oscillators separate so that homebrew programmers can play with left & right sound placement like "Skeleton Plus"!
  2. Yeah... the challenge with the 32X is finding all the screwy cables. It had to buy several setups to get all of the hookups. I think that there are only a handful of games that are worthwhile for the 32X, but it's still kind of a cool idea. Too bad it got pooched.
  3. This is the first I'm hearing of this... do you mean a replacement 7800 case? That would be rather wicked. Where can I learn more?
  4. I guess it depends on how quickly we sell out of this run of sticks.
  5. Oh yeah! I got one of these for $7 because the thrift thought it was a child's TV set. I got the deep red one which was their DV version for editing video. I can't bear to get rid of it!
  6. Thanks! Hey everybody, can you help spread the word by linking the sticks on your Facebook or Twitter? Or tell your friends? We can really use your help getting the message out there. It would be great to get these out of my dining room. Thanks! http://www.retrothing.com/2010/12/new-version-of-our-clear-classic-usb-joystick.html
  7. Awesome! I've got five xboxes that I bought for $5-20 each scattered around the apartment for XBMC. Adore it. The one in my arcade cab is also set up to do a bunch of MAME & emulation stuff. Fun! Congrats. I'm looking forward to my next place so I can get something a little bigger, and add a few more xboxes.
  8. Okay - that docfile looks outstanding. Is there a spot on the net that lists other fixer-upper things to do while I have the unit open. Like I said, I'd really like to pimp the ol' boy out for my article. Thanks!
  9. That is wickedly cool! As I'm getting ready to do my mod, I'm also thinking of picking up one of those BIOS kits. Any recommendation on where to get one? Any thing else I should stuff in there? I love your new power switch/LED combo. I must admit to a little Coleco envy. I'm going to write up a story on Retro Thing showing how much you can pimp out an old COleco, so would appreciate any advice. THanks!
  10. Just think. In 5 years, all those Star Trek episodes will come out on one Blu-Ray. Nah, there's a lot of reasons that won't happen so I'm not worried about it. It might happen with TNG and TOS. They were both shot in widescreen iirc. None of those were shot with widescreen in mind. there is talk of re-releasing another spruced up verson of TOS, but matted for 16:9 screens. i.e. crop off the top and bottom to simulate widescreen, but it's less picture than what the cameraman would have seen in the viewfinder and would have composed. I've always been against matting like that. TNG was shot on 35mm film, "full frame" as they call it. They can issue it on blu-ray, but they'll need to re-do all the video -sourced effects like phaser blasts & screen displays. Those overlays were sourced in NTSC video, so they'd nee to be re-done or have some sort of treatment to look good in HD. Fortunately all the models were shot on film too. If they still have those assets, those can be re-digitized in HD. Though it wouldn't surprise me if they decided to re-do those shots in CGI. CGI work is so cheap these days...
  11. Stopped at my local Salvation Army which tends to overprice for stuff. They had two PS2's for $25 each, which strikes me as a little high these days (this is the sameplace that I got two PS2 slims for $15, so some days are better than others...). But I did find the following: dingy SNES - $5 big sack of controllers & cables - $5 I mention the sack because it had 3x controllers etc. for the SNES, a Jaaks Atari joystick plug & play, and an HDD adapter for PS2! On top of that there are at least a dozen AC adapters of various flavors, which I can always use. Pretty nice haul! Now I've got to find out what kind of hard drives are compatible with my PS2 thingy, and then find out what sort of cool modding potential there is for such a combo. Yay!
  12. I want to go on record as being deeply envious of that tape recorder box. WOW! That's some art. Reminds me of a psychedelic movie camera box I found some years ago... (2nd pic in this post on Retro Thing) I went to Half Price Books today - an easy way to lose a lot of money. Besides breing thrilled to find a Blakes 7 book, I got Saturn Pro Pinball for $3, and a PS2 EyeToy +Antigrav game for $2 (they also had a loose eyetoy for... you guessed it, $2!)
  13. I've gotta do an install too to cover it on Retro Thing. I've just been swamped, soI'm also hoping for a bit of a reference guide that's a bit more step by step. THough I'm getting really ansty ot see this thing in action! I might just have to soldier on and use the info that's ou there...
  14. Glad to see that it works for you. I'd have bought it off of you if you were interestd in selling it. I w0ould suspect that those wires might go to the reset button inside so that you don't have to touch the SNES unit itself to reset. Is there a button on the kiosk for resetting? Or perhaps there's an internal timer that automatically resets at intervals? Just some thoughts. COngrats. I'm a little envious.
  15. Nothing game specific, but I found a 17" widescreen LCD monitor. It bore a sticker saying "not work", which bore out. Though the power light doees come on, so I risked the $5. I have a friend who fixes these, so maybe I can fix it up, or he can use it for parts. Oh, and since we talk about he 80's an awful lot here, I found a comforter that someone had sewn 80's t-shirts onto. It's pretty great. Several for local sports teams (Cubs, if you must know... ), but there were other 80's things like EMpire Strikes Back, Bigfoot 4x4 truck... more crazy stuff like that!
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