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    No IDE configured at all. As mentioned, this is not a physical SDX cart, it is intSDX inside the case and when it's activated by the toggle switch and the AVGcart is plugged in the regular cart port, on switching the XE on I get the regular blue display with cursor at top left and nothing else. If intSDX is toggled off, then AVGCart boots to its regular grey screen with the contents of the SD card displayed.
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    So I've been having lots of fun with the cart, but I have an issue which I'm assuming won't be able to be resolved, just looking for confirmation really. The machine I'm using it in is a Frankenstein 65XE I picked up on eBay almost a decade ago, and all still works fine. It has 1mb RAM (unknown type), inbuilt SpartaDOS X (4.42 I believe), stereo Pokey, Aki keyboard interface, and a 4 in 1 OS which has two versions of QMEG installed, and the 400/800 OS as well as regular XE. The issue with AVGcart is when XL/XE OS is active and intSDX is also active, the machine boots to blue screen and cursor and nothing further. With intSDX inactive AVGcart boots fine. Clearly there's a conflict but I've no clue what it is! AVGCart has the latest firmware on it (r15?) I've never had this machine to bits so at the moment can't provide any further detail on the hardware mods; but has anyone come across this previously? IIRC my Mac65 cart exhibits the same behaviour. ta PS. I should add that all the hardware mods have hardware toggle switches to switch them in or out - no software toggles. I do have one switch that I have no clue what it does but that's for another thread
  3. This might have got buried in the previous version thread as the new version was released soon after: To expand a little here, the vision would be the ability to add a 1020 in the hardware section and have it write the plotter output to a seperate window (scrollable to emulate the paper roll) with an ability to use standard Windows printing to send it to a print driver (this would provide PDF print functionality via CutePDF or similar). Under the Altirra hood I assume it should work the same as the regular P: emulation as there's no difference in the SIO data flow that I'm aware of - the 1020 does all the work interpreting the specific codes to move the pens and roller around of course.
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    My AVGcart arrived today, thanks very much tmp!
  5. Random feature request: is it possible to add 1020 plotter emulation as well as the P: device? Yes, I know I'm obsessed with 1020s I'm a big fan of the 1020 emulation in APE so would be very cool to see something similar in Altirra!
  6. Received the S-Drive Max I ordered from eBay yesterday, and spent most of last night playing with it. No idea if the fella selling them is on AA, but I can recommend them for anyone in the market for one of these in the UK; it seems the seller makes five or so of them available every week or so, arrived quickly and thoughtful packaging as well. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sdrive-Max-Atari-8bit-800xl-600xl-65xe-130xe-Atari-XEGS-sio2sd-sio-tape-disk-fix/173710208225?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Also received a 1020 I ordered from a retro website I found while scouring the bowels of Google, is in good physical condition but sadly it has the usual problem of not feeding paper through properly and the pen barrel not going all the way to the left so pens don't change. Hopefully the 3d printed gears I got from Shapeways will solve both of these issues with any luck.
  7. Needs a slight upgrade for that capability
  8. So there I was, trawling eBay (again) for an XC11 and trying all combinations of Atari tape, cassette etc., when up pops this in the results: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Atari-Walkman-Sealed-in-Blister-New-Old-Stock-Free-Fedex/254247543838?hash=item3b3255a41e:g:nE8AAOSwVKhc7p5Z I knew Atari did some occasional non-computer hardware (eg. the credit card style calculator that was advertised as a subscription freebie in Atari User all the time), but I had no idea they did audio electronics! Anyone seen one of these before?
  9. 16MB Spartados (bootable) ATR with everything I typed in from CVG, along with the introductory text from the mag about each game. From the contents it looks like I got sidetracked partway through typing one of them in. Theres some ~800kb of fiels on the disk so it should be almost all of the games from CVG. CVG.zip
  10. Yep, I already have an Atarimax SIO2PC along with a registered copy of APE, but I only have one PC in another room now. I agree SIO2PC is an excellent solution for the reasons given plus more (Atari 1020 emulation!) but I've grown away from the idea of needing a dedicated PC to use as a storage device.
  11. Ta for that, I am in the UK - you 3.5"'d my XF551 some years back
  12. For my own desires, the SIO2SD is getting a bit long in the tooth, and is awkward trying to browse disk images and directories from the LCD screen, as I frequently swap disk images around without powering the machine off - this led to the question about whether there is a cart device with freezer that would take you to the cart UI instead of powering down. In addition, the one I have is uncased (despite the fact that FJC offered to build me a case 10 years ago ), slides around all over the place as it has no traction, and buttons the bare PCB are fiddly. Given the above, a cased S-Drive Max is definitely the way to go for me. When I finally get an S-Drive max I shall retire the SIO2SD.
  13. Good to know, thanks. The one I have my on ebay (oit of stock currently) shows that it is powered from the SIO bus, but there is a jumper inside the case to enable external power...? My intention is to buy an SIO extender from Lotharek so that end of chain issues finally disappear!
  14. Thanks for the input everyone. As cart ATR R/W is not fully realised as yet, I've decided to get an S-Drive Max and an AVG cart. As a side note, I'm curious about replicating the functions of the 1541U; specifically: 1. Would it be possible to build a cart with an SIO interface poking out of the top? For anyone unaware this is the method the 1541U uses - theres a port hanging off it to connect a cable from it to the C64's disk drive port 2. Similar to above, is there an ability to interrupt whatever the Atari is doing at the press of a button (like the reset button) so the cart takes control and shows a UI? Note, the above is not intended to start a C64 vs Atari war, recent threads show there's been enough of those I'm genuinely curious as to whether the above are actually possible or if hardware limitations prevent them.
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